Beka walked slowly across the mountains. A dead end. Like so many things she'd chased after in her life the lost treasure of Forest Wintergreen was a hoax. Not there. Just a story. Nothing.

So she'd ducked out of duty and gone AWOL for nothing. Geez, she was starting to think High Guard. She'd been around Dylan too long. Dylan. He was going to be furious. Harper'd agreed to cover for her in exchange for part of the supposed treasure. But, Dylan wasn't stupid and Harper wouldn't be able to hold him off forever.

She'd known it was risky but, counted on the big payoff. So, now who was stupid? Well, at least she was on schedule. She'd make her way back to the Maru and go back and tell Harper that it was a bust and then go and face the music. Oh well, this was nothing new.

It was so damn aggravating, though. Beka was so frustrated she kicked a rock. That proved to be unwise. Her foot slipped and it was the wrong rock to kick. It triggered an avalanche and she was swept off the side of the mountain.