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This will only be 3-4 Chapters long...

Chapter 1


He woke up with a horrible headache. He moaned as he rolled over. Fuckin' hangover. He wasn't in his twenties anymore. In your twenties, you don't usually feel this bad in the morning. You just grab two aspirin, down a glass of water and head out for the day. Daryl tried to stretch out his sore and cramped muscles. Last night, he'd passed out on the floor of the old trailer. Now, he was doing his best to pry his eyes open, but the sunshine felt like knives slicing through his eyeballs. It actually made him wince in pain. Damn it...you'd think he'd have learned by now. Guess he'd given into 'peer pressure'.

Eventually, he was finally able to keep his eyes open and focus. Daryl looked over and saw that she wasn't wearing her pants. At least, she had her panties still on. Why the hell was she undressed? Maybe she'd thrown up on herself. He sure as hell had done that to himself a few times back in the day. She still had on the polo she'd changed into the day before. Yeah, he'd purposely splattered that walker's blood all over it. He still didn't regret doing it. Call him a "passive aggressive" asshole, but the girl's attitude had been pissin' him off.

Beth was curled up on the couch sleeping. Looking down, Daryl saw that he wasn't wearing a shirt. Then his eyes widened at seeing that his pants were undone and hanging around his waist. His dick was practically dangling out. Was that cum on his boxers?

'What the holy hell had happened last night?' Daryl thought. Whatever he'd done, he had a feeling that it wasn't good. He grumbled in anger at himself. Daryl rubbed his eyes with the palm of his hands.

Daryl tried to remember what the hell had happened...He remembered the moonshine. He remembered her talking. God Beth had talked a lot...she talked a lot about personal stuff. Stuff he'd rather not have told her, but with alcohol he lost his filter. He'd even broken down in front of her. Merle would have laughed his ass off at him for crying like a girl...not to mention in front of a girl. That's what he loved about being around Carol. They didn't have to talk because 'being' together was often enough. They understood each other without speaking. God, he missed Carol. An ache went through his body thinking of her. Wondering where she was...was she alive? He'd never had a chance to go after her. He wondered if it was too late to try.

Glancing over at Beth, he tried to remember what had happened.

He remembered them setting the house on fire. Looking back now, he realized, that was about the stupidest thing they could have ever done. Walkers, rapists, murderers...all of them would all be drawn to the fire. The moonshine had definitely fucked with him. They were lucky to be alive. Daryl hadn't felt this stupid since he had left the group, his family, to go with Merle. A brother he had loved, but had only hurt him. Carol had been right, Merle hadn't been good for him.

Daryl even remembered Beth and him stumbling their way around the woods. By some miracle, they'd happened upon this old trailer. The trailer wasn't like what they'd burnt to the ground. This trailer had been lived in by an older woman, probably more of a grandma retiree type. There were little doilies, plastic covered furniture, crocheted dolls that hid toilet paper, and even lace curtains. There were no walkers, corpses or bodies, so there mustn't been any to begin with...another stroke of luck since they'd been bombed.

After they had settled in, they'd had a few more shots of Moonshine. All he could remember was, that he'd been talking to Beth about his love of motorcycles. While Daryl was in the middle of the story...Beth'd walked over to him, then she leaned down and started to kiss him. Then everything went black.

The next thing he remembered, was of a soft hand moving inside of his boxers. He'd felt her grip his dick. He remembered thinking of Carol, and his body aching for her touch. Daryl remembered being straddled, hands moving on his body, and him whispering Carol's name. After that, there was nothing till that morning .

Beth began to move around on the couch. They both looked over at each other. There was an uncomfortable eye connection and silence between them. Neither one smiling or speaking. What had seemed to happen, hadn't happened due to love or desire. It was born out of grief, frustration and loss. That much he knew. Daryl definitely wasn't in love with Beth. She was a good kid. He sighed. Granted she was eighteen, but damn...He was in his mid-forties...she could be his daughter. He cringed internally at how messed up this whole thing had just gotten.

"Hey." Beth called to him, as she tried to casually slide on her pants and shoes. Daryl started to buckle and zip up his pants. When he was done, he threw on his sleeveless shirt and vest. He thought of his scars, and somehow knowing Beth had seen them didn't sit well with him. Only a few people had seen them. Herschel, Carol and Rick.

"Um did we...um?" Daryl began. He let his long dark bangs cover his eyes for a second. Daryl felt he knew the answer, but just needed to know for sure...

Through those bangs, he saw Beth slowly nod her head yes. She held her head in her hands looking at her feet. She didn't make eye contact.

Daryl sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Fuckin' fuck. He could almost hear Merle lecturing him. "Baby brother, didn't I tell ya' to never drink so much ya don't remember who ya slept with..."

A thought crossed Daryl's mind. Daryl glanced around and didn't see a condom wrapper anywhere. This was just getting better and better. He sighed loudly causing Beth to glance up at him for a second.

Merle's voice jumped at him again. "Jesus Daryl! Whatcha' trying to do? Stickin' yer dick in without covering it up. Better yet, why'd you do it with this girl and not Carol. Damn, boy...ya do shit backwards. What if Carol finds out?" Shit. Shit. Shit. Daryl took that thought and shoved it down deep inside. He couldn't worry about that now. He didn't know if Carol was alive...hell...he didn't know if anyone was alive, Beth had been right about one thing...some had to have made it out.

"Ya know, I don't want you to think..." Daryl stumbled.

"I know Daryl." Beth told him. "The only person you've ever cared for...I mean REALLY cared for was Carol. " She finished with a slight smile. A smile that didn't reach her eyes. Daryl didn't argue with her, because she was right...Carol was the only person he really cared for...

They sat there for a while. Daryl deep in his thoughts. Beth writing in her diary. They ate stale pretzels for breakfast, and then continued on down the tracks to Terminus.

While Daryl and Beth were walking along the tracks...they heard a loud commotion ahead of him. Daryl told Beth to stay back. The scene he came upon set his blood boiling in anger. One man, had Carl on the ground, and was trying to remove his pants. Another man, had Rick in a bear hug. The third man, had Michonne at gunpoint on the ground. Two other men were off to the side. They hadn't noticed Daryl yet.

Without registering that he did it, he loaded his crossbow, and let his arrow fly. It hit the man trying to assault Carl in the left eye piercing his brain. At the same time, Rick ripped the guy's throat with his bare teeth that had been holding him. In the commotion, Michonne got the gun away from the man in front of her. Without hesitation, Michonne shot him in the head. The other two men went to attack, but Daryl got another one in the head with his arrow. Rick grabbed the last man and gutted him where he stood. There was blood everywhere.

They all stood staring at each other in disbelief. Just then Beth came running up. She gasped at the scene of death in front of her.

A little later, after everyone had calmed down, Rick and Daryl sat against the side of the car.

Neither said much. The shock of what had happened to them, and finding each other made them almost speechless. They were just happy to be back together.

A little while later, Rick had told Daryl, "You're my brother." Daryl simply nodded his head. He loved Rick, and he was Daryl's brother. However, they still hadn't finished their conversation about Carol. Now wasn't the time, but it would be very soon.