Hey Hey Hey its me Wolf From The South293 bringing you another alpha and omega fanfic its been awhile but I finally bring you the sequel to my first one so here you… oh forgot disclaimer I do not own any of the alpha and omega characters I do however own my ocs which are amber and michael in case you forgot michael is a pure black wolf and amber is a solid white one but now onto it

Chapter 1: Party time then gone

Present day new years eve party jasper park night time.

Humphrey shouts "woohoo!" as he jumps off a rock into the water of the lake below, me, amber, kate, lily and garth all laugh at humphrey I say "hey humphrey you need to go easy on janice's special brew of berries" and we continue to laugh as humphrey comes out of the water and he says "what do you mean I feel fine" he then stumbles a little then says "hey michael bet you can't do any better on that jump" I say "your on" I hear amber say "that's my omega" I smile proudly at hearing that and I dash over to the rock and climb to the top of it and I shout "Canon Wolf!" and I jump off the rock, tuck into a ball and start spinning heading towards the water once I splash down I stay under for a few, then I pop up and howl which causes everyone in the pack to howl I then go over to the bank and climb out and walk over and she starts to nuzzle me.

Amber then says "I think I'm going to turn in for tonight and also check in our pups" I say "okay night love you my beautiful mate" she says "love you too" and she kisses me and she turns and starts to head back to our den where our pups are of course, I then turn around to the others and see kate walking off back to hers and humphreys den and lily walking off with garth I then walk over to humphrey and say "where's kate going?" humphrey turns towards me and says "she's turning in for tonight".

I say "ah" he then says "hey michael want to join me, salty, shakey, and mooch for a log sled run " I say "sure" and I start following humphrey to meet up with the others, but at that time as we walk me and humphrey don't know that hunters have captured kate and amber and are now following me and humphrey, I stop hearing a bushes rustle and say "hey you hear that?" humphrey says "nope" I say in my head "wow janices special berry brew is getting to me" I then feel something stick into my side I instantly yelp in pain I then hear humphrey yelp in pain form getting hit as well I then start feeling dizzy but not long after I do I instantly hit the ground knocked out so does humphrey.

Forty-eight hours later I wake up seeing I'm surrounded by amber, kate, and humphrey who are still knocked out and I also see a lot of other wolves I do not recognize I then rise up and and whisper "hey amber wake up…" I then reach down to her and touch her with my snout and she grunts and she slowly starts to wake. She rises up and sees all the other wolves looking at us she says "umm… michael where are we?" and she gets closer to me I go to speak but a grey colored wolf answers "your in the Minnesota Zoo".