Chapter 8

Emma watches her mother in extreme amusement. Snow was sitting on the couch going between giggling to herself and nodding off.

"Should we call David perhaps? I think Snow's done for the evening." Emma turns to the woman beside her.

"Yeah probably, but on the other hand this is pretty funny." Belle giggles in response, then fixes Emma with a look. "Okay, okay I'll call him." Emma raises her hands up laughing and pulls her phone out of her pocket. Finding David's number she dials, the phone rings a few times and he answers.

"Hey! Night patrol is going fine, alls quiet. How's the party?"

"Hey, yeah parties fine. I think Mary Margaret has reached her limit though. She's half falling asleep. Do you think you can come get her and take her home? Then she can at least sleep in peace."

"Must be a good party. Yeah I can swing by and get her. I can be there in five minutes."

"No hurry, but thanks. See you soon"

"Bye." Emma smiles at the phone. How is he always so damn cheerful? I must have missed out on that gene. Thank god that'd get annoying fast. She chuckles, then pauses. Where's Regina? After she went to the bathroom Tink disappeared as well. Are they together somewhere? Her hands clench tightly at that thought. Wait what? Am I jealous? We are not together. You have no right to be jealous. Regina can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. Her hands clench tightly again. Maybe I should go look for them. Emma starts to move towards the hall, but a hand catches her elbow. She stops and looks back at Ruby.

"Just give them a minute. They had to talk something out. They'll be back, and before you freak yourself out let me put your mind to rest. Tink is in no way interested in Regina, she has her eyes on a certain pirate." Ruby winks at her friend and waves her back to the kitchen. "Now come on! We're gonna do another shot before Snow leaves."

"Ruby, I don't think Mary Margaret needs any more alcohol." Ruby turns to her and whispers.

"Shush her shot is water, don't tell her that though or she won't drink it." Emma laughs and shakes her head. She lowers her voice.

"For shame, tricking her like that."

"You want her to puke all over your apartment?"

"Good point, carry on!" Ruby chuckles and turns to walk in the kitchen. Emma briefly glances at the hallway, bites her bottom lip, and then follows Ruby. I'm sure she's fine. Regina is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and Tink has already proven she can handle Regina so don't worry. Snow wrapped her arms around Ruby and Belle's shoulders.

"You girls are just so cute." Snow looks at Belle seriously. "You know I've never seen Red so happy, she really loves you." Belle and Ruby both blush furiously and Emma smiles at them.

"She's right you two are great and I'm insanely jealous." Emma sees Tink enter the kitchen behind her. No Regina. Her smile falters a bit. Ruby distracts her however.

"Don't worry Emma, I'm sure your happiness is near." She winks at her, and Emma glares pointedly.

"Well let's hope so."

Regina pauses outside of the kitchen to catch the conversation between the three women. She shifted uncomfortably for a moment. I am sorry for what I have done to you Belle. Maybe you would have found happiness earlier if not for me. She perks up again when she hears Ruby.

"Don't worry Emma, I'm sure your happiness is near." Regina holds her breath for Emma response unaware of the glare directed at Ruby. Finally she heard Emma speak and had to swallow the gasp that came with it.

"Well let's hope so." Hope, she hopes so. Does that mean she's okay with the idea of liking the Evil Queen. Regina frowns a bit. Former Evil Queen, I hope I've changed like Tink thinks I have. She has the least reason of anyone here to say that if she didn't think so. She stands there for a minute more. Okay you can't stand out here forever, get into that kitchen and get to the bottom of this. Regina draws a deep breath and steps into the kitchen.

Emma is the first to register her reappearance. She turns to her and smiles, mouthing "You alright?" Regina nods to her in reply.

"Oh good, Regina's back! Shots!" Ruby bounces around excited.

"Is it wise to give Snow White anymore alcohol? She's barely standing." At this Emma snorts and gives Ruby a look, and Ruby rolls her eyes.

"She's fine, besides David is on his way now to take her home."

"Yeah Regina, I'm fine! Wait, David is coming? When?" Snow is now the one bouncing with excitement. Regina raises an eyebrow at Emma, who leans close much to her surprise, Emma's chin almost resting on her shoulder and whispers in her ear.

"It's just water, no worries. She's had enough." Emma giggles, and Regina shivers from the feeling. It's Emma's turn to raise an eyebrow at Regina. Regina can feel the blush spreading coughs trying to cover up her slip. Looking away from Emma's suspicious expression she catches Ruby's eyes. The wolf was watching them, a small smirk forming on her mouth. What is that? Damn her wolf senses. Regina goes rigid at that. Emma must sense this because she looks away from Regina to Ruby as well.

When they were both staring at her the brunette grins wide.

"Okay time for a good night shot for Snow." She waits for everyone to have their drinks. "To girls night out, to friends, to love, to Storybrooke." With that she downs her shot and everyone else follows suit.

"Wow, that felt like nothing. I could do another!" Snow says reaching for the bottle, which Ruby deftly lifts out of her reach.

