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Caroline's thoughts have been haunted

by mischievous smirks and gorgeous blue eyes.

Will her torment ever end?

Will a push in the right direction reveal her true heart's desire?


Set in Mystic Falls after 5x11. Katherine did die, don't hate me.

The meeting in the woods with Klaus never happened.

Tyler did return to MF.

Air scented of autumn swirled leaves stroked with various shades of yellows and reds across the concrete payment. A slight, steady hum reached her ears as if trees whined in protest against the early October air. Gloomy skies, shaded a light charcoal gray colored the day. The ancient, dilapidated picnic table cleverly hidden by the woods on her backyard had been her safe haven since she could remember. Until now. Thanks mom. With an exasperated sigh, she finally, although very hesitantly, felt inclined to break the comfort of silence and address her closest confidant.

"I…" she spoke, unsure and barely above a whisper. Trembling fingers pulled and tugged at the hemline of her navy blue cardigan. Blue… she thought, such an appealing color, although stormy sea blue of an endless mischievous depth is more of my favorite. I wonder if-

A friendly, worried voice forced her back to reality.

"Yes…? You've been an open book to me for years now, Caroline. Don't pull away now," he said, concerned forest green eyes searching her blue ones.

"Besides," he added, with a side smile that crinkled his eyes with amusement, "if I can handle control freaks on crack with a very low tolerance for murdering bunnies, this, whatever it is that's been in your mind, should be a piece of cake now."

"Hey! It's not funny Salvatore!" exclaimed Caroline, pointing her index finger at him accusingly and pushing at his vibrating chest as he guffawed and doubled over himself. He was suddenly suddenly on the floor, leading her to believe she might've packed just a little too much force in her shoves but one look at his still guffawing face and well… he'd earned it.

She perched herself up on top of the concrete table where Stefan was sitting a couple of seconds ago, crossing her arms indignantly over her chest and trying to glare disapprovingly at him. Failing, of course, as her smile cracked ever so shyly over her serious facade.

"Damn you, Salvatore," she huffed, hiding her smile.

He was already up, dusting a few stray leaves off his hero hair. It was likely, she thought often, that he conditioned more frequently than she did. With laughing eyes, he straightened up and raised his hands to his sides meaning peace as he cautiously approached her. Now standing directly in front of her, Stefan broke into a huge grin. It was so unlike his broody-self, as Damon called it, but this friendship, which arose unexpectedly, brought out a different side of him. He could be careless and fun if he so desired to, and laugh even in times when Mystic Falls seemed to be on the edge of the abyss, in danger of being seized by the newest malevolent supernatural creature. Or he could talk. About long lost love and the meaning of eternal existence over a few bottles of bourbon. Or over tequila shots, depending on their mood. Laughs and shoulders to cry on. That was them.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Stefan said, "but it did get you to smile, didn't it?"

That huge boyish grin was too contagious and so it now appeared plastered across Caroline's face. Flopping down on the attached bench parallel to the table, he laid down and folded his arms behind head before looking up at her. All playfulness was gone when he spoke again, his voice soothing and full of worry. "Caroline, what is going on with you?"

She moved to speak but he held a hand in the air, indicating he wasn't done.

"Tyler's unexpected return to town has left you confused… it's been difficult, that much is obvious. The tension whenever you too are in the same room is almost unbearable. But.. it is not your responsibility to mend him together again. Yeah, he's had it tough but haven't we all? Worry about yourself, you are allowed come first. And although I'm sure that goes against your every helping bone, it is true. You've been shutting everyone out and we miss you," he sat up, deep in thought, before continuing, "Breakups are tough, only time will heal the scars. Look at Elena and I, for example, things are still awkward after so long…" He broke off with a sigh and that faraway look in his eyes that only appeared when he spoke of Elena.

You deserve a happy ending, even among the constant chaos in our crazy lives, she pained tone of Stefan's voice sobered her up and she managed to crawl out of her misery and sit alert. Sure, this was clearly her Dr. Phil session but it had become second nature to her to secure her friends well-being. Smoothing the roughness of a situation with comfort and her award-winning planning and organization skills was her expertise. Neurotic control freak days do come in handy.

Turning to face Stefan, who seemed composed now, she began, "I know you still love Ele-"

"Stop," he interjected, "don't avoid the topic Forbes. This is your session, we either talk about it or talk about it. Your choice." Her exasperated look was hard to miss. Smugly, he crossed his arms, giving her his very intent look and even adding the arched eyebrow.

"Did anyone ever tell you you can be as much of an infuriating ass as Damon sometimes?"

"Well, I've heard siblings do tend to share certain character traits. You know, biology and psychology and all," he waved off her comment. "Now get on with it Forbes."

"Fine..." she pouted like a child.

Despite the cool air and the nonexistent sun upon her skin, perspiration suddenly made her hands slippery as she clasped and unclasped them. Finally, she ran them down her jean-clad legs before opting for burying her face in them and babbling out in one breath,


She slumped down, out of breath, suddenly unable to meet Stefan's gaze as he turned towards her. He'll have me committed to an asylum with people with invisible friends and wannabe Jesus's for sure. Great. Play it cool. Maybe I'll be allowed a cat or puppy. Do vampires have pets? I've alw-

"What did you say? Your mumbling is even incoherent for a vampire, Care."

Time to put my big girl panties on.

Straightening her back, she raised her eyes to his, chewing on the inside of her cheek to avoid abusing her lip. "I said," she began, "that Tyler is not worrying me. I mean, he is. Restoring our friendship has been nearly impossible. I almost doubt it's possible. It's just not what this is about."

