Nami sighed leaning heavily against the railing as she enjoyed the rising sun hitting her skin and the sound of the waves gently wafting against the side of Sunny. She could already hear her nakama waking up; there was never a calm morning on the Sunny and today was no exception.

It had been a few days since they left Fishmen Island and she knew Luffy was getting restless, she could tell from when he sat on his favorite spot every day, wishing and hoping for an island to come into view but this was the New World, she knew that finding an island was unpredictable and, quite frankly, she was quite satisfied they hadn't been on some crazy, deadly adventure.

It was nice to just enjoy freedom once in a while.

She walked sedately to where they were gathering inside the kitchen, it felt calm to see them all—Zoro and Sanji were already at each other's throat, Chopper and Robin were talking quietly while Brooke and Usopp were laughing at something another had said. They were all there except her and—

"This week I will be SUUUPER~" Franky said, striking his signature pose as he passed her. "Mornin', Nami-sis."

"Morning, everyone," She said, brightly, as she made her way to sit next to Robin. "There's still no island in sight?"

She almost sighed in relief as Usopp shook his head in negative before he returned to his breakfast.

"Oi, Nami, you better not get us lost." Zoro called out from where he sat a few chair down, he let out a noise of frustration as he looked away. He was as restless as Luffy was, craving to battle someone or something that wasn't on this ship.

"That's funny coming from you!" Nami shouted back with a glare.

"Nami-swan~!" Sanji crooned, doing a weird little dance as he made his way towards her. "You are as beautiful as the morning sun today; I have made a special breakfast just for you."

"Thank you, Sanji-kun." She smiled sweetly at him causing him to swoon in delight.

"Oi, cook, this food is shitty," Zoro grumbled, glaring at the blond haired man.

Sanji scowled at him, growling, "Shut up, shitty swordsman. If you don't like it, then, don't eat it."

"Anything is better than this," Zoro muttered, sourly.

"Eh? What did you say?" Sanji said, menacingly, raising his leg up in preparation for an attack.

"You heard me, shitty food for a shitty cook!" Zoro replied, picking up Shusui and slowly pulling the sword out from its sheath.

Nami shook her head at them resigned to their childish bickering before she looked around the kitchen, it was odd, she felt as if something — or someone — was missing.

That's when it hit her.

"Hey, where's Luffy?" Everyone stopped what they were doing as they all blinked, just realizing that their captain was indeed missing from the table.

"Yeah, where is that shitty Captain?" Sanji muttered, looking towards the door. Outside was silent and that's what worried them the most, Luffy was never silent.

"I hope he hasn't fallen into the sea and been eaten by sea monsters." Robin said, nonchalantly.

"Scary, Robin!" Usopp exclaimed, looking at her in horror.

"Scary!" Chopper repeated, pulling his round hat over his eyes.

"Maybe, he's on deck, yoho." Brooke suggested, turning vacant eyes at the door.

They all sighed in relief when they heard footstep on the deck and was about to turn back to their food when they heard him.

"Oi, everyone!" They all looked at each other nervously, they knew that high-pitched tone. That excited voice that came before they went on a crazy, wild adventure. "I found something! Something ~ something~ I found something~!" They groaned at the silly chanting that echoed inside the kitchen like an ominous wind.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Usopp muttered, his body shaking in fear.

"That idiot," Sanji muttered walking to the door as the others followed suit. Nami bit her lip as she followed as well, and just like that the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded the Sunny had dissipated like a vague memory.

"Treasure!" Nami gleefully exclaimed as she spotted what Luffy was dancing around; it was a large wooden box—more specifically, a treasure chest.

"N-Nami, your eyes," Chopper whispered, fearfully, as their navigator's eyes turned into Beli signs. "Scary."

"Eh? Did you say something, Chopper?" Nami smiled, creepily, at the small reindeer.

"N-nothing," Chopper said, immediately hiding behind Usopp's leg in the wrong direction. Nami's scary. He thought as Nami turned back to the treasure chest and squealed happily.

"Creepy, Nami." Franky said, grinning.

"Luffy, where did you find this?" Robin asked as she knelt beside the chest.

