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A/N - This is my first fanfic, so please be kind. ________________________________________________________________________ *Human thoughts* -snake speech- Phoenix speech Dragon speech [Unicorn speech] Gryffindor Wolf speech ________________________________________________________________________ Title: Harry potter and the Silver Phoenix Chapter 1: Gaining of Powers

This summer had been the worst for Harry Potter, The- Boy-Who-Lived. He had nightmares of the third task every night. He saw it again and again, and when he didn't have them he had dreams or visions of Voldemort. The dreams made it so that he only had a hour of sleep each night.

* Not that I deserve sleep* he thought dully to himself. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was 11:52. Eight minutes away from turning 15. For some reason Harry felt slightly afraid, but also incredibly anxious about this birthday. At exactly 12 a bright light flashed and Harry found himself in a cloudy place with 5 people that he did not recognize.

The man in the middle seemed so old and wise that Dumbledore would have to be almost considered a baby next to this man. He wore dark blue robes with light sky blue lines flashing across at random spots. He had white hair and beard and had blues eyes that resembled Dumbledore's. He also seemed to radiate power even more then his companions. To his left was a middle aged man with green and silver robes. He had blond hair and green eyes exactly like Harry's. He was holding the hand of the lady next to him. She had yellow robes though and had pale skin, blue eyes, and light brownish blond hair. On the right side of the old man were a young couple. They seemed just as powerful as the other two, but all fell short of producing the power of the man in the middle. The young man wore scarlet and gold robes and had Harry's black flyaway hair. He also had chocolate brown eyes and tanned skin. The woman's whose hand he was holding had black hair with blond streaks and wore violet robes. Also light blue eyes with a darker almost violet ring around the outside. Harry felt so weak and insignificant in front of these powerful mysterious figures.

"Hello Silver Phoenix, our heir" They all said at once leaving Harry to try and figure out what a silver Phoenix was and if it related to him at all. Finally Harry couldn't take it anymore and so said, "Excuse me sir but who are all of you?" The group of five smiled at this knowing that fame would never corrupt this innocent who had gone through so much and grown up much to quickly. He was still trusting and humble, polite and honest, brave and desiring to help. This boy who had been pushed into a world where everyone knew his story and wanted to be him still wanted to be ignored by all but his friends. He was all that had been prophesized and more. He was Harry Potter.

"I am Merlin and the man and woman on my right are Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw Gryffindor. The man and woman on my right are Salazer Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff Slytherin." Harry began to feel faint, he was standing in front of the five most powerful wizards and witches. They had called him their heir.

Godric now spoke up saying "We are going to transfer our knowledge to you, it will probably hurt a little bit. After we do this you will go back to your bedroom, there will be a few changes and we will have left gifts" So saying all five put a hand on Harry's head. Each ones hand flashed their color, Harry screamed. It didn't just hurt a little bit, it hurt a lot. He felt like his head was being pushed and pulled and burned as did the rest of his body.