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Spidey was just starting his patrol. He was a bit late because he was finishing off some chemistry assignment that had to be handed in for Monday. Mr. Kyle was a good teacher, one of Peter's favorites in fact, but he still wouldn't be pleased if Pete ignored his assignments. He had finished it quickly but then Aunt May had come home with arms full of groceries so Peter helped her put them away before changing and heading out.

The air was a bit nippy tonight. Peter didn't really mind though. He was on the move so much that he barely even noticed it. It had started getting dark around about 5:00, which was to be expected for this time of year. But it did mean that it was dark enough to be midnight even though it was only 7:00. He had been swinging about for 30 minutes now and hadn't seen a single crime. If he didn't know better he would have thought that New York had been invaded by saints.

But Peter did know better and the faint echo of a woman's fear-filled whimper came hurtling to his amazing ears. From Peter's guesstimate she was a couple of streets away. Peter rushed towards the place his super hearing had pointed him to.

He landed on the roof of a small building when he heard the noise again but this time it sounded like it was right beneath him. Peter crawled to the edge of the roof and peered into the alley below. There were four regular sized guys surrounding some dude and his girlfriend.

Pete could instantly tell where the heart breaking whimper had come from. The poor girl was standing behind her boyfriend, holding onto his jacket so tight that it looked like she was going to tear holes into it. Her head buried into the guy's back and tears pouring out of her tightly shut eyes. It didn't take a genius to realize that she was petrified.

Peter noticed the wallet and phone on the ground a couple of feet behind the group. Her boyfriend seemed to be trying his best to diffuse the situation. But the four idiots looked like they wanted more. The silver necklace the lady was wearing to be exact and her boyfriend was being her meat shield. He was moving her out of the way of one of the jerks attempting to grab the piece of jewelry from her neck.

Peter would have taken a minute to admire the dude's bravery, if he wasn't already admiring the unmistakable shine of metal in the hand of the guy furthest from the young couple. Pete climbed down the side of the building until he was just above head height and held himself there.

"Hey fellas! Can't you see these guys are trying to have a moment here?" Spidey said causing the four thugs to turn in his direction. Their responses were mixed. The two who hadn't really been doing much, apart from chuckling at what their buddy was doing, were shocked and a bit fearful but the guy with the knife and the magpie who was after the necklace looked menacing.

"What do you want Web-Boy?" Mr. Magpie said as he moved from the terrified couple and slowly toward Spidey.

Spidey ignored the pathetic excuse for a cruel nickname as the four guys all turned towards him. The guy with the knife had given a stern glare to the other two guys and that seemed to have convinced the two idiots about staying for the approaching fight.

"Ooooh I just want you to answer me a simple question - Do you guys know what love is? Or do you want me to show you?" Not his best line but Spidey was in a music mood tonight for no obvious reason.

One of the two idiots came rushing towards his position on the wall. Spidey flipped off the wall, using idiot number one's head as a springboard and smashing it into the brickwork. Before idiot number one had hit the ground Spidey had jumped on idiot number two, forcing him to the ground. Pete gave him a punch for good measure before his spidey senses went off and he was on his feet dodging the small blade Mr. Knife guy was swinging at him.

After the third swing Mr. Knife guy paused for a split second, giving Spidey just enough time to move in and twist the knife out of his hand (and probably breaking a few bones). The guy fell to the ground holding his broken hand as Peter's spidey sense alerted him to Mr. Magpie behind him. Spidey turned to face Mr. Magpie. He had been holding what appeared to be a trash can above his head but now it was heading for Spidey.

Peter rolled out the way. The trash can missed him by a mile and landed on knife guy instead. Spidey would have burst out laughing if Magpie wasn't still attacking him. Magpie ran at him and Peter swept the guy's leg out from underneath him causing him to fall to his knees. The guy swung at him but Peter easily avoided it and elbowed him in the face to put an end to the fight.