"Umm…" Luffy titled his head in thought before he let out a wide grin. "The water! I thought there was food in it, shishishi."

"Who cares, it ours now," Nami said, almost drooling as she knelt next to Robin. She blinked when she saw words engraved on top of the lid. "There's something written on it?"

"Huh?" Usopp peered over her shoulder to get a better look. "What does it say?"

"Hmm," Nami frowned; the words were so tightly together that she could barely make them out. "It takes one turn to change a life, one life to change the future, one future to change the world, one world to change another."

Nami looked up at her crewmates in confusion, a turn? What did that mean? It brought a chill to her spine and she knew nothing good would come out of this chest.

"A world," Robin mused, placing her hand on her chin. "That is intriguing."

"Maybe, it does have meat inside." Luffy concluded.

"Eh? How did you figure that out?" Usopp asked, looking at him in disbelief.

"I-I've changed my mind, throw it back in the ocean." Nami said before anyone could go any further, that creepy feeling was welling up inside her and she felt like running far, far away from the box.

"Eh?!" They all exclaimed in surprise, they never knew they would see the day that Nami would reject any type of money. Ever.

"H-hold on, Nami, there could be a lot of Beli inside. Let's open it before you decide something so rash." Usopp suggested with a nervous laugh.

"No!" Nami said, sharply causing him to jump. "Please, don't open that chest."

"Eh, why?!" Luffy whined. "I want to open it! It's a mystery chest!"

Nami was shivering by now, feeling so cold that not even the sun hitting her back could warm her up. "No, Luffy, I—"

"N-Nami," Franky said in a tiny voice, his lifted his glasses up to show his wide eyes filled with horror. "Your hands!"

Nami looked down at her hand and gasped; her hand was now transparent and fading. "What the—"

"Ahhh! Nami's hands!" Chopper screamed in panic, running around in circles. "Call a doctor!"

"Chopper, you're the doctor!" Sanji shouted to get the reindeer to calm down. "Everyone needs to calm down or—"

"O-oi, shitty cook!" Zoro had been silent the entire time, watching with his good eye the event as he leaned against a railing. "Look at your chest."

Sanji looked down at his chest slowly and his cigarette fell from his lips in horror as he saw right through his chest. "W-what the hell?"

"We're all disappearing!" Usopp cried out in despair, half of his face was already gone.

Luffy looked down at his own chest to see it was gone as well and let out a sound of amazement, "So cool!"

"This isn't the time for you to be amazed, idiot!" They all shouted at him but Nami could only watch wide eyed as her body vanished into thin air.

"N-no way." She whispered in a shaky voice.

"Nami!" Robin called out to her, extending her arm in an effort to save her. She could only smile at them sadly as her vision began to fade and watch their face fill with horror as she disappeared in thin air.

"Shit," Sanji said in frustration as he tried to grab a hold on Nami, even going as far as using Armament Haki to try and grasp her but it was no use, his hands merely passed through her each time. "Shit, shit, SHIT!"

Nami smiled at them all, trying to remember all their faces as tears began to build up in her eyes. "Goodbye, everyone, it's been…fun."

"No, Nami!" Chopper screamed, raising a hoof to try and grasp her hand. Tears ran fervently down his face, sobs racking his small body as he watched helplessly as the navigator disappeared. This was all confusing, he didn't know what was going on and it only made it seem even scarier. "Don't go!"

"Nami!" Usopp called out in horror.

"What is happening to us?" Brooke said, fearfully. "Are we truly…dying?"

"Damn it!" Franky shouted in frustration, slamming his large fist on the deck.

"NAMI!" Luffy shouted in horror, the situation hitting him fully as he watched one of his nakama disappear in front of his eyes. "No, no!" Not again, he couldn't see them disappear again—not after they'd just gotten together, not after what they been through to become stronger.

"Robin-chan!" Sanji called out as Robin disappeared and Luffy felt himself beginning to shake as they all began to disappear—Chopper, Usopp, Franky and Brooke.

"No, no, not again, not again," He was fading too, he could feel his vision beginning to blur as memories assaulted him—Kuma attacking them, sending them away. They were utterly defeated that day and he'd vowed he would get stronger, to protect his friends but how could he when he didn't know what they were fighting against. "Come back!"

