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Summery: Harry finds new powers and begins to discover who he really is.

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Title: Harry Potter and the Silver Phoenix

Chapter: Shocks all around

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Harry just stood there in shock not knowing what to say or do. The king and Queen smiled knowing that the boy had just received an enormous shock. They wished with all their heart however to be able to understand this boy and his life, for this boy was the last remaining Potter. Gently the Queen took Harry Potter's hand and led him into the castle knowing that he wasn't paying attention to what was going on around him, he was too caught up in the world inside his head. They took him to the dinning room knowing that it was noon and that the poor boy had to be hungry.

In the room there were four other elves sitting at the table, two of them were girls and they were talking and laughing together. The other two were guys and they sat next to the girls hands on their swords wearing serious expressions. As Harry and the elves walked in they were immediately noticed by the two male elves but the females continued to talk.

The queen smiled at the sight of her two daughters and said, "Aritina, Sasina I would like you to meet Harry Potter. Harry these are my daughters Aritina and Sasina and their body guards Shadow and Panther." Aritina was beautiful with her gold and silver hair, a mixture of her mother and father. She had pale skin, shimmering eyes that seemed to constantly change color, and a tall slender body. Sasina was just as beautiful with her white hair, big purple eyes, and the same tall slender body. Panther who was Sasina's body guard was as tall as the king with light brown hair bright blue eyes and a body that screamed danger. Shadow who was Aritina's bodyguard had dark black hair like what Harry had, dark black eyes, the same pale skin, and the same tall dangerous body as well as a disinterested stance that everyone knew to be fake.

Shadow stood close to Aritina, closer then Panther stood to Sasina at any rate making Harry wonder if there was something going on between the two. Everyone else knew that something was going on between the two, although even they didn't know exactly what it was.

They all sat down to eat, and talk. Harry told about what was going on in the world at that time, while the elves talked about their history and how they lived. Harry felt comfortable among the elves who didn't expect him to be or do anything but be himself. In return they did not put up fronts which he was eternally grateful. Harry found the elves refreshingly trusting and friendly compared to humans. Especially now with Voldemort, Harry didn't have to worry about the elves being death eaters or wanting to kill him. It was refreshing.

Towards the end of lunch the King spoke saying, "Harry I know that this is a lot to ask but we wish for our daughters to be introduced into the human world so that they may understand it a little bit more. Of course Shadow and Panther would have to go as well but I was wondering if it would be possible for them to go to Hogwarts so that they could learn magic as well."

"Sure I guess, although I do not know just how safe the human world is now that Voldemort has returned to power." Harry said hesitantly not wanting to get either princess hurt, but especially Sasina. He had been talking to the younger daughter and felt a peculiar closeness with her that he had never felt before. They understood each other in the way people expected things from them.