Spidey looked around himself at the four unconscious bodies lying on the ground. That was way too easy! Spidey thought to himself as he picked up the wallet and phone off the floor. The couple was still standing in the corner. At some point during the fight the guy had turned around and wrapped his arms around her. They now stood with their faces buried into each other's shoulders and must not have notice that the fight was over.

"Hey!" Spidey exclaimed to get their attention. The guy looked up and untangled himself slightly from the ladies' grasp, just in time to catch his phone and wallet. "Call the police" Spidey ordered in an authoritive tone. The guy simply nodded with a look of bewilderment on his face. He looked down at his phone and started to dial.

Peter took this opportunity to web the four numb-skulls to the floor just to make sure they didn't slip away before the cops arrived. The past couple of months, crime fighting had become as easy as breathing to Peter. Stupid thugs weren't that much of a challenge anymore.

The sound of police sirens told him it was time to leave. He was on better terms with them after the whole Lizard thing. The Police actually gave him a warning before shooting now which was nice. He turned to the couple who had started hugging again. "Hey lady!" Spidey exclaimed causing them both to raise their heads. "Hold onto him..." Peter shot a strand of web to the top of the building "He's a keeper!"

Spidey was off just as the police car rolled up. He was out of the police's line of sight in seconds but he decided not to stray too far. He knew the police could handle the situation but he just wanted to keep an eye on the scene.

The couple he had just saved reminded him a bit of his own relationship with Gwen. He just wanted to make sure they were okay before he moved onto searching for the next crime. He landed on a building a few streets away. It had a water tower on it but Peter could see the scene just fine from the roof itself. He sat for a few minutes just watching the police dragging (literally) the four thugs away and talking to the young couple.

Before Tony had left he instructed JARVIS to make them some popcorn. They had been unimpressed with his jokey attitude but now they all sat in the comfortable sitting area passing the large bowl of popcorn round. When Tony flew off in his suit the rest of the household had been left to watch the meeting on the giant flat screen TV on the Main Floor. On the screen was Tony's point of view as he quickly whizzed round skyscrapers and headed for the crime scene.

"Can you guys hear me okay?" Tony's relaxed voice entered the room through the speakers in the ceiling.

"Yes, we can hear you" Black Widow answered as she took a hand full of popcorn before passing the bowl to Cap. "You sure you don't want back up on this, Stark?"

"No, I'm good! Last thing we need is Spidey freaking out and running away".

"And that won't happen with you?" Clint said as he sat cross legged on the couch.

"Of course not!" Tony exclaimed smiling. "Okay I'm coming up to the street now" Tony said as he slowed down. Iron Man landed on the roof overlooking the scene. The alleyway was somewhat quiet. There was one or two police vehicles parked on the street. The suspects had already been carted off to the police station but white web outlines were visible from where the cops had cut the criminals from their webby prisons. There was a young looking couple being escorted into one of the police cars.

"Well he isn't there" Cap stated as he passed the popcorn over to Clint.

"You don't say!" Tony said sarcastically. "Question is where is he now?" He looked north remembering what JARVIS had told him. Most of the buildings were small and easy to see over. The only thing obscuring Tony's view of his magnificent tower in the distance was a slightly taller building that had a water tower on top of it.

"If I were him I'd go there..." Clint said as he pointed with one hand and stuffed popcorn into his mouth with the other. "It's tall enough to give a good view of the surrounding area" he explained passing the bowl over to Bruce.

"It's worth a shot" Tony said as he flew towards it.

Bruce passed the bowl to Natasha after taking a small handful. "I recommend being cautious Stark..." Natasha said. "We don't know how he'll react"

"I think I can handle it" Tony stated.

Peter saw Iron Man coming from miles away. Pretty hard to not notice a red and gold rocket flying around. At first he wasn't that fussed. Stark usually flew around the city occasionally but Pete had never seen him around these parts before. "Free country, I guess!" Peter thought. He only started to get curious when Iron Man landed on the building he had stood on just 5 minutes ago. The one that overlooked the crime scene. Was Stark looking for him? Did Spider-man piss him off somehow? Or was he working with the police?

