It wasn't until long after they had finished eating and moved to the couch once more that Business finally arrived. The Business man looked tired when Lucy opened the door, the President blinking as though to stay awake.

Business gave a small nod of greeting when Lucy opened the door, "Sorry I'm a little later than originally planned; I got caught up at work. Can I come in?"

"Sure," Lucy stepped off to the side, holding the door open for Business to step through. She closed it after him and followed him into the lounge room, Emmet looking up and away from his conversation with Benny when they entered the room.

"Business, you came," he seemed almost relieved, almost as though he was worried that the President didn't care enough to show himself.

"Yes, Emmet, I did. And how are you?" Business stayed standing near the couch, Benny, Bruce and Emmet lounging on the couch while both UniKitty and Bad Cop sat on the floor before it. It was a merry gathering, despite circumstances, and Business was glad he had decided to come. Not that he'd admit that, of course.

Emmet gave a short laugh and Business, despite how short it really was, could still hear the ring of hope that shone through it, "Everyone asks me that when they first see me. I'm doing fine Business, thank you."'

The President gave another, short yet relieved nod, glancing to his left when Lucy came to stand beside him. Emmet turned his head back to Benny, the astronaut eager to return to their conversation. The President let then continue, instead arching his eyebrow as he looked down at Bruce.

"You look different Bruce Wayne," he smirked and Bruce sent him a glare.

"Shut it Mr. President," Bruce spat back, his slight dislike for the older man well known in his words.

From beside him, Emmet sent the Dark Knight a nervous look before Benny pulled him back into the conversation and Bruce forced himself to calm down, looking away and refusing to meeting the President's gaze once more. If there was anything Bruce was good at, it was holding grudges, and there was no way he would forgive the President for everything for a long time. Even if Emmet had already forgiven him.

Lucy, seemingly sensing the tense air between the two, quickly adverted Business' attention, striking up a conversation with the President about local warehouses. Bruce listened with partial interest, a little confused about why Lucy was asking about empty and available warehouses before he tuned them out, instead joining the other conversation the other four occupants of the room seemed enthralled in.

It wasn't an overly interesting conversation - Benny was telling one of his few space stories he seemed to be repeating endlessly - but Bruce found it far more interesting than a conversation about abandoned warehouses so he joined in, commenting whenever Benny paused a little, almost as though he were expecting a comment. UniKitty and Emmet were by far the most excited, the two sitting in absolute silence as they listened, UniKitty gasping in shock while Emmet gaped in wonder. Both Bruce and Bad Cop shared a small, mutual look of understanding between them, almost as though they were the older uncles at a get together watching while the kids told an exaggerated story about a movie they recently saw.

It was nice, Bruce decided, having a group of friends. Sure, he had the rest of the newly formed Justice League, but they were more allies than friends. And sure, he had both Richard and Alfred back at home, but the three of them were more family than anything. But the people around him, the rag tag group of people with different abilities and different mindsets, they were friends. They made life interesting, even if Benny did repeat the same five space stories, or MetalBeard only ever told his one 'tale of woe'. Even if Emmet did embarrass them with his oblivious comments, or Lucy snapped into a sarcastic sentence whenever someone set her off. Even if UniKitty was overly positive, or both Good Cop and Bad Cop had one of their off days that they spent holed up inside their house with nothing but their thoughts. They all had their quirks about them, something that made them them and, as Bruce looked around the room, taking in each and every one of them, he decided he was happy. And he was glad, more so than anything, that he had helped Lucy save Emmet the day Cloud Cuckoo Land was attacked rather than fend for himself like he had originally stated. Not that he would ever admit it though, because he was Batman and he had a reputation to uphold.

It wasn't until the front door was thrown open - Emmet jumped violently from beside him and refused to take his eyes off the archway leading to the entry hall - that Bruce was pulled out of his thoughts and he glared at the archway, noticing how rigid Emmet was.

"Whar' be t' party?"

There was no stopping the relieved look from blossoming across Emmet's face as MetalBeard rounded the corner, the pirate grinning wildly as he lay his eyes upon the mix matched group in the lounge room.

"MetalBeard!" Emmet said the name loudly, his voice slightly cheerful but still shaky as he grinned at the pirate and MetalBeard returned the grin with one of his own.

"Ahoy Emmet! How be you?" the pirate found the most open space he could in the room - even if the ceiling had been lifted, he was still a little wide for the room - and sat down as best as possible, carefully moving Planty off to the side so he didn't break the pot plant. Everyone knew how much that pot plant meant to Emmet.

"I'm fine, everyone asks me that though," Emmet looked like he wanted to shrink into the couch with all pairs of eyes on him. MetalBeard nodded thoughtfully at his response.

"That's easy t'believe after the last few months," he replied and Emmet only nodded before, rather impatiently, Benny continued his story.

MetalBeard decided on joining the conversation and both he and Benny together told a story that included lots and different varieties of ships. Both Bruce and Bad Cop continued to listen, occasionally sharing almost bemused looks as the four others talked and gasped in almost perfect sync. Both Business and Lucy had continued their conversation on warehouses.

A sharp knock brought everyone out of their respected conversation and Lucy excused herself. she returned moments later the blond hospital worker, his smile small as he entered the crowded living room. His smile only grew when he saw the large amount of people and he shared a knowing look with Lucy, the female's smile almost proud as she turned her gaze on Emmet, the Special almost blushing at the look on her face.

"Judging by the room I'd say you're starting to get better Emmet," Doctor Chris Blot walked towards the Special, weaving around the people in the room until he came to stand next to Emmet, the construction worker pushing himself up to his feet once again, wincing slightly.

"Yeah. I am," Emmet smiled softly, almost embarassed and Chris' grin widened.

"Don't be embarrassed. How about the two of us move to the kitchen before we come back in here?" Chris nodded towards the kitchen and Emmet nodded, his hands shaking slightly with nerves as he followed the Doctor into the kitchen. Lucy stayed behind, even though she looked like she wanted to follow, and didn't say anything, her head down as if she was listening to the conversation in the other room. The others started an awkward conversation of their own, all waiting with bated breath for Emmet to come back out an announce just how he was going.

Emmet leaned against the table slightly as he listed his shirt and jacket up and over his head - with some help from Chris to get his broken arm out - before, resting them atop the table while Chris attended to his stab wound. The doctor unwound the bandage, revealing the scabish, pink wound on the construction worker's stomach. He looked at it thoughtfully before asking Emmet to move a certain way, staring thoughtfully as he gently ran a glove finger over the wound. He smiled suddenly before straightening up.

"If you and Lucy keep attending to the wound as instructed, then everything should be fine," he smiled before motioning with his hand for Emmet to turn around. The Special did as he was old, shivering slightly when the gloved hands came into contact with his back. He had long, thin winding scars that were a fading pink from where he had been directly electrocuted.

"The same goes with these. They'll scar, for sure, but if you use the scream it won't be as visible," Chris waited for Emmet to turn back around before he took his broken arm and straightened it before bending it again slowly, watching carefully as Emmet winced once it reached it's limit. To the doctor's delight, it straightened further than it did at the last checkup.

"And your arm is healing well; within five weeks you'll be able to take this off," Chris smiled before he took his gloves off, slipping them into his jacket pocket. Emmet smiled at him, relief obvious on his features. They shared a happy smiled before Emmet lifted his shirt up off the table.

And Chris, feeling happy and relieved for his patient, nodded towards the loungeroom, "How about you go tell the others how things are going?"

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