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Chapter 1 : Arrival! Cedric! Edward!


"Harry, I am following with these three stooges as well," Luna said when I told her of my decision about moving to Italy to escape England. I was not surprised at all after all that we had been through together. "Yep. You are not leaving us behind," the twins and Neville chorused after Luna, smiling at me. I did understand that the twins were having trouble with their family and Neville was dealing with his grandmother's passing after his own parents in St Mungos.

I was Harry James Potter and a vampire that would remain seventeen forever. Luna stood by me even after knowing that I was changed together with the twins, Neville, Sirius and Severus. Even Remus turned away from me and he was a werewolf to begin with. With the wizarding world turning away from me after all my sacrifice, I decided to turn to Volturi, the coven of royal vampire in Italy. They accepted me since the one turned me was Aro, himself. Truthfully, he did not know that Voldemort used his venom to turn me and he regretted giving help to Voldemort.

Luna had half veela blood in her, so the vampire post no harm towards her and Neville, Luna's mate after the war, was wizard, therefore, his blood possess no taste to the vampire as well. The twins were infected with werewolf's genes in turn making them repelling all sort of vampire as they were bitten by Fenrir Greyblack before the full moon. Their family, Wealsey, had always despised of the dark and rejected thoroughly-Bill, their eldest son, was being ignored completely as he also ignored Molly's wish when he married Fleur. He migrated with Fleur and their few months old daughter to France when they realized that they were no longer welcome in Burrow. Sirius and Severus mended their rivalry after helping each other in the war. Apparently, according to Luna, they had this silly rivalry because they had a tiny crush on each other which in responses they thought that it was hatred. Sirius moved to one of the Blacks' house in Italy when the war was over and he invited me as well. Sirius took Severus with him to organize the house for everyone to stay and bought everything necessary. The Volturi extended their welcome to me when they heard of the news and Aro deemed himself to be my sire or Father.

Sirius did not mind as he knew that I wanted to have a family and he appreciated Aro's help with the Italy's ministry. "Sure. The portkey is ready and Sirius and Severus already waiting for us," I replied as all five of us grabbed the portkey shaped like a bottle and with a whirl, we landed at the Volturi's main ball room in front of dozen of vampires. "Bambi, I am so sorry. I keyed in the portkey when I was discussing with Aro and Severus," Sirius' voice boomed when he banged the door opened, followed by Severus. All of the vampires winced at the loudness but most of them were staring at us. One of the vampires was protecting a girl, human, with his protective stance. His hair was messy but it had an unusual bronze shade and topaz eyes with the structure of 6'2", and a slender but muscular body. Behind him was a pixie-like vampire with an unusual high tension of energy. Aro glided towards me and helped to me to stand.

"How was the transfer? Any trouble with the dunderheads?" Severus sneered at the mention of 'dunderheads' and I shook my head, amused with his antics. "Harry, welcome. I am sorry. Currently, we have some visitors from another vegetarian clan. We were about to talk before you arrive," Aro answered my curiosity when I scanned across the three figures. The girl was confused with our sudden appearance and the pixie-like vampire was giving a blank face. "I see. They must be the Cullens that you talked about. Harry, what's wrong?" Luna said with her usual airy voice and I gasped in shock when I realized the bronze haired vampire looked the same as Cedric Diggory that died in my fourth year.

I backed up to the wall and the twins were trying to calm me down. They knew I had some feeling for Cedric since I did not know my sexual orientation then and I thought I was having a crush on Cho Chang. Tears were falling down my cheeks rapidly, Sirius clung to me as Severus poured the sleeping draught into my mouth and Aro was confused. Slowly, everything went black as my consciousness faded.

**(EDRWAD's POV)**

The boy was beautiful. He was a vampire and Aro liked him. He had the most amazing emerald eyes. I was shock when he could cry even though he was a vampire. I could not read his mind clearly as though there was a thick layer of curtain in between. The identical twins with slight dog smell quickly rushed towards him to protect him from me. The guy with midnight black hair poured some liquid into his mouth and the other guy was hugging him as though he was his life line.

"I am so sorry. He is somehow similar looking to one of our fallen heroes. That particular person had a short relationship with Harry before he perished in front of him," the guy in black hair answered Aro's confused look as the twins carefully held Harry up into their arms with Sirius hovering around them.

"Oh! I see! That is a bit awkward. Of course, please take your rest as I am sure that all of you are tired," Aro quickly called Felix and Demetri to show them their room as Felix was being very careful when he took Harry in his arms from the twins.

"Now, Edward! Would you like to stay for a couple of days with Alice while this human girl will be taking a flight home?" Aro's eyes were scrutinizing Bella as he asked us the questions. Bella frowned but Alice decided to take Bella home while the whole family would be coming here for a few days. The guy in black hair did something with his stick when Bella was screeching badly about 'not being fair'.

"Merlin, she has the lungs of a banshee. I am sorry for the interruption. Aro, I would like to borrow your library for a moment since I need something to do while waiting for Harry," He apologized for his action without consent and Aro waved him off when he asked for permission.

"Edward, please have a seat. If you need to feed, please ask for Severus. He will be supplying blood pops that taste like animal for Harry, so, I don't think he mind if your family ask for some," Aro guided me to a living room with several couch and a huge fireplace while he informed me about my food as the guy just walked out of the room. Aro pointed to the guy that left just now when I cocked my head in question.

"Who are they? They smell differently and somehow, had a layer of curtain in their mind," I asked politely when both of us took a seat, facing each other since I just escaped from doom, indirectly from Aro. Alec and Marcus joined us before Aro began his explanation.

"I heard Harry is here. The little one has suffered so much that his emotions was wandering about just now," Marcus sighed deeply and Alec stood next to Aro as he took his seat next to Aro.

"Yes. He has indeed suffered too much. Maybe, now he can finally have some time for himself," Aro replied with some sadness in his tone which was very rare and Alec nodded together with the two of them. Alec was thinking that he would protect Harry with everything he got and he felt brotherly feeling towards him with Jane.

"Edward, you need to understand. Harry was a wizard who had powerful forces that pursued him. He was once unharmed by any darkness, so pure and innocent. People became greedy with power and fame as well as wealth and they clung to him for such things. But he never complained or even muttered before. He continued his duty as Savior and the Boy Who Lived," Aro explained carefully by phrasing his words without offending any parties involved.

"He was only a baby when he lost his parents to a powerful enemy, transfer to mortal world who totally despised his existence and abused by his relatives, verbally and physically. He appeared in magical world with a sudden incident and crowned a savior without any warning. He was only eleven then and still retained that heart of gold even with his relatives," Marcus continued as Aro was pulled back into the memories he saw from Harry.

"He had to save and risk his life every year for different person but never for himself except for third year when he meet Sirius, the other elder guy with him earlier. He was offered hope but ripped away by people who plot and people who want. When he was fourteen, he had his first crush which he only known few months before the love was perished into his enemy hand. Severus tried hard to protect him but people often lost their heart when it comes to power," Marcus gave Harry's life in detail and somehow, Aro's mind was exploring the same memories that I was overwhelmed with.

"He nearly lost Sirius when he was fifteen and at the same year, mockery, insults and torture was thrown at him by classmates, friends, family and public. He was deemed liar by public because an incompetent ministry but he never gave up his view. He was drugged to fall in love with a girl his headmaster planned but his love for Cedric was strong enough to repel. He left sixth year and returned at the seventh to finish his enemy. He was captured by the headmaster when he won without his help and tortured with all sorts of device. Lastly, before the headmaster killed him, he gave Harry MY VENOM. HOW DARE HIM HURTING A CHILD!" Aro screamed off his anger and Alec, Marcus was surprised. Obviously, I was stunned at the outburst as well.

"Severus saved him and transported him to the Ministry but everyone turned on him when they found out their savior is a vampire. Then, he decided to move from there and here he came. The headmaster and his accomplices were doomed to a life of pain and suffering without magic to help as the new minister decided this for Harry's honor and sacrifice by revealing some of their deepest, horrifying secrets. In return, Harry chooses to get away from England," Marcus continued while Aro was ranting about evil goat and all sorts of torture in whisper of anger.

The door opened by Severus and behind him was Felix, carrying Harry in his arms. Harry was sobbing and his emerald eyes were emitting sadness. Felix put him down slowly and Aro fleeted to his side. Harry was hugged by Aro-an action that surprised everyone (but then he was in a way, his sire).

"What's wrong, little one?" Aro asked with sincere concern in his voice and his amber eyes were looking into Harry's emerald green.

"I feel you are upset and angry, Sire. I am afraid for you," Harry replied with sobbing every now and then. Aro sighed in both relief and annoyed-relief because Harry was fine and annoyed because he never knew that a vampire could feel their sire's emotion.

"This is possible. Considering that we have never know the true extend of his power when he was a wizard. He might be empathy or more since he was turned. We still do not know his vampire power," Severus concluded from the amount information he collected and Aro nodded dumbly as he caressed Harry's hair.

Aro was consumed by both and Harry's thoughts as he stood there for a while with Harry in his arms. Marcus caught the sight of Harry falling asleep and called Felix to take Harry back to his room. Aro let go of his grip and Marcus invited Severus to join their discussion. Severus took a seat next to my side since it was the only available seat left that was not in middle of Aro, Marcus and Alec.

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