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Chapter 5

Harry slowly woke to feel a tingling in his body and he quickly realized his magic was not as it once was. He felt power rippling through his very core and quickly opened his eyes. He suddenly felt too energetic. He needed to get out of bed and move around.

Before he could move, however, he heard a loud bang, voices. People were yelling at each other and then there was an inhuman screech. Frightened, Harry didn't know what to do.

Hearing voices and the stomping of boots that echoed all around, Harry found himself holding tight to his bed covers…waiting.

And then his bedroom door flew open and Harry's grip tightened on his sheets as he found himself staring at a bird like creature that looked to be in an obvious rage. Harry's breath caught in his throat as he stared at the creature before him.

Then another figure entered the room and though the man before him also looked to be furious, his face softened when he spotted Harry. "Maxine, obtenir vous-meme votre effrayer le garcon (Maxine get a hold of yourself your scaring the boy)." The man stated calmly.

"J'ai…je n'ai pas peur (I…I'm not scared)," Harry managed to squeak out.

Author's note: from here on out I will not differentiate between French and English.

"You speak French do you?" The man asked in a soothing voice.

"Um…I guess…I mean yeah," Harry stated finally.

"My name is Andre and this is my friend Maxine," looking back at the creature, Harry was surprised that it wasn't a creature anymore, but a man. Then he remembered what he had learned about Veela being able to turn into bird-like creatures.

"Andre…it's him, I can smell him. The wizards were telling the truth. He's beautiful…and he looks just like the family. Look at his eyes they look just like grandmother's and…and he has Uncle Philip's nose and mouth and Aunt Adaline's complexion," Maxine whispered to Andre in quick French.

Andre nodded his agreement with Philip and slowly walked over to Harry. "Is your name Harry?" The man asked Harry.

"Yeah," Harry replied.

"Harry, me and Maxine here are family and we're here to take you home. I promise we won't hurt you, but we need you to come with us, okay?" The man asked as he walked closer still. Harry looked from one man to the other unsure.

"What about Professor Snape and the Malfoy's?" Harry asked. He remembered what Professor Snape had said about the Veela and the possibility they might kill when they found out what happened. Even though he didn't really like Professor Snape, he and the Malfoy's had helped him and Harry didn't want any of them to get hurt.

"The Malfoy's are fine…if you wish Mr. Malfoy and his son may accompany us back to the Veela Nation. We are very thankful to them for returning you. As for your professor…I am sure he will be fine. Though he should have informed us of your location long ago," at Andre's last comment Maxine growled.

"Now, Harry it is time for us to leave," before Harry could say anything else, Andre moved to him, gathered Harry up into his arms and picked him up. People really needed to start realizing he was big enough to walk, first Lucius Malfoy, then Narcissa, and now this guy. The man cradled him gently to his chest even goings as far as to rub Harry's back in soothing circles.

For some reason, Harry felt completely at ease in Andre's arms…safe and protected. He found himself unconsciously snuggling deeper into the man's arms, burying his face in the man's chest.

Maxine chuckled from somewhere behind Harry, "It seems our cousin has already taken a liking to you Andre."

"Of course he likes me, you idiot, he can smell my scent," Harry couldn't help but feel a little irritated that they were talking about him when he was right there, but decided to ignore his irritation in favor of breathing in Andre's scent.

He didn't know what had come over him and guessed it had something to do with his magic being unbound. Everything around him seemed so much clearer. He could now smell those around him and his skin tickled with the magic around him. It was all so new and disconcerting…he found himself looking for something familiar…and even though he had never met Andre, he smelled familiar. Andre said it was because he was somehow Harry's family…his cousin, according to Maxine. Harry found he didn't much care as long as he could stay close to Andre.

"But why can he smell us. I thought they said his magic was bound…something about some old coot being a manipulative ass."

"Well if you had actually listened instead of losing your temper you would have heard them say they unbound his magic. I suppose they were hoping it might appease us and the rest of the family."

Maxine snorted, "of course I lost my temper that greasy git knew about Lily and Harry and only just thought to bring him to us. Some wizard killed our cousin! Anyway nothing will stop the queen from seeking vengeance; she will not be appeased so easily. Perhaps her wrath would not be too substantial if Lily had been found alive, but not now that she is dead at the hands of a wizard and definitely not after the wizards knowingly tried to hide her son from us. At the very least that Dumbledore fool is as good as dead, as well as, anyone who tries to get in her way. If the wizards are smart and want to save their skins they will hand over the old goat and pray the Queen does not wish to start a war."

"Yes, I agree, but let us not talk about this now. This is not an appropriate conversation for little ears, isn't that right Harry?" Andre asked and Harry smiled into Andre's robe, thankful they were finally acknowledging his presence though he was worried about what he had heard. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel about the whole situation. He didn't want anyone starting a war because of him, though at the same time he thought Dumbledore would deserve whatever he got.

