This idea came to me while talking to a friend. It's completely silly and I'm loving it so much already. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Characters not mine! But the story is!


Her head was pounding and she wanted to go home. But Ruby had been so giddy and happy, pouncing around and telling her she found that great new club, women only, and Emma pinched her nose imagining what might happen later.

Probably some cheap strip show with men who weren't really that good looking and screeching women who would make her headache even worse.

The strobe light was hurting her eyes and she reached for her cocktail, taking a huge sip as she stared at the women dancing on the floor, hoping this night might be over sooner than later.

"It's almost time." Ruby shouted into her ear, slipping on the stool beside her and Emma rolled her eyes.

"Time for what?"

"The show of course."

Emma contemplated to just flee the scene and make up an excuse for Ruby later but then the music stopped and Ruby dug her fingers into her arm as a voice came over the speaker.

"And now, welcome to the party … Mr. Killian Jones, the kilted stripper."

She almost hit her head against the table.

Kilt? Really?

God, she was hoping he wasn't one of those strippers who weren't suited to strip in public at all, with their belly almost hanging over the belt and fat wobbling everywhere. She didn't think she could deal with that right now.

She didn't even look up at the stage as she heard the first screeches, women freaking out all around her, making her cringe.

"Oh my God!" Ruby's breathless whisper directly beside her ear made her head snap up.

Oh my God, indeed.

Her mouth literally fell open as she stared at the vision in front of her. Sculpted chest, the exact right amount of sculpted, hair fanning out over his chest and sizzling out down his stomach, disappearing behind the kilt.

Dark hair, blue eyes and scruff …

Fuck my life!