AN: Okay so this was the first drabble I did on tumblr a while back, It's AU humanverse klaroline set in the 15th century, I shall post the second drabble straight away for those of you who may have already read this one :)

During the day he was her most trusted advisor, a confidant, a fighter, a leader of armies, a hunter of prey and most importantly a loyal subject to his Queen.

But when night swept through the kingdom and the torches were extinguished he became her prey, her sharp teeth eating away his heart. He was her lover, her steady beat, her unwavering strength and a slave to his unforgiving Queen.

She could be cruel and stoic; it was a trait that came with her title, a ruler, a royal, a protector of her kingdom. It came first to her, this place, and her people. While some called her the Ice Queen others cheered for their Saviour who worked hard to maintain the balance.

It was at night when he would see it, the tiredness and the wary lines on her forehead from a troubling day as she invited him into her bath, how his soft touch on her shoulders, massaging the supple wet skin would soothe her, the sweet sigh of relief as his hand disappeared under the deep sheath of water and found its place hot between her thighs, kneading the throbbing nub.

She found her solace in him, and he let her, she was the bearer of his heart and her touch was his home. Even when morning came and she would throw him out her chambers with a wicked laugh and a cruel dismissal, he knew that she needed him as much as he needed her.

It was at a festivity like this one where he would watch her and adore her as she weaved and entertained her court, playing them all like a violin, pulling their strings until they gave into her demands, he knew all her tricks for she had perfected them on him.

He would watch her in that tight red gown that clung to her body, he knew why she wore it; she did it because it drove him crazy. He hated the way every vile man's eye set upon her in lust, analysing the way her hips curved, how her long hair would push back when she laughed exposing her creamy neck, and the way her plump breasts would rise in breathlessness from spinning and twirling at the music around her.

It made him simmer with jealousy and that's exactly what she wanted…and as always he fell too willingly a piece on her chessboard.

"Yes while dealings with France have been sour of late I must admit I…" she trailed off as she heard a manly throat clear behind her, knowing exactly who it was without having to even lay eyes upon him.

"Ah Niklaus" she beamed.

"Your Majesty" he bowed in return.

Her smile towards his presence was cunning and one of knowing; she had him right where she wanted him.

"Please come meet my new friend the Ambassador Henry Duarte of Spain" she gestured to the old, dark haired man beside her.

"Sir Niklaus Mikaelson ambassador, but please call me Klaus" he replied unwillingly shaking the man's hand, his birth name was reserved for his queen's lips and hers alone; to hear it pass from another's would be a cruel fate indeed.

"Niklaus is the commander of my army and has been my most trusted advisor for many years now" her words were spoken in the highest of praises.

"Oh well then perhaps you can convince her majesty the Queen Caroline to consider an alliance with Spain"

"and what would be the terms" he asked sourly already knowing the answer.

"Why a marriage of course, King Ferdinand is looking for a new bride"

"Alas I am not looking for a new husband ambassador" the queen replied curtly.

He knew the reason she wanted him here now, she hated the prospect of another marriage; it was fair to say her last was not a happy one and she refused to be bent to a mans will ever again; she was a Queen in her own right and she would rule as one far away from sadistic nature. It was the reason she would not open her heart him, the reason she ruled setting aside her emotions and the reason he would never get the one thing he truly ever wanted.

"I beg pardon your majesty but you are far too young to be a widower for the rest of your life"

He saw the way the anger clouded her face, he knew all her tells, the squint of her eye, the scrunch of her nose and the flush of her cheeks. He jumped in before a foolish mistake was made.

"Our Queen is the heart and soul of this kingdom ambassador and she rules with an iron fist that would make most Kings tremble; so with all due respect to your own King she has no use for another husband." He finalised.

She turned to him and gave a rare smile at his kind and honest words, one that he's only been witness too on a handful of occasions. He communicates back to her silently that he will always be there to stop her when it's called for, to push her when she needs to go that extra mile, to save her when she's in need saving and show her love in the moments she feels alone.

His presence is steadfast as is his heart when it comes to her. This is a fact that will never change, if there is one thing he is sure of in life it is this.

"Thank you ambassador for your insight though it is no longer needed I'm afraid, I do hope you enjoy the rest of your evening though" she bowed her head in a show of respect before walking by him proudly, her golden crown high on her head.

The silenced man watched the fierce Queen leave the room, her subjects parting like the red sea as her brave knight followed after her with uninhibited desire in his gaze.

Indeed she did not need a King; anyone who stood beside her would look all too inferior compared.

"Ahh…Niklaus" she moaned and dropped from her above position onto to his heaving sweaty chest, coming down from her high.

"Well that was…..vigorous" he panted wrapping his arms around her equally glistening form.

They both laughed at his words as he failed to find a better term in his blissful state.

"Well you certainly kept up" she teased him, and then broke into a fit of giggles as he pinched at her waist rolling her over and punishing her for the taunt.

"I think I did more than that my lovely Caroline" he leaned his hands on the warm furs beneath them smirking down at her.