Confusion knitted Stefan's brows. "What could have you this worried then? You've been distant… not only from me, but from...everyone," he said at last, urging her on.

Holding his gaze, she went on, "It's Klaus, Stefan. Klaus. The big, bad hybrid. The one whose whims we've forcibly bowed down to and acceded to out of fear. The one who plagued this town, bringing death to too many. He's narcissistic and ruthless and unforgivable and yet…" she broke off, trembling, her teeth clattering. She gulped, fighting back unexplainable tears and continued, her voice much less audible, as if confessing her most wicked sins, which she supposed she was.

"And yet… all those times, distracting him, allowed me glimpses of something else. Something I yearn to see… He was different, more human. I thought he only wanted to bed me, crossing me off his list of challenges. But… God, I'm such an idiot but he really seem to care. For me. Unlike any other guy I've been with. Why him? Why did I have to-" Her words died on her lips. Could I say it out loud? she mused internally.

Stefan had moved closer to her, putting an arm around her and rubbing her back soothingly. Listening to her. Being her shoulder to cry on to, no matter how mentally unstable she thought she sounded. How can I be falling for the forbidden? She shut her eyes, begging whichever higher power there was to make this mess go away. But it didn't.

"The worst part," she muttered, "is that I liked it. I still do. I miss him…I- "

Burying her face into Stefan's chest, she shed tears of frustration and confusion she'd been holding back for so many months.

When she finally managed to extract herself from his arms, she noticed the dark stains of her tears on his brown t-shirt. I'll buy him a new one. That one is so last season and even has a hole.

She offered him a weak smile.

"How do you feel?" he smiled right back.

"Better. Thanks Dr. Phil," she joked, dabbing at her eyes and dearly hoping her dramatic monologue hadn't ruined her makeup. Nothing's less appealing than mascara tear-stains with a side of puffy red eyes. In truth, she was still waiting for Stefan's response, gnawing again at her cheek. Patiently, she waited.

"So…All this time you've been daydreaming about shacking it up with Klaus?" he asked, trying and failing to hide his amusement. "Not judging, of course. Everyone has their own kinky fantasies."

Unable to hide her surprise, Caroline sat there, frozen. He talked with a lightest tone, betraying the mood of their previous conversation. What dimension am I in? she thought, What happened to broody Stefan? Did an alien take his place? She stared at him, stupefied. Most importantly, why isn't the world coming down? I did just confessed to my inner demons.

Seeing her inner conflict reflected in her eyes, Stefan cleared his throat and spoke softly, "What were you expecting Caroline, for me to scold you and remind you what a monster Klaus is?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "You're Stefan Salvatore, designated driver when I'm drunk. My conscience. Broody and calm, level-headed. Knows right from wrong. Makes right choices. Blah blah blah. So why aren't you screaming at me?" She'd been moving her arms, using crazy gestures to fully make her point and now she sat, crossing her arms like a child.

Stefan exhaled slowly, running his hands through his hair, pulling at it to prevent from actually yelling at Caroline. A sheet of colder air embraced them as the last rays of sunlight gleamed a dull orange over the horizon.

"Look at me Caroline."

She did. Reluctantly.

"I could sit here and try to undo that blindfold you insist on wearing, because you're clearly not seeing things as they are," he began, enunciating every word slowly. Purposely. "Bottom line is, we're all monsters. Some by choice, others by force. And when you live forever, you're bound to royally screw up. I've killed viciously, too. I wasn't a ripper. I am a ripper. And I'll live with that fault for the rest of my immortal existence. I've simply learned to control it better. But honestly, who are we to judge Klaus when we've been just as horrible? I'm in no way defending him, just being fair. Damon has taken innocent lives. So has Elena. And You..."

He trailed off, laying back on the cool tabletop. Caroline was back to gnawing at her lip, wrapping her arms across herself to shield from the brisk wind. Stefan closed his eyes and continued,

"And you simply have a right to be happy. Like I said, you are allowed to come first. Get what you want, even if it's the big, bad original. If you believe his humanity is still there, who knows, maybe you'll bring it out of him."

Caroline thought back to his last words. He's your first love, he had said, I intend to be your last. However long it takes. He'd sealed that promise with an innocent kiss to her cheek and she had hoped, in vain, that it was dark enough to hide her tell-tale blush. If he was a monster, he wouldn't speak of love. Ahh, who am I kidding? He slowly won me over with smooth words and mischievous eyes.

Stefan laughed nervously and added, "Besides, after sleeping with Katherine I'm in no position to be judgmental. You have my blessing and whatnot."

He opened one eye and Caroline made a puking face.

"Honestly, I thought that was just ewww."

Grinning up at her, he said, "Exactly. That's why we're friends. We support each other's choices, even if we're internally vomiting at the repulsive thought."

She nudged him gently on the side and they burst out laughing.

As the wind ruffled his hair, Stefan hastily finished his text before hitting send. Of all people, they ought to understand, he thought. Or at least he hoped. Searching through his contact list, he slowed down his pace before dialing.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, mate? I admit, I'm surprised the Mystic Falls gang survived this long without requesting my services once again," a slurred voice answered.

Great, I'll have to deal with his drunken arrogant ass, Stefan thought, pulling at his hair. At least Damon had provided him plenty of practice in that department.

This is for you, Caroline.

Stefan cleared his throat before speaking.

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