Author's note: It's a Veela fix, but different from anything you have probably read before

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Dear my angel Harrison,

If your reading this now it means your father and I are dead and you have just finished your first year at Hogwarts, it also means you are most likely living a lie. I will not allow my son to be manipulated by the wizarding world as your father and I have been.

I hope that the truths in this letter will allow you to live the life you are meant to live. I suppose Albus Dumbledore placed you with Petunia and her pig of a husband, even though we never wanted you anywhere near them, if that is the case then I am sorry. Petunia was always jealous of my abilities and eventually hated me for my gifts. I hope this letter will work to get you away from the muggles and to a place where you will be loved.

The first thing you must know is that you, Harrison, are not a wizard, at least for the most part, you are Veela. I am full Veela and you're father is also mostly Veela, though it is not known by most. Your father is a descendant of the house of Potter, a well-known pureblood family. However, it stopped being a pureblood family when his great-great-great grandfather fell in love and married a Veela girl, since then every male Potter has married a Veela. I was adopted after I was taken from my family, and for a long time I knew nothing of my origins.

Ever since I was little I had known I was different, when I was seven I almost burned down the house, when I was nine I noticed I was fluent in French and then Spanish with out ever having learned the languages, and when I was ten I met Severus Snape. He taught me of magic and told me I was a witch. However, when I got to school I realized some of what I could do wasn't normal for a witch or wizard. It was James, your father, who told me of the Veela and about his own heritage. He and another friend helped me gain control over my abilities. If it hadn't been for them the entire school would have known I was a Veela when my allure kicked in. With the help of James and Severus I was able to make a paternity potion to reveal my true parentage.

What I found shocked me. You're father had taught me of the Veela nation and when I saw the names of my parents... I recognized them Philip and Adaline and Maxine Beaulieu, and they are the prince and princess of the Veela. I am the missing royal Veela heir, stolen from my family shortly after my birth.

I was confused and angry, sad and weary. I didn't want to be a princess; I wanted to go back to being Lily Rose Evans, or maybe one day Lily Rose Potter. I put off meeting my family and telling them the truth, scared of my responsibilities and what the discovery meant for my future, what it meant for my relationship with James. I loved you're father and couldn't bare the thought of loosing him. Eventually, the decision was taken out of my hands when a person I believed to be a good friend, Peter Pettigrew, betrayed your father and I by telling Dumbledore of my true identity.

I have no doubt that you have met Albus Dumbledore by now Harrison and I have no doubt in my mind that he has already began trying to manipulate you and mold you into his pawn. He forced your father and I to work for the Order of the Phoenix, the vigilante organization that fought Lord Voldemort. Though we had no love for the Dark Lord, we had never wanted to fight, especially not when we had a baby to care for and protect. Dumbledore used blackmail, threats and eventually began hurting the ones we cared for. When he went after our friends, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, we were forced to give in.

As the heir of the Veela I have powers Dumbledore wants to use and I am sure he will try to use you as well. There is no doubt in my mind that you are powerful my angel I felt it in you the first time I held you, you must not allow Dumbledore to control your life. As I write this to you, your father and I are being forced into hiding. He says he's going to put our location under the Fidelius Charm with Peter, the traitor, as our secret keeper (like we're supposed to trust that rat). Lord Voldemort has discovered your father and I are responsible for many of the victories the order of the phoenix has achieved. Whether he wants to use us as Dumbledore has or kill us I do not know.

I am frightened though and now Dumbledore wants us to bind your magic and place a powerful glamour on you. I don't know why, but I suspect he wants to hide your true potential. If I am dead than I have no doubt your powers have been bound and your Veela beauty has been hidden.

Harry, you must find Severus Snape. If you cannot find him look for Remus Lupin or Sirius Black. As a last resort try to find the Malfoy family, they like the Potter family are part Veela and will protect you. If you find Severus, give him this letter (Severus, I love you as a brother and you will always have a place in my heart. I forgive you for what happened. Please I need you to undo the binding and glamour Dumbledore had no doubt put on Harrison and take Harrison to his grandparents, it isn't safe for him to live in the wizarding world, in a place where he doesn't belong. The Veela nation and its royal family must remain neutral in all wars and Dumbledore's manipulating of us must come to an end).

Harrison please stay safe, your father and I love you more than anything. Find your grandparents and tell them I am sorry I never revealed myself to them.


Your mother, Lily Rose Potter