Donna awoke to the shouts of terror coming from the Doctor's bed room. She rushed in and found him lying in bed tossing and turning. "No! No!" The Doctor screamed. She knelt beside him shaking his shoulders. "Doctor wake up you're having a nightmare!" His eyes immediately opened, his breathing was hard and his heartbeats were fast. She noticed he was sweating buckets. Donna was very worried, she had never seen him like this before.

"What happened?" She asked wiping his forehead. The Doctor sat up struggling to speak. "I-I was dreaming a-about the day I d-destroyed G-Galifrey." His eyes began tearing up. "I saw the planet burning again; I saw my people burning crying out to me; reaching out for help." He wept. Donna could see the pain in his eyes and continued listening. "I couldn't save them, Donna. I-I couldn't…" His voice broke and he sobbed.

Without hesitation Donna pulled him into her arms and held him. "It's alright my spaceman, I'm here." She whispered. His shoulders were moving up and down in her arms as he cried. Donna knew nothing she could say could to heal his aching hearts so she just let him go.

Sitting up the Doctor felt subconscious about carrying on like that in front of her. He glanced up. "I'm sorry Donna. You go on to bed; I'll be fine I promise." Forcing a smile at her. Donna just nodded and patted him on the arm then stood up to leave. Donna looked back and saw him continue to wipe his eyes. She sighed and left him there.

Feeling alone and depressed the Doctor sat there just staring at the floor. A few minutes later a bowl of ice cream was in front of his face. The Doctor looked up and Donna was standing there smiling. "What's this about?" He asked surprised but pleased. "I'm going to share with you one of the best cure for tears." She told him sitting next to him. "What is it?" He asked. "Ice cream, I made us a couple of sundaes." Donna replied handing him a bowl.

The Doctor beamed at her. "Thank you Donna." She smiled. He then looked at her and said. "How did you know?" "You stink at lying." Donna replied smirking.

He chuckled then took a bite of ice cream. "So this is the best cure for crying?" The Doctor asked. Donna shook her head. "No, it's not the only cure." "What's the other cure?" He asked her. Donna nudged his arm and replied. "A good friend." The Doctor grinned. "Donna Noble you are brilliant!" They clanked spoons and continued talking and eating sundaes the rest of the night.