Screeching and laughing echoed over the beach, the campfire burned bright and hot, the smoke wafting through the air and she inhaled deeply, her heart swelling with happiness.

They did make it. Maybe against all odds. But four years later they were still together. Still going strong. Of course the road had been bumpy. They did break up two years ago, over a silly fight. But they hadn't even been able to stay away from each other for two weeks. But they were still together now, still deliriously happy.

Ian was racing over the beach, David plucking him off the ground and throwing him over his shoulder. Regina's two year old daughter Daphne was tumbling through the sand, crashing to the ground, and her lips were wobbling for a second before she suddenly turned and smashed her hands into the sand, screeching with delight when the sand was flying through the air and covering her.

Emma smiled. The grin pulling up her lips as she watched the scene in front of her.

She had gone back to the house to make fresh lemonade, but when she had come out she had just needed to sit down for a second on the porch swing and watch them all.

She was happy. So happy.

Tears bricked the back of her eyes, blurring her vision, and she chuckled, wiping away the tears. It was silly to cry. Silly to cry because she was so happy.

"Can you hold him for a sec, Emma. I need to rescue Daphne before she buries herself in the sand."

A bundle was thrust into her arms and she closed her hands instinctively, looking down at the face peeking out of the blanket. Jason was blinking up at her, confused for a moment to see a foreign face before he popped his thumb into his mouth and suckled, his eyes dropping shut, and new emotions washed over her.

"That was fast."

His voice made her jerk a little, but she smiled at him as he sat down beside her and throwing an arm around her. His fingers stroked over Jasons' fingers, and she could see his face split up into a huge grin as Jason opened his hand and wrapped his tiny fingers around Killian's.

"I want one."

She didn't know where it came from. No, actually she did know where it came from. She had thought about it often, but never thought the timing was right. But she wanted a child. She wanted a child with him.

"Want what?" He asked, tilting his head and meeting her eyes, the grin still playing over his lips.

She looked down at Jason, and up again, and his smile faltered, his eyes going round, his arm tightening around her, and his voice was hoarse, raspy with emotion as he croaked out. "You want a child? With me?"

"No. With Robin." She joked, and rolled her eyes.

But her heart was beating frantically in her chest as she watched him, afraid of his reaction. What if he didn't want children? They never actually talked about it. But he was a natural with children. They loved him all, and she had always assumed that some day … but maybe she was wrong … maybe …

"God, Emma." His mouth was on hers a second later, his lips pressing hard on hers. "I would love to have a child with you."

She gave him a shaky smile, her hand coming up to cup his face. "You would?"

"Yes. A thousand times yes."

"Good." She full out grinned now, and Killian jumped up, leaning down and taking Jason carefully out of her arms.

"Just need to give him back to his parents."

She looked after him as he hurried down the steps and over the lawn, giving Jason to his mother before turning around and almost running back to her. He pulled her up on her feet and down the stairs, his fingers wrapped firmly around hers.

"Where are we going?"


"Practicing?" She asked dumbfounded almost falling over her own feet as he dragged her towards their own cottage.

"Well, we can't expect it to happen at the first try. Especially considering your advanced age."

She smacked her free hand against his chest but he just grinned like a maniac, and suddenly he leaned down and wrapped his arm around her thighs, pulling her off the ground and throwing her over his shoulder.

"Killian, let me down."

"Not until I have you where I want you."

"I can walk."

But he didn't budge, carrying her all the way to their cottage, only letting her down when they reached the bedroom and he could throw her on the bed.

She was giggling, like some twelve year old school girl as he bounced on the bed with her, the giggles getting stuck in her throat as he suddenly stilled beside her, his eyes turning into this stormy gray they always changed into when he was about to do very wicked things with her, and her heart stuttered in her chest.

God, she loved him.

And when his mouth crashed down on hers, and his hands started to roam over her body, eliciting fires over her whole body, she could only wish that they would never get tired of practicing.

The End

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