"Or are you forgetting how you whimpered my name earlier searching for relief as I pleasured you with nothing but my mouth?" his words were full of untamed lust and he felt himself growing hard again, pressing himself into her making them both moan.

She hasn't forgot, her gown hiked up too her hips and his head between her legs as his tongue drove deep inside her; making her cry out in want yanking at his short hair.

"Yes you were being very persistent so I decided to take things into my own hands" she breathed heavily, grabbing onto his shoulders tight, her nails digging into the skin as he grinded his hips against her wet core; adding to her frustration.

"Ah yes you do so love dominating over me don't you my Queen?" he used one of his hands to cup her breast before lowering his mouth and taking the rosy bud between his lips.

"Mmm" she sighed "It is a favourite of mine I must confess"

She cried out in the perfect mix of pleasure and pain as he bit down on her nipple making her grip his head between her hands keeping him there. She could practically feel the sly grin growing on his face.

His lips moved to give the other breast the same attention while his free hand moved around her back pulling her even closer to him so they could be moulded together in their passion.

His hips were grinding against hers, making it almost unbearable for both, feeling their lower bodies throb against each other in rhythm.

"My Niklaus" she whimpered "Take me"

He shuddered at her words, knowing what she wanted, lifting himself so she could roll over onto her stomach and perch onto her hands and knees.

She waited for him to possess her fully in the way she possessed him; they both loved it so. He loved that she trusted him, that she found her own pleasure in giving him control; it was her pleasure, her want that triggered his own into combustion.

She loved to feel what it was like to belong to someone, someone who loved and cared for her in the way he did even if she would never admit it. The way the worked as partners and as equals on nights like these spoke louder than words ever could.

He stared down at her glorious body, running a hand down the smooth skin of her long back Goosebumps following in his touch.

"Niklaus please" she begged, in a way a Queen never should, but tonight she was no queen she was a woman wanting to be worshipped by a man who loved her as no other possibly could.

He listened to her pleas, placing both his hands on her hips and pushing himself into her wet heat, they both let out a sigh of content as their bodies joined.

He began thrusting in and out her slowly and she gave a moan of encouragement pushing her hips back, meeting his movements.

"Caroline" her murmured at her sly movement, getting a tighter grip on her backside he tossed his head back at the sensation.

"Ohhh Niklaus…harder" she gripped the furs, her eyes closing trying to find relief.

He conceded to her command, thrusting against her, all to be heard was there sweaty skins slapping against each other fast and their unbridled moans echoing off the walls of her chambers.

"God…Caroline" he growled as she tilted her hips finding a new angle.

He leaned over her, covering her back and placing his hands on either side of hers to support him while he began to suck and lap at her neck, while still driving his shaft in and out her, faster and faster.

"I'm almost there, don't stop" she said breathlessly trying to catch and grasp at the pleasure surrounding her, pelting her body, making her nipples hard and her legs shaky.


Her orgasm finally hit her; she felt utter euphoria and cried out in bliss at her release.

As he felt her walls spasm around his member; he couldn't hold back any longer and came inside of her groaning his Queen's name over and over in absolute relief.

Catching himself from falling on top her he pulled himself out of her and they both whimpered at the loss of the full sensation. He then dropped beside her on the fur covers so he wouldn't crush her; both were panting and breathing desperately; looks of complete satisfaction etched upon their faces.

She turned around and threw her naked glistening body over his, her arm thrown across his chest and her legs rubbing with his own. He smiled at her warmth curling one of his hands in her hair while the other rested on her back. They both lay there composing themselves in a comfortable silence while the fire crackled around them and drew shadows on their bare bodies.

It was times like these when everything was okay, where they laughed and made love through the night not stopping until their bodies could no longer take it.

It was times like these he could delude himself into believing that she belonged to him and he to her; instead of belonging to her people to her kingdom.

It was times like these where she opened herself up to him completely that he could see the young girl underneath the crown and the facade who still wanted to be loved and adored by someone who would take care of her and treasure her in the way she deserved.

It was times like these where he felt like her counterpart and not just a lover, or a loyal subject, or a fighter, or a hunter, but a man, just a man in love with a woman; just her Niklaus.

"I'm tired" she laughed gently, breaking their silence and his deep thoughts.

"Then go to sleep my Queen" he replied and breathed into her hair "I shall watch over you"

"Mmm" she hummed pleased with his response "goodnight Niklaus"

"Good night Caroline, my darling goddess I love you so" he responded pouring his heart to her.

He wasn't surprised she didn't return the sentiment she never did, but the way she pulled her aching limbs up to give him a soft kiss before smiling that rare smile made him hope, made him have faith that one day she would say it back.

So he closed his eyes and prayed for morning not to come, for her mind to get the better of her and make him leave her bed, only for the cycle to repeat the next night. At least for now he would hold her in his arms tight and cherish his sweet dove before she flew away back to her flock.


It was on nights like these the Queen with the cold heart and the broken soul would wake up beside her sleeping knight, before morning came and everything changed. She would curl up to his frame and whisper ever so softly in his ear, knowing he would not hear her…

"I love you too my dear Niklaus"