Complicated Love

Vampire!Levi X Hunter!Eren

Summary: Vampire!Levi X Hunter!Eren. A Legendary Vampire Hunter has transferred to another school. A Vampire Academy, which he did not know. Almost being claimed by a Vampire, Eren is saved by Levi. A short, violent, hot vampire with a dangerous reputation. Levi is supposed to look after Eren and be his roommate. What he didn't knew was that Eren is a Vampire Hunter. Will Levi claim Eren?

Chapter 1: Prologue

Finally, I'm here. The school is bigger than I thought and darker... It gives me an uncomfortable feeling. Those shadows, like the are hiding something. '' Ah you're here. Did you have trouble finding the school? '' The V.P Academy lies in the forest. It's surrounded by trees. It's not really hard to find but if you didn't knew the school existed, you wouldn't find it. '' No! It wasn't hard to find at all! '' Eren disagreed fast. The principal nodded humming. '' Come let's go inside. '' Eren's first day at V.P Academy begins today.

'' Oh, I'm sorry. '' Eren kept saying at the people who bumped into him. Each time he bumped into someone, he would be sent a few meters back. It was like they bumped into him on purpose. '' Don't mind them. Here, everyone is busy with sports. So they are pretty strong build. '' Eren looked behind him, to see all the students glaring at him as of he was some kind of meat. Quick he sprinted after the principal.

'' Who's this? '' A short man with a Helix, earrings, a tight black shirt and black pants that fitted perfectly with his pale skin and black hair, stood beside the principal. '' This is Levi. He will be the one to look after you and will be your roommate. '' The ice cold glare Levi gave Eren was terrifying. '' My name is Erwin Smith, you may call me Mr Smith and hereby I welcome you to V.P Academy. ''

'' So... This is our room. '' Eren looked around in the small room with two beds, two wardrobes, another door probably to the toilet and shower and a window. '' Yes. Don't talk to me. Don't breath in my air and stay at least five feet away from me. Got that? '' Eren sat on his bed listening to the list of rules Levi had. '' And the most important thing. Don't make a mess. I hate filth so I will hate you. '' Eren was shocked. How could he hate somebody that he even didn't knew? Abrupt he stood up, holding out his hand. '' I'm Eren Yäeger. Nice to meet you. '' Levi looked at the hand as if it was vomit. '' You're supposed to shake my hand now. '' Eren said obvious. '' I know, but I don't want to. '' Being offended Eren stormed out of the room, '' Fine, jerk. '' After some time he realized that he had never reacted to dramatic over a thing like this. Usually he would shrug it off and go on with his life but now... Weird.

A bell rang and students came out of the classrooms. Eren stood in the middle of the hallways not knowing where to go. '' Hé, Little Lamb. I thought I smelled a human. '' What is he talking about? More students joined him. '' Yeah, he smells nice. Let's take a little bite. '' A bite?! The group closed in. They pinned him against the wall. A student taking charge checked him out. '' I bet you're delicious. You know? When we smell somebody as nice as you, we can't control our selfs. I just want to rape you at this spot. '' Eren's eyes widened with fear, he kicked and tried to punch of the other students that held him. '' Don't worry, it will be over soon enough. '' Sharp teeth appeared, ready to kill its pray. '' W-WAIT! ST-TOP! '' He felt two pair of fangs penetrate his neck. At that moment Eren smirked, '' Why don't you let me go before I k- '' With a blink of the eye the student was gone and Levi stood in his place. '' Crap, it's Levi! If we touch that boy we might get killed! '' All scattered away except that one student. '' You're doomed if you protect him, Levi... '' He shot Eren a feared look before leaving just like the others.

'' What were you thinking? '' Levi slammed his fist against the wall. Eren had sunk to his knees trembling. '' You're freaking vampires! As if I expected this! '' Levi sighed out loud, '' You didn't even know why you're here? '' Eren shook his head in confusion. '' You're like a sheep here, the only human. We need to know how to live with humans and know how to control our thirst of blood. '' Eren's eyes almost popped out of his skull. '' That means... I was almost dead! '' Levi sighed again. '' Indeed. Vampires can claim people, once you're claimed no one else is allowed to touch you. And you... are claimed. Sucks for you. '' That was the moment Eren's spirit left his body. '' But you don't have his smell yet. So you're not claimed whole. '' Those words lifted Eren's spirit and he was back on track again. '' So that means I'm not claimed... Awesome! '' He threw his fists up in the air, yelling and cheering. '' Idiot, if you scream like that other will come. Plus it gives me a headache. '' He stopped with yelling immediately, looing around panicked. '' Don't worry. They won't come as long as I'm with you. '' Levi rubbed his forehead annoyed. '' Then stay with me! '' Eren screamed frantic. '' No freaking way. '' '' Then... Claim me! '' Those words seem to fascinate Levi. '' You have no idea of what you're talking about and I don't claim guys. I don't swing that way. But to others it doesn't make a different. '' Levi had enough of this. He turned and walked away. '' ...Swing that way? Just bite me and give me your perfume. Then I will smell like you right? '' Levi chuckled evil. '' I don't use perfume and you really don't know anything, do you? Good luck, Little Lamb. ''

This idea has been terrorizing my mind lately. Everyone just loves Vampire stories! it never gets old! at least that's what i think. please comment what you think about this idea. Plus, i know about the grammar mistakes! i'm sorry for it already!