"No, no Snow. That's enough for now."

"Come on Red! One more!"

"Not a chance sweetheart." Ruby grins, setting the bottle down by Emma and Regina. Snow moves to grab it again, and this time it's Emma who grabs it.

"Emma!" Emma just laughs and when Snow comes after her she passes the bottle to Regina. Snow's eyes light up, Regina narrows her eyes at Snow.

"I know that look Snow White, and so help me." She takes a step back when Snow takes a step towards her, then another and she feels her back hit the wall of the kitchen. "Don't you dare Princess!" Just when Snow launches her fingers at Regina's sides Emma swoops in and quickly grabs her mother's hands, then inserts herself between the two women, her back pressing lightly to Regina's chest. Regina's hands had been raised to stop Snow, but when Emma interfered they landed on the blonde woman's hips instead. She froze with her hands on Emma's hips and her entire body feeling like was catching fire. What is happening? You idiot move your hands. Regina stares at the woman pressing against her. Miss Swan has a nice—stop it Regina! This is not the time to daydream.

"Hey Snow I think I heard a truck pull up outside. I bet David's here."

"David's here!" Snow grins and prances out of the room. Ruby and Belle exchange quick glances.

"We'll make sure she doesn't decide to play in the street in case David isn't here. Quick thinking though, kudos." The pair leave the room, Tink moves with them.

"Yeah I'm gonna help them." Suddenly Regina finds herself alone in the kitchen with her hands still gripping Emma's hips. Shit now what? You could let go of her for starters moron. The moment Regina loosens her grip however Emma turns towards her, and places her hands lightly on the Mayor's forearms. Regina's skin feels like an electric current is passing through it. She takes a shaky breath, and looks up at the Sheriff. Her Sheriff. Stop it! Gods what is wrong with me? I must be losing my mind.

"Uh, thanks for that I appreciate the assistance." Way to be awkward Regina. Emma chuckles however.

"Yeah, well I figured based on your expression that whatever was going to happen would be highly embarrassing for you, and as much as I would love to see and hear you laugh I don't want you to be embarrassed." Emma went slightly red, through she squeezes the Mayor's forearms slightly and smiles.

"Yes, well you would be correct in that assumption." She smiles back at Emma. She has beautiful eyes. She sighs her fingers tighten at Emma's hips ever so faintly. Emma seems to lean in a bit more. She's so close and warm. Regina blushes realizing the position her and Emma were in. I don't know what to do. I don't want to let go, but I should. Someone could come back, someone could see.

She's hasn't moved her hands. That's a good sign right? Maybe she forgot they were there, no Regina wouldn't forget something like that. If her hands are still there it's cause she wants them to be. Emma takes a shallow breath, unable to draw more in the present situation. What do I do? Should I move in closer or back off? I don't' want to scare her or offend her. I want to be closer, but I don't think she's ready for that. At that moment Emma sees the internal panic start to show in Regina's eyes and realizes she might be thinking the same things. Okay just play it slow. Emma smiles in a way she hopes is reassuring to Regina and moves her hands from where they were resting on Regina's forearms up and laces them with her fingers. She then lets Regina take over and surprisingly the woman doesn't let go yet. Their hands drift in between their two bodies still laced together, both take a slight step forward their faces less than six inches apart. Neither one even seeming to breathe, Emma squeezes Regina's hand lightly and smiles. After a second Regina gives a smile back and lets out a breath.


"Emma! Your father wants to speak to you!" Snow's voice shattering the calm of kitchen as she yells from the front door. Both women jump as if they had been shocked, but still remain close.

"Coming!" Emma calls back turning her face away from Regina so she doesn't yell in her face. Then turns back and rests her forehead against Regina's, she sighs and squeezes her hand once more.

"I'm sorry." Regina sighs.

"Go deal with the two idiots, before they come find you." Emma starts and then chuckles, it takes Regina a second to catch on, but then she laughs too. "You know what I mean Miss Swan. Now go." Emma reluctantly moves away, but doesn't release Regina's hand until she has too. Before leaving the room completely she turns back to Regina and regards her with a small smile. "What?" Regina says staring at her with concern.

"Nothing." She shrugs, "You're just full of surprises Madam Mayor." Emma winks and exits the kitchen heading to the door.

We almost kissed, I know it! I'm pretty sure she was going to let me kiss her or she was going to kiss me, something! Dammit Snow, you have horrible timing, as usual. As annoyed as she was Emma couldn't help the smile spreading across her face.

I almost kissed her.

Ahhh what do you guys think? Thought I'd introduce a bit of a fun chapter after the semi-serious talk between Tink and Regina. It was fun to write so I hope you enjoy it! Anyways next chapter will get back into the game, I wanted to exit Snow so Emma and Regina could have their next moment without the awkwardness of Emma's mom being there. And to be honest I was sick of the lovey-dovey songs Snow always seems to bring up lol.