"You were a good captain, Luffy." Zoro said, quietly, as he closed his eye, accepting that he couldn't do anything. Not all the brute strength and will could stop him from disappearing and he accepted it.

"Come BACK!" Luffy shouted again as Zoro disappeared then Sanji gave him a small smile before he disappeared as well; he let out an anguished cry just as his own vision went black.


Nami shifted as the sun rays hit her eyes and she sat up, holding her head as it throbbed painfully. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust fully to the bright light that was coming from the window. Was she dead? The last thing she remembered was disappearing into thin air and thinking she was dying so how did she wake up in a bedroom. Where was everyone?

"So, you're awake." Nami looked up sharply at the voice, she knew that voice but she couldn't think of any plausible reason why that voice would be talking to her. She had left that voice in the East Blue, in her hometown; it was in her memories, not in the New World, not on the Thousand Sunny.

Her eyes lifted up slowly to meet the face of that voice, only to find a pistol aimed at her head instead. Her eyes widened as she say the woman's cold brown eyes and she suddenly wished it was all a nightmare.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow your brains out?" She said in a soft, deadly voice. "Why do you look like her?"

She was barely listening, her head spinning as she tried to think of a reason as to why she was back in the East Blue, back here. It made no sense, it was impossible.

"Answer me." She whispered, pushing the pistol closer to her head and Nami's heart skipped a beat and she slowly looked up at the woman with teary eyes.



Robin kept her breathing shallow and deep as not to draw attention to herself as she tried to process what had happened. They had all disappeared after Nami read those words aloud but what did they mean and where were they now? So many questions went through her mind as she lay there; she was in an unknown territory and she knew she would need to be careful if she were to escape if these people were the Marines.

"I know you're awake," A soft voice called out to her and it made her heart freeze, she knew that voice. She heard that voice in her dreams and nightmares; she thought she never would hear that voice again. "Open your eyes."

Was she not in the living anymore?

Robin slowly opened her eyes and let out a small gasp, her eyes widening and filing with tears as the woman looked at her warily, almost cautiously. She almost looked sad.



Zoro cursed under his breath as he looked outside the dojo, he knew this dojo like the back of his hand. There was no way he could get lost in this dojo; he had grown up in this dojo.

So, why couldn't he find the exit?

Obviously, they had remodeled the dojo in his absence which brought him to his next thought; why was he in his old sensei's dojo; a dojo that was in the East Blue, not in the New World.

"There you are," A voice said from behind him, shaking with emotion and he froze, that voice was the reason he was running in the first place.

That voice who had given him a promise, a voice that still echoed in his mind when he felt all hope was lost; he thought he would never hear that voice again.

He sagged his shoulders and turned to the woman who stood in fighting stance in front of him. She let out a battle cry before she charged at him, attacking him as he dodged. She struck at him to the left, he moved to the right. She went right, he went left. He could tell she was getting frustrated at his dodging but he wouldn't hurt this person.

She wasn't an enemy.

It felt like a dream, she looked exactly how she would if she had been given a chance to grow up. After a few minutes, he grew annoyed at her striking and grabbed her wrists, effectively stopping her attacks. Her katana clattered to the flood and Zoro noted that it was Wado with a sinking heart.

She pulled against his grip, her eyes watering as she glared at him. "You're not real, you're not him. Let me go!"

"I don't fight weaklings, you should know that," Zoro said, pushing her back, she stumbled from the force and he turned away from her. It felt weird to see her there when she should be dead. "Kuina."


Luffy sensed him as soon as he gained consciousness and that was what confused him the most. This man was supposed to be dead, so why did he feel his will as strongly as his own He needed answers and he couldn't do it while so many people were still conscience. He let out a burst of Haki, sitting up as he heard bodies fall to the ground one after the other.

He opened his eyes to see a group of ten people gathered around him, sweating profusely caused by his Haki but still standing. There weapons aimed towards him, ready to strike if he made a wrong move.

"N-no way, he took out half the crew," A brunette haired man said, looking at him in surprise.

