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Guardian Angel
Chapter One

"I've been waiting for you, I really need you...."

"Huh? What? I have no time for this.." Leon looked around, walking in a darkened room.

"I've been waiting for this moment all my life....this is the right time."

"Claire....? Hey, is that you?" frowned Leon, confused of the environment surrounding him.

"Some things aren't as they seem, maybe I can fulfill all your deep and darkest desires, ....Leon...."

"Leon? Leon.....wake up. For me? Please? C'mon...."

"Don't wake up.....this simple temptation can surely give you something worthwhile."

"Leon! This is the third time this week! Please for once wake up without me having to punch you..."

A voice was finally recognized. It was obvious to Leon it was someone dear to him, maybe if he came back to reality and realized what was happening right now...

"Where am I....." Leon said, slowly opening his eyes, waking up from his sleep, but afterwards sitting up.
"Nightmares again, huh, Leon?" smiled Claire, who sat by Leon's bedside.

"Oh? Uhh....yeah, Claire, sorry about that," his eyes were meeting Claire's, and smiled deeply at her.

"Well, don't worry about it. At least you woke up..."

Those two have been going out for almost eight months. It was quite a shock that they even had given the chance of dating each other. Once before, Leon's heart was lost with Ada, and Claire's heart was lost with Steve's. Surprisingly, the sudden common things they had shared brought the two together.

Claire gave Leon a quick kiss on the lips and made her way out of the room. Continuously smiling, Leon got up and stretched a bit. Never giving an actual thought of it, Leon actually found happiness in Claire.

Many people had actually said that things wouldn't work out between Leon and Claire, because their personalities were simply too different, but whoever had said those kind of phrases were wrong. Something was actually working out between the two, and then everything was history.

Sitting down quietly, lounging in the living room, Claire just started reading a magazine on fashion and beauty. She had lost her image as a 'tomboy' ever since getting into a relationship with Leon, because spending time with Leon made life somewhat easier for Claire, knowing someone loved you, no matter what, through the good times and bad.

'I wonder what's the plan for today. Oh yeah, Chris's birthday. Leon better come downstairs as soon as possible, I don't want to be late and disappoint my brother,' Claire thought, putting down the magazine, afterwards sighing.

Hearing the sound of the shower being turned on upstairs, Claire sighed once again, getting even more disappointed by the very thought of being late.

"For once could you wake up early or even on time, Kennedy?" said Claire, keeping it to herself.

Simply crossing her arms, Claire sat back comfortably, afterwards slowly closing her eyes. She had so many things in mind, but all of a sudden one thing came across. Maybe something familiar was coming to set her free from all the wrong doing that was being taken place.

Walking continuously in circles. No where to go. If this was real, how come it appears you wind up arriving back at the place you had just came from. Her eyes started scanning where she was.

A field of flowers. It was weird. White roses, without thorns, and had no harm. She saw doves, and the young children. Pure innocence, playing little games that everyone always remembered as a child. Smiling, Claire started wishing she was a child again.

Pure light continued to shine from above. Deep blue skies with clouds that were white, pure as the wings of a dove. It was a sign of something positive in her life, maybe Claire had done something right without knowing at all, regardless or not she had fear.

Maybe, all this time ever since dealing with the undead, Claire thought that holding a gun and using it on anything, dead or alive, could lead you to purgatory, or even hell. Surprising enough, that wasn't happening at the moment. It seemed as if something unrealistic was happening, being in heaven, instead of somewhere you belong.

"The angels are watching over me, but....how come?" her words softly spoken.

"If only my questions were answered....maybe, this is my answer?" Claire held a white rose that had thorns.

She pricked her finger on the stem of the rose, and then looked at her finger. No sign of blood, and no pain.

"Unbelieveable....this has to be my answer. Is there a God? There must be....he watches over me."

"Angels of God are actually protecting me all along. I never want to live in misery, like before...."

Leon lightly shook Claire, hoping to wake her up from slumber. Sighing, Leon starting thinking it was no use.

After taking a shower, Leon managed to find Claire dozing off into her own little world. Opening her eyes, Claire yawned a bit, then afterwards looked at her watch. Her eyes widened, and Leon knew what Claire was now going to say.

"Hey, we got to go to dinner with my brother," stated Claire, who was smiling, "It's his birthday."
"Okay, you got the card and everything?" Leon helped Claire up, lending a hand.

"Yep, got it, and remember that Chris told me not to ride my bike anymore since it isn't good for my new reformed feminine self. Anyway, I find myself better off driving a car," Claire giggled a bit, afterwards waving Chris's birthday card.

"Well, let's get going then, shall we? Unless you want to disappoint your bro and get kicked in the ass. Too bad he doesn't spoil you," grinned Leon, adding a wink.

"Ahh, I can never disappoint Chris, or he'll kill me. Well Leon, let's go," laughed Claire, who winked back.

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