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Was Steve's presence real? Was he really there with Claire? Maybe not..unless a confrontation may help answer questions that had been lingering in Claire's mind.

Guardian Angel
Final Chapter - Reasons

Claire had awaken from her horrifying dreams. Looking around herself, she felt a strange breeze. The window was open. Once closing the window, Claire had then immediately turned on the light and stared at herself in the mirror. That dreams and fantasies of being with Leon was only..in Claire's imagination. After turning off the light and putting her hair up in a ponytail, she stepped over a sleeping Chris, who was on the floor. While walking to the kitchen, a faded figure stood behind Claire, which had made her gasp.

"Are you for real?" Claire raised her eyebrow, turning on the light, and looking on at Steve.
"If that's what you believe, well, yeah, maybe I am," Steve grinned.

"You look the same to me, you sound the same too, hmm, why are you here anyway?" Claire asked in confusion, immediately sitting down on a chair.

"Let's just say I'm watching over you, every move you make, every action you take--"

Claire interrupted, "Even when I'm using the bathroom, taking a shower, or changing my clothes?"
"Well, with the exception of that of course," Steve replied.

"You know, I loved you Steve, but you died. There was nothing I could do, now..I have feelings for Leon. My brother and I see him at least once a week, and we receive phone calls from him a couple of times," said Claire.

"Hmm, so you get all girlie and giggly every time you hear or confront him?" said Steve.

"Well, yeah, if you want to put it in that way, yeah, I do," smiled Claire, "you know, it's great to have someone to talk to....you being an angel and all, even though it's so not fucking believable."

"Claire, I'm only here because you believed. You had believed that I was still a part of you. Heh, I know in the beginning you didn't like me because of my attitude and how arrogant I was, but hey, that's just me. Anyway, all I suggest is that stay out of trouble, and get that Leon that you like, then it'll all be good, alright?" Steve placed his hand over Claire's.

Claire stared at their hands, and stared off, smiling. Afterwards, she then looked up at Steve, and nodded in agreement. There was something in Steve's eyes. Something about them reminded Claire to follow her heart, not go after her desires. Steve touched Claire's face and nodded, then faded away. Claire quietly said a goodbye once seeing him go. Thinking for a few minutes, she then realized that maybe Steve could've been a manipulation of her own imagination, unless there could be a sign. Is there a sign?

Getting up and walking straight to the refrigerator, she then noticed her brother was awake.

"You're up early, huh Claire?" said Chris, sitting down on a chair, and yawning a bit.
"Is it me, or does your breath stink?" replied Claire, who then opened the fridge for a glass of orange juice.
"Haha, very funny," Chris shook his head in disbelief of his younger sister's morning mood swings.

"Well, whatever, anyway, what's our plan for the day? It's a weekend, you know, and of course, we have nothing to do," Claire said, drinking her orange juice.

"Leon wanted to talk to you, that's all I know, and I'll be, going out later," Chris smiled to himself.
"Uh huh, you finally asked Jill out, huh? After all these years, now you ask her," Claire laughed.

"Well, it's better than to stall around, anyway, I'll be taking a shower," Chris stood up from sitting up and went to his room.

"Whatever..," Claire sighed to herself.

After drinking her juice, Claire went in the living room and sat down on the couch. Once noticing the bathroom was being unoccupied, Claire took a shower immediately after Chris. Once drying herself up and getting in some comfortable clothing, the doorbell rang.
Answering the door, Chris then let the calm Leon walk in. Leon, being the cop that he is, had time off for the weekend. For each and every weekend that he had gotten a chance to visit the Redfields, he had gotten closer to Claire. It wasn't that Leon didn't get aroused every time being Claire, it was that, he truly cared for Claire. Leon didn't know if he loved her as a significant other, or just a friend, but it sooner or later it was time to find out.

Claire hugged Leon, "hey."
"Hey, ready to go?" Leon smiled, looking back.

Claire nodded, feeling her heart flutter, staring back.

"Uhh, yeah, you two, go, okay? Bye!" Chris rudely said, pushing the two out and shutting the door, sighing.

Walking in the kitchen, Chris noticed a cloth of some sort. Blue with yellow text. Taking a closer glimpse of it, Chris couldn't understand what it had said. Picking up the cloth, he looked at it closer. It read the exact numbers, 267. Putting the cloth safely away in a drawer, he then heard noise, turning around, he then saw another sign. A white feather. All making Chris confused, he just shrugged to himself, and then called Jill about their later plans.


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