Peter shook his head. Tony Stark was Iron Man not Robo-Cop. From what Pete had seen on TV, Stark looked like a nice guy if not really big headed. He doubted the big busy billionaire would waste his time helping the police hunt him down but Spidey still climbed round the water tower to give himself a bit of cover. Iron Man was okay in Peter's opinion, He did good work...saving the world with his team and all. Maybe he's not looking for Spider-man? A thought that was quickly forgotten when the shiny tin can stated flying in his direction. Peter stayed close to the water tower and hoped he wasn't about to be seen.

Stark landed on the building Hawkeye had pointed out. But Stark couldn't see Spidey. Tony's face plate moved up giving him a bit more room to breathe "Well he's not here"

"You don't say!" Steve said smirking. Tony flipped his face plate back down and glared at the head up display before remembering that they couldn't see his expression. He looked around, Hawkeye was right; Tony could clearly see the crime scene from where he was standing as well as the rest of the neighborhood.

Peter was relieved when Stark completely ignored the water tower. But his curiosity increased greatly when he heard Stark's voice say the words "Well he's not here". There was no doubt about it now...Iron Man was looking for Spidey. The new question that popped into his head was why? Peter crawled back round the water tower to see if he was gone. Stark was still there but he was too busy admiring the view to notice him.

If it came down to a fight Spidey had no doubt who would winning but if it came down to a chase or even a retreat, Peter could always just disappear into the sewer system. Spidey dropped silently back onto the roof just a meter or two behind Iron Man. Stark still didn't seem to be aware of his presence. He smiled as his Spidey side decided to have a little fun with the over-grown tin can.

"Okay! What now?" Tony asked his teammates but before any of them could answer an unfamiliar voice sounded from behind him that made him and the others jump slightly.

"Why are you looking for me, Stark?" Peter tried to sound casual, pushing the fan-girling geek thoughts to the back of his mind. Tony span round to discover the masked vigilante a few feet away from him. Spidey shot a bit of web at his face plate which hit target perfectly. Peter held back a side splitting laugh which came out as a small snort instead.

Tony started pulling at the strands of webbing as his ears were filled with Clint's hysterical laughter. He could also hear the others laughing and giggling to themselves but they were overshadowed by Clint's laughing and occasional choking on what Tony guessed was popcorn. "Ha ha! Very funny!" Tony said sarcastically as he tried to ignore Clint laughing at him. He managed to pull some of the webs away from his eyes so that he could see Spider-man

"Come on Stark! Lighten up!" Spidey said smiling from under his mask. During Stark's momentary blindness he decided to take a few steps back as a precaution.

Once Natasha had managed to get Clint to calm himself, Steve stood up from his seat to get a closer look at the TV. Now that Spidey was there they could start trying to gather information. "JARVIS can you measure his height for us?" Cap asked still smiling.

"Certainly, Sir...Spider-man's height is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches" JARVIS said. Tony continued to pull the strong web from his helmet.

"A bit below average" Bruce stated. "JARVIS could you scan the devices on his wrists please?" Spidey tilted his head slightly as he heard what sounded like static mumbles coming from Iron Man. It wasn't Stark making the sounds because he was still cursing under his breath removing the last few strands of his web.

"Yes, Sir but it will take a while to do a complete scan" JARVIS said.

Peter jokey mood subsided. Why was Stark here? He waited until Stark had finally stopped wrestling with the web to ask his new question. "Who's on the other line?" This time the serious tone in his voice outweighed the amused.

Stark froze. The main floor fell completely silent. They barely dared to breathe. Spidey could hear them?

" that's just my AI" Tony answered quickly. "...Say hi JARVIS"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir" JARVIS's English voice sounded from the suit.