He stretched as he sat up, pushing his straw hat back on top of his head as he looked around. He was on a ship, a large ship at that and by the looks of it, very far from his own. "Whew, where the hell am I?"

"On the Whitebeard's Pirate ship, yoi." Luffy looked up to see swords and guns pointed at him and the one who had spoken looked at him with a lazy expression and…was that a pineapple on his head?

Then, it struck him as to what he said, "Eh?! Whitebeard?"

"Yeah," The blond haired man stepped up and Luffy, for the life of him, couldn't remember his name—Mack? Munch? Pineapple? That sounded right. "And you're going to pay for what you did to our nakama, yoi."

"Hold on," Luffy stood up quickly, seeing that he was surrounded. He didn't want to fight them, they had helped him when he had tried to save Ace and this was Ace's nakama. He couldn't fight them. "I don't want to fight—" He bent over to dodge a bullet that came from behind him before he swiveled around and uppercut the guy who did it. "Just listen to me!" He turned back to them as if nothing happened.

"You're the one who's attacking!" They screamed.

"He started it." Luffy said, pouting.

"Enough," A loud voice boomed that caused all of them to freeze. Luffy stood up straight and turned wide eyes to the man who sat on a large chair, drinking sake from a large barrel. "Give the brat a chance to speak."

"But Oyaji—"Pineapple began, taking a step towards the giant ossan.

"Oi, Giant Ossan, you're supposed to be dead." Luffy stated with wide eyes, this caused the commanders to growl, taking a step menacingly towards Luffy. They didn't care if this boy had massive amount of Haki, no one threatened Oyaji.

Whitebeard looked down at the boy with critical eyes, "Why would I be, brat?"

Luffy didn't answer, not knowing why himself. Something wasn't right; he felt it in his very bones. Why was he on Whitebeard's ship and why—

"Geez, can't a guy take a nap without the whole ship exploding?" A voice grumbled and Luffy's heart stopped and plummeted to the floor as he recognized that voice. "What's going on—" The voice trailed off as someone pushed through the small crowd to get in front, he stopped short when he spot the black hair and straw hat.

He knew that hat.

"Hey, asshole, where did you get that hat?" Ace growled, that was his brother's hat. Ace just knew it, he didn't know how this guy got it but this was surely Luffy's hat. It had been lost years ago and no matter how much Ace had searched for it, they had never found it. "Answer me, bastard."

"Ace." The blond haired man stepped forward but was stopped by Ace's hand.

"Shut up, Marco, this is personal." Ace growled, lowly. Flames licked at his shoulder, indicating his anger. "Let me see your face, bastard, before I kick your ass."

Luffy turned slowly with bated breath to the voice and there he was: black, windswept hair, freckles and all. There was Ace. Luffy didn't know why—it must've been a mystery thing but his brother was here.

Ace froze at the sight of Luffy because that was Luffy, no one could duplicate those wide eyes or that scar under his eyes. No one could duplicate that ray of light that only Luffy had. Ace trembled as he tried to reason, how—how could Luffy be here? How could be in front of him?

Ace fell to the ground on his knees as he stared wide-eyed at his brother. Tears falling down his cheek rapidly as he took in his little brother, a brother he had failed to protect, a brother he hadn't seen in years.

"Luffy, Luffy," Ace covered his face with his hands, trying to stop the tears because wasn't he the one that said he hated crybabies and wasn't he the one who hated when Luffy cried but dammit Luffy was here. But, how?

"Ace, what the hell?" Pineapple asked, walking towards him to kneel at his brother's side as the man's shoulders shook in agony. Whitebeard watched them all silently, a contemplative look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"H-h-he…"Ace began, trembling eyes looking up at Luffy again. The other commanders has never seen Ace so shaken and it unerved them, Ace was always so cocky and confident, to see him so vulnerable and unsure made them reel in shock. "I don't understand…"

"What, Ace?" Pineapple prompted.

Luffy took a step back, tears flowing from his eyes ,as well, he couldn't believe it was true and, yet, it was. But he didn't like how Ace was crying as if he had lost someone, as if he had lost him.

Ace looked up with sad and dead eyes at him and Luffy's heart froze. "I killed him when I was ten."

Well, shit.

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