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30. future


'It will not be much longer,' they heard Maedhros say, and did not pick up Maglor's reply; a chill run through both of them, and they exchanged suddenly panicked glances.

(Knowledge was one thing; confrontation was another.)

'You need to consider the future,' Maglor told the twins, without direct provocation; they had carefully avoided mentioning the matter, as if remaining quiet allowed them to ignore it looming in every corner.

'Why? Why couldn't we consider the future here?'

'The world is changing, while we remain caught up in the past. I would not have you involved any further.'

'Involved in what?'

'You know all too well.'

'But we cannot leave you!'

'You know that is not true.'

'We don't want to leave you!'

'Yet you will have to. You deserve better than that.'

'This is what you said of your nephew.'

'And of you it is truer still. But you can ask his opinion once you meet him.'

'But -'

'No. I realize this is difficult for you, and I can only apologise for that. However, I am sure you in turn realise this is inevitable, for all it angers you.'

They glared at him, because, as much as they hated to admit it, he was right.

(Understanding was one thing; acceptance was something entirely different.)

And beneath the anger they felt fear, and helplessness, and pain, because in their hearts Elrond and Elros knew that, in the better future Maglor wanted for them, they would not see him or Maedhros again.