Peter didn't believe Stark in the slightest but now another thought came into his head. JARVIS? "Just. Another. Really. Very. Intelligent. System" Spidey stated from memory.

"Yeah! How did you..." Tony was about to ask but Spidey answered before he could finish.

"I hacked into it a few months back" Spidey said nonchalantly. He wasn't lying. He had wanted to see if Stark Industries had any info on Richard Parker but had found nothing. While looking he had come across JARVIS and had a little peek.

Tony was glad the four back at home couldn't see his face right now because his jaw had hit the bottom of his helmet. "Y...You..." He could hardly believe it. "You hacked into one of my systems?" Tony pointed to himself and Spidey at the appropriate parts of that sentence. Spidey nodded causally. Technically Stark could report this as a crime but if he had wanted Spider-Man in prison he could have just dragged him there 30 seconds ago. "JARVIS why didn't I hear of this?"

"I have no record of a hack in my database, Sir" JARVIS sounded from the suit again. Pete smiled, happy to know that his print sweeping software had actually worked.

"He's smarter than you thought" Steve spoke breaking the silence that had encased the main floor. Tony could hear the smirk on his face.

Spidey's head tilted again after hearing the static mumble once more. Peter couldn't hear exactly what the voice (apparently JARVIS) was saying but he knew it was saying something. Tony noticed Spidey's head movement this time. He waved his hand dismissively while talking "I'll look into that later..." Tony grinned "I'm just surprised you can hear him while he's talking inside the suit"

Peter crossed his arms and mentally kicked himself for being out smarted. He shifted his weight slightly. It was a small movement but Natasha still noticed it. One of the up sides of being a spy meant that Natasha could read people like a children's book, a skill that was coming in handy. "He didn't like that" she stated smiling.

"You didn't answer my question" Peter said he was now determined. He wanted an answer. "Why are you here?"

"I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by for a chat" Tony heard someone face palm on the other end of the line and frowned.

Spidey chuckled "Wait! So let me get this straight...You - The Iron Giant - came out of your sparkling tower to come chat to me - The Tiny Spider".

Tony replied confidently "What's wrong with that?"

And Peter thought he was a bad liar. He knew Stark was almost definitely not there to just have a chat. He thought for a second. "Nothing, I guess" Peter shrugged. "But I'm kind of in the middle of my patrol here so if you don't mind, I'll just be going now". Peter turned around and started walking towards the edge of the roof.

"Tony the scan hasn't finished yet" Bruce's voice alerted Tony.

"Sir, is correct. The scan has 45 seconds remaining" JARVIS confirmed. Spidey was about to jump off the building and Tony had to think fast.

"I talked with Dr. Connors".

Spidey stopped. He froze as he tried to process what Iron Man had just said. "Tony all information on Dr. Connors is classifi..." Steve began to say in a stern voice before being cut off.

"No wait!" Natasha said. The three men turned to look at her. All dumbfounded. She rolled her eyes slightly. "...This may lead to something...look at him"

They all looked back at the screen and saw what Natasha meant. Spider-man stood there, one foot on the ledge and the other on the roof. His entire body had tensed up and he was acting like he had just had a bucket of ice cold water poured over him. That was exactly how Peter felt. Of all the things he expected Iron Man to say that was not one of them. After the incident everyone had only talked about him using his other name. The Lizard. Hearing someone, other than him and Gwen, use his real name was...weird.

Last actual news he had heard about Connors was that he had been imprisoned somewhere the press couldn't get to him. Peter composed himself and took a deep breath. "What does that have to do with me?" Peter kept all emotion out of his voice, taking his foot off the ledge and turning back towards Stark. The two assassins knew exactly what he was trying to do. They had seen try to do something similar just the other day. Distances himself. Defend himself.

"I just thought that you might like to know..." Tony hesitated. "Dr. Connors was diagnosed with Dissociate Identity Disorder"

Spidey lowered his head. Could what Iron Man be say be true? It would explain why Connors went from wanting to help people to wanting a Lizard New York. It could also explain why Dr. Connors threatened him the day after the bridge incident. Peter felt a brand new wave of guilt wash over him. He hadn't just ruined Doc's life...he still was ruining his life. "How was he?" Spidey asked.

"Apart from the D.I.D, he was fine..." Tony reassured Spidey who seemed concerned. "He was actually very complimentary toward you"

Spidey shook his head slightly letting out a small disbelieving chuckle. "No he really was! Something along the lines of saving him from himself," Tony vaguely repeated what Romanov had told him while he "helped" them unpack earlier that day. "...doing the right thing with minimal casualties..."

The words came out his mouth before he could stop them. "But there was still casualties" Peter stated raising his head to look at Stark before looking down again.

Spidey seemed a bit agitated. Stark backed off slightly thinking it might have something to do with the Avengers lack of involvement.

But Peter was more annoyed with himself. Gwen would hate him for beating himself up like this but he couldn't help it. It wasn't the Avengers fault, as Gwen had told him many times; nobody can be in two places at once. It was his fault. He made Lizard possible. He put the city in danger. He killed Captain Stacy. Peter looked up at Iron Man who had stepped back. Peter took a few seconds to compose himself again. He pushed all thoughts of Dr. Connors to the back of his mind and sighed before speaking "Thank you...for telling me this"

"No problem" Tony said wondering what Spidey had been thinking about.

Suddenly the sound of sirens caught both Spider-Man's and Iron man's attention. "Anyway I better be off". He turned again throwing Stark a lazy wave in the process. "Duty calls!"

"Maybe I could help!" Stark stated more than offered.

"I'm gonna!" Spidey said. Tony went to step forward but as soon as he did, Spider-man shot two bursts of web at his armored foot.

Tony tried to move his leg up but it was stuck firmly to the roof. He leaned against the water tower structure and tried again but still it didn't budge. "Hey!" Tony went to complain.

"No chance, Stark" Spidey said with a smile as he stood on the ledge of the roof. He front flipped off the roof, shooting another shot of webbing at Iron Man's hand and attaching it to the water tower, in the process.

"Show off!" Stark muttered to himself. Tony tugged his arm but much like his leg it was stuck. "Well that was...weird!" Tony continued to pull against the webs.

"He seemed honestly concerned about his own enemy" Natasha said slightly taken aback by what had just happened.

"Weird doesn't even come close to it!" Clint said.

"Did the scan finish in time?" Tony asked as he managed to free his hand slightly.

"Yes Sir!" JARVIS said as the blueprints of Spider-man's web-shooters appeared on his heads up display.

"Oh wow!" Tony exclaimed after a second of staring at the designs.

"What?" Steve asked still standing by the TV.

"Talk about brilliance with the basics" Tony sound impressed. "These things are made from what looks like a couple of old watches!"

"Really?" Bruce asked sounding just as impressed.

"Yeap! The only thing that isn't made from scrapes is a carterage thingy, which I'm guessing is what stores this stuff!" Tony grunted ripping his hand off the water tower. The white substance was still covering his metal hand, making it very difficult to move some of the fingers.

"Need some help there, Stark?" Clint asked smirking.

"No!" Tony looked down at his webbed boot before sighing. "JARVIS..."

"Micro-Laser ready, Sir" JARVIS replied to the unasked question. A small device came out of the suit's arm and turned to aim at the webbed foot.

Tony sighed "This is gonna scratch". A red laser beam shot out from the device, cutting through the web. After a second or two Tony's foot was free from the web but now had a long silver scratch along it. Tony sighed again.

"Well at least we have plenty of the web" Bruce said.

"Yeah whatever it is it's pretty strong" Tony said looking at his metal hand that was still tangled with the stuff. "I still think I've seen this stuff somewhere before but I can't place it, it's really starting to irritate me". Tony lifted off the roof. The repulsor on his boot sparked and spluttered a bit but he soon got his balance and was shooting towards the tower.

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