It was dark in the lounge-room of his apartment, the windows closed against the cool winter breeze and the curtains drawn against the pale moonlight. Despite the cool air, Emmet made his way to the couch, grunting as his wounds pulled when he sat down. His broken arm was held against his chest in its sling and he leaned against the side of the couch, head resting against the cool wall.

The cold seeped through his flimsy blue and white striped pajamas, biting at his skin and he shivered, still refusing to go back to bed where Lucy slept, wrapped warmly in her dark pajamas and the thick blue blanket they shared.

Emmet closed his eyes, fatigue washing over him almost instantly. It had been just under a week since he had left the hospital and since then he had gotten very little sleep, the smirking face and pained filled memories haunting him as he slept.

He hadn't slept that night; finding himself tossing and turning and disrupting Lucy as she slept. So he had, instead, left the bed and made way for the couch, curling into the side of the furniture as his mind refused to let him sleep.

He stifled a yawn behind his hand, blinking rapidly before he squeezed his eyes shut.

Suddenly, his arm was under Ra's' foot again, the heel twisting and pressing down until his bone snapped. Emmet's arm filled with a burning pain as the memory burst before his eyes.

It shifted to when he had disobeyed, the unknown Guard's knee repetitively slamming into his gut, his gasps coming out wet and desperate.

Emmet tore himself to the present day, stumbling and almost falling off of his couch, fear filling his gut and washing over his entire figure, twisting his insides painfully. He felt a harsh sob rise through his throat, tearing painfully through his lips. His knees instinctively brought themselves up against his chest as his shoulders shook with the force of his sobs, his chin against his chest and forehead on his knees, broken arm cradled in between.

He sobbed until he couldn't any longer, his cheeks stained with tears and a heavy depression wrapped around his heart. He sniffled, raising his good hand to rub his eyes and nose.

The door to his bedroom was still closed and he cursed himself slightly for being loud, happy that he hadn't woken Lucy from her sleep. She needed sleep almost as much as he did.

He didn't close his eyes again, reaching for the TV remote instead and turning it on. Old reruns of Where Are My Pants filled the screen and he blinked instead of laughing, almost incapable of letting the sweet sound leave his throat.

Lucy woke early that morning to find him staring blankly at the screen, no emotion on his face and his good hand loosely holding the TV remote. He didn't say anything when she knelt on the couch beside him, running a hand through the back of his hair against his neck gently.

"Didn't sleep?" she whispered her question so she didn't startle him and Emmet seemed to stir from his stupor.


Lucy leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss against his temple, feeling the all too familiar stiffen that was his body's reaction to being touched before getting back to her feet, "I know you don't like being alone, but I have to attend the Master Builder meeting... Do you want come?" there was no mistaking the hope in her tone.

But Emmet shut her down, hesitating slightly before he shook his head, bringing his knees up against his chest once more, "No. I'll stay home."

Lucy didn't argue, but changed into a new version of her beloved hood and pants before leaving her boyfriend home alone against her better judgment.

Benny was almost shouting his space story when she arrived. MetalBeard was leaning against the wall next to him, UniKitty curled up on the ground before him and Batman was standing off to the side with his arms crossed against his chest.

"Anyway, so right then he kamikazes- Lucy! Hello!" Benny gave an enthusiastic wave and she smiled back, making her way over to the four Master Builders.

"Girlie, how are ye?" MetalBeard nodded her way, and she shrugged.

"I'm okay, I guess. Thanks."

"And the kid?" an unwelcomed silence hung in the air between the group at Batman's question, all eyes on Lucy's for an answer.

She hesitated before answering, "He didn't sleep last night; he has nightmares constantly when he does."

"Poor Emmet. I'm sure he'll getter though!" UniKitty pranced to her feet, smiling at Lucy through the heavy tension.

Lucy smiled back, "Thanks UniKitty. Let's get this meeting over with, I need to get back to him anyway."

The group merely gave solemn nods of understanding.

"- by doing so, Middle Zealand will further prosper in future years," Gandalf spoke in a dull, droning voice that made time seem longer then it was. Only a few, determined Master Builders listened with true interest.

"I would also like to question the whereabouts of the Special, given he was recently let out of hospital, it would make sense for his return to these meetings."

Lucy sat up suddenly, glaring down at the age old wizard with a daring glare, "And why, Gandalf, do you deem that a wise decision?"

"He is the Special. Without him, we will seem weak, penetrable. This leaves us vulnerable to attack-"

"Emmet is in pain. He's not mentally stable either; it'd do him worse than good to bring him back so soon," Lucy got to her feet, almost daring Gandalf to challenge her.

"We need to look at the big picture child; Emmet needs to come back-"

"He can't! He doesn't sleep and when he does he has nightmares! I'm the only one that can touch him without pushing him into a full blown panic attack!"

"I never said any of us would touch him Lucy!"

"The added stress of coming back would take its toll on him Gandalf!"

