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Chapter 8: Back To Where We Belong

So after she lays her head down to rest everyone else is aloud inside little rose decides to go to sleep as well kate says "is that the new pup?" I say "yup she looks a little smaller then when zack, faith, brandon, and angel were born" humphrey says "well she was just born man but she could possibly be a runt" runt says "what?" I say "we aren't talking about you bud but your probably right" we all then look at rose again and in the background ashley is whispering to zack about something they then slip out of the den before I say we leave tomorrow.

(to zacks P.O.V.) me and ashley start walking though the southern packs until we run into the other pups of the pack one see us and says "hey if it isn't the new pups, I can tell the solid black one is a wolf but" he pounces on ashley pinning her on her back and continues "but what are you?" I start by saying "hey leave her alone she is" he growls cutting me off and says "no I want to hear it from her!" ashley gulps then says silently "I'm a husky…." he says "what was that couldn't hear ya?" she says louder "I'm a husky" the alpha pup that tackled her laughs and says "a husky loves a wolf" I start to growl at him as he and the others laugh at her I see her flatten her ears put her paws up and while still on her back tucks her tail between her legs.

The alpha pup says "have fun having a lot of mutts in your life and ruining your bloodline, with that weak excuse for an alpha" that sends me over the edge and I growl even louder at him and I say "enough! leave her alone now or you'll regret it!" he stops laughing and walks over to me and says "oh.. And if I don't what are you going to do" after he says it I quickly take my right paw and punch him across the snout.

He yelps then tackles me to the ground and bites into my right shoulder taking a chink with his fangs, I then kick him off me and it gives me a chance to bite into his right side I then go to grab his tail but he bites down onto my spine then slams me to the ground I hear my spine crack a little bit I only whine a little but I start to growl even more and rise back up bloody from all my wounds he says "wow you just wont give up till die" I don't say anything but continue to growl as I dash towards him, he tries to dodge my attack but I grab his tail and use all my strength and throw him into a tree knocking him out.

I slowly start to clam down as I breath heavy, my ears then go flat and my eyes widen as I see tan colored wolf legs appear on either side of me and shadow get cast over me, I look up seeing aunt kate over me and she says "you pups take your knocked out friend and leave now before I tell your parents" she then growls at them and they run off after grabbing their knocked out friend, aunt kate then starts licking the blood off of my wounds I whine in pain as she does but I say "I'm sorry aunt kate I… I didn't mean to get into a fight I was just protecting ashley."

Kate says "shush its alright okay your not in any trouble you did what was right" I say "I'm…. I'm not?" she shakes her head with a smile on her snout I then hear ashley coming over to me and say "zack are you alright!" she stops in front of me I say "yea I am now that your and most of all that you are ok" her ears flatten and she looks down with her tail wagging, I go to nuzzle her but aunt kate licks the wound on my back cleaning it but it causes me to yelp loudly in pain I say "aunt kate…." she says "sorry…. But you need some rest for those wounds to heal" so she picks me up by the scruff of my neck like a whelping pup which embarrasses me more I say "kate…." ashley just laughs at me and follows behind as kate walks me back to the den.

(back to Michaels P.O.V.) I look around the den as I stand guard over my mate and new pup I then spot my sister kate carrying a wounded zack I say "hey what happened to my son?" kate sets him down at ambers neck while she sleeps I then see ashley go and curl up near him and they both doze off, kate then turns her attention to me and says "zack got into a fight because he was protecting ashley from a pup that was making fun of her but he did win his fight though I watched the whole thing".

I say "well at least he knows how to fight and protect the ones he loves but lets all get some rest since we have to travel later to get back to the west pack" kate nods and goes and lays down beside humphrey who is already out like a light, I go over to amber and lay down beside her and instantly fall asleep (hours later at midnight) I wake up and yawn after I do I say to amber "hey wake up we got to get back to the west pack "so amber slowly opens her eyes and says "alright" so she rises up and sets rose on her back then we wake everyone else up and set out.

It doesn't take us long to get back to the west pack but once we get their we are greeted by everyone and welcomed back and life returns to normal.

(Epilogue) 2 years later of living peacefully in jasper the west pack doing its normal routine of us omegas and alphas log sledding every now and then but other then that nothing really happened for us unless you count zack marrying ashley and they are living happily the rest I do not know how their lives are going for some reason but anyways I'm getting off track here life is just simple now until a couple of of wolves from the northern pack one whso name is fleet and seems Claudette and him have gotten close but…..

Kate says "Michael we get its over" amber says "yea just give it a rest Michael" I say "alright alright anything for you amber" she smiles and says "thank you and Michael guess what?" I say "what?" she says "I love you" I say "love you too" I then say "hey come on we got to go on the alpha hunting trip" so all of the alphas including us and the alphas in my family which are zack and angel head off to catch up but the omegas in the pack stay behind and the omegas in my family are brandon and faith but while we are all gone they are teaching the pups of the pack new tricks and survival tips.