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I hurried to finish up my work in the barn. Bella was coming home today, and she wouldn't be going back. She'd managed to sign up for online courses for January so, to my relief, she was coming back home to stay.

I sighed, home, well I wouldn't really consider her home until she was here, with me. In my house, wearing my ring, bearing my name.

She was having Alice pick her up from the airport and dropping her off with me first before going to Charlie's. I wanted to have some time with my girl before he stole her from me. She'd told him that her flight was landing an hour after it actually did, so he wouldn't worry when she didn't come home right away.

Though we were both fairly certain that he knew about us, we hadn't officially told him yet. We were going to be doing that at Christmas dinner. We were fairly certain that he wasn't going to be too upset. I knew he liked me, and he wanted to know that she was going to be taken care of, we all knew I was more than capable of doing that.

Finished up in the barn I washed my hands in the basin, and trudged back up to the rear of the house. I opened the kitchen door and stepped in, and holy shit. My jaw dropped.

Perched on the kitchen counter-legs slightly spread-wearing an outfit that was surely illegal, was Bella.

The bra was red, and fur trimmed, and the panties, I swallowed, the panties were… dear God they were crotchless. I could see every pink, glistening, glorious inch of