"My ears aren't little," Harry finally stated, deciding do avoid mentioning how he felt about the conversation.

"No?" Andre asked smiling down at him as he continued to make his way around the huge Malfoy manor.

"No…I'm bigger than you think. I'll be twelve in two months," Harry stated proudly.

"Ahh…then I suppose I better put the big boy down and let him walk?" Andre asking with a knowing gleam in his eyes and made to put Harry down.

"No!" Harry squeaked, he didn't know why, but he wanted to be carried for some reason…he liked the feeling of being enveloped by Andre's scent. He found himself wrapping his arms tightly around Andre's neck and burying his face in the man's shoulder.

Both Andre and Maxine laughed loudly, "so not so big after all?" Maxine asked as he gently stroked Harry's jet-black locks.

Harry blushed and buried his face further into Andre's shoulder. For a few minutes they walked in silence and then Harry looked up at Andre curious, "are you really my cousin?" He asked the man.

"Yup, so is Maxine over here…well technically you're our first cousin once removed or something. I'm the son of your great uncle Damien and great aunt Lacy, if that helps."

"Oh okay. Um…why do you smell good?" Harry asked, blushing a little as he asked.

Both Maxine and Andre laughed again, "it's a Veela thing. It's your body's way of telling you that I'm family and as such I will protect you. I can also smell your scent as well. Your scent lets me know you are one of my family's young and need to be protected, which is probably why I feel the need to hold you and why you feel the need to be held."

"Oh…okay," Harry burrowed his head back into Andre's shoulder.

"Ah…finally we're here. I was beginning to hate this manor that was a ten minute walk at least and this place is like some sort of maze," Maxine grumbled as he made his way into the living room Harry remembered from when he first got to Malfoy manor.

Inside he found all the Malfoys and a very irritable looking Snape, who had a large ice bag pressed to his face. Harry smiled over at them, he was truly thankful to them for all they did for him, but stopped when he noticed the expression on Mrs. Malfoy's face. She had a dreamy dazed expression on her face and she was staring at him.

Harry couldn't help feeling incredibly uncomfortable and found himself once again burying his face in Andre's shoulder and holding on to him tightly.

"It's alright Harry, she's just affected by your allure, and she won't hurt you. It would seem your allure is particularly strong already, especially considering your age, but don't worry, in time you will learn to control it." Harry nodded his understanding, but kept his face in his cousin's shoulder. He knew he was being silly, but he couldn't help it.

"Well…Mr. Malfoy, on behalf of the Veela royal family, I would like to extent our deepest gratitude. I'm sure the Queen would be happy to see you again if you and your son would like to accompany us back to the castle. Your wife is also welcome, but I suggest that she not come along unless you have something that will work to suppress the Veela allure. There are many children in the castle who have not yet learned to control their allures and their parents will not take kindly to an outsider who is… umm…so affected by them. Mr. Snape, while I will not apologize for my brother's behavior, I would never the less like to that you for finally helping to reunite Harry with his family. When the time comes I will speak for you with my grandmother."

"Well…we best be going," Maxine said clapping his hands together. "Mr. Malfoy, will you be joining us? I'm sure you're mother would be happy to see you again. She sounded a little annoyed that you haven't brought her only grandson to see her in over a year," Maxine stated with a small smirk, which only grew when he saw Lucius grimace at that thought of facing his mother's ire.

"Yes, my son and I will be happy to accompany you. Would you like to use the floo or—"

"We have a several port keys. They just need to be activated," Maxine fumbled around in his pockets, "a here they are," Maxine help out two gold discs for the group to see. "Here Mr. Malfoy," Maxine handed Lucius one of the gold discs, "just tap it with your wand and say portis to activate it. Though I suggest you wait for us before you use it, the guards don't take well to strangers in the castle."

"Wait!" Harry shouted, just remembering, "what about my things?" He asked Andre. "And Hedwig?"

Andre smiled at Harry and kissed the top of his head, "don't worry, Mr. Malfoy has already sent you're owl and your possessions ahead…Now Harry have you ever used a port key before?" Andre asked his cousin, as he carefully placed Harry on the ground. Harry looked up at his cousin and shook his head no. "Well then this will be a new experience for you," Maxine commented with a cheeky grin.

Harry was starting to feel nervous, he wasn't sure he wanted a new experience. "It'll be fine kiddo. Just hold onto my hand and touch the port key." Harry grabbed Andre's hand tightly and then nervously reached forward and touched the port key.

Maxine muttered, "portis," and the next thing he knew he was spinning around and around in mid air. He found himself clutching tighter than ever onto Andre's hand.

"Okay Harry on the count of three you're going to let go of the port key okay," Harry nodded his head in understanding, even though he was completely terrified. "One…two…three," Harry let go of the port key and then just like that it was over and Harry had been transported into the garden of a huge castle. He tried to land on his feet put ended up falling down, flat on his bum.