"Alrighty, that be enough!" MetalBeard pushed his way into the centre of the room. "Gandalf, ye be knowin' full well that the lad can't be returning! Girlie, what do ye suggest we do about it? "

Gandalf bristled in anger, clutching his staff firmly and glaring up at the large pirate.

"I- I don't know. He just needs time to heal," her voice came out softer then she intended.

"I say we give Emmet time. If you want, there's a gunslinger in the Old West who also works as a Chinese doctor's assistant, we could ask him for something to help Emmet sleep?" Wonder Woman stood from her own chair, carefully watching the people around her.

"Thank you Wonder Woman, but Emmet's determined to only take his pain medication and nothing else," Lucy nodded her thanks, and the fellow female nodded back.

"How about you go home Lucy? I'm sure Emmet needs you more the Gandalf's boring reports do!" Benny grinned as he floated upside down from his seat.

"Boring, why you-"

"Thanks Benny!" Lucy cut Gandalf off and made her way down the stairs and back towards the exit. "Do you want to see Emmet soon? I think he needs a guy friend."

Benny grinned and nodded enthusiastically as she left.

Emmet was in the shower when Lucy got home, and she knocked on the bathroom door to make sure he was okay. When his slightly pained voice echoed back to her that he was, indeed, okay, she took the time to relax.

When Emmet had finished his shower, wet hair pasted against his forehead and blue shirt in his hand, she pushed herself to her feet, grabbing the cream and bandages Emmet's doctor had instructed she use.

Emmet winced as she applied the cream, the burning sensation flaring across his chest from the stab wound centre. When she was done she wrapped the bandages around him tightly, finishing with gently sliding his plain shirt over his head and leading his broken arm back into its sling, a pained grunt leaving his lips.

When she was done Emmet leaned into her, and she realized just how clingy he was.

It killed her that she was the only one he allowed to touch him.

It was Emmet's fear stricken scream that tore Lucy from her cooking, her footsteps echoing as she bolted from the kitchen towards the couch where Emmet had previously fallen into a fitful sleep in her arms. She had placed him down, draped a thin blue blanket over his figure and left to make a late lunch, her own body tired after the long and boring Master Builder meeting.

She found Emmet thrashing on the couch, sobbing and pleading with the monster of his dreams to leave him alone as he swiped out with his uninjured arm.

"Emmet," Lucy fell to her knees beside him, gently laying a hand on Emmet's forehead, feeling him flinch behind her touch. Her other hand grabbed his flailing arm, forcing it down against his side in case he accidentally hit her.

"Emmet, it's me, it's Lucy," she rested her forehead on his shoulder and he whimpered loudly, body tensing as he was ripped from his nightmare and into reality, his eyes shooting open and staring at her wildly.

"L- Lucy?" he sobbed and scrambled to sit up, glancing around the room in fear as he tried to reassure himself that Ra's wasn't in the room and about to hurt him.

"It felt r- real," he sobbed harder, the tears freezing against his cheeks in the winter weather and Lucy scooted onto the couch, wrapped him up in her arms and laying down so he was curled into a ball on her chest. His tears turned the front of her hood damp and she closed her eyes, burying her face as best she could into his hair. He hadn't brushed it.

"Maybe you should talk to someo-"

"No!" the word tore from his throat and Lucy was quick to reassure him.

"It's okay, you don't have to. I'm here for you Em," she placed a kiss against his hair gently and let him continue to sob and whimper quietly into her chest, his body still tensed in fear.

It wasn't until someone knocked on her door softly that she excused herself, helping Emmet sit comfortably on the couch and handed him the remote. When she was sure he was okay - aside from the odd sniffle he'd make as he wiped his eyes - she made her way to the front door of the apartment and opened it with a curious expression.

"Good Cop?"

"Hiya! Is Emmet around?"

Lucy glanced into the lounge room at Emmet and gave a small nod, "He's- he's here."

Good Cop smiled, "We just dropped by to make sure everything was okay."

Lucy took the chance to look into Good Cop's eyes and smiled warmly at him suddenly, "Guys, it's not your fault that Ra's got to him a second time."

Good Cop's smiled faltered before he shook his head, "I know that but Bad... He still blames himself."

Lucy winced, "Try to convince him for me that it's not; he went through enough guilt after the Kragle incident."

Good smiled, "I'll try. So how is Emmet?"

Lucy sighed and shrugged, "Like a zombie; he doesn't sleep and rarely eats. He won't talk to someone either."

"He isn't... seeing someone?"

"He doesn't want to; he's too terrified of the idea."

Good gave a small, almost sad sigh, "Say 'Hi' for me, will you? We have to go back to work, we just dropped in on our way back from the coffee shop."

Lucy smiled and nodded before thanking him, closing the door quietly as he made his way down the stairs and away from Emmet's apartment. She sighed, pressing her back against the closed door and sinking to the ground.

She lied when Emmet asked her later if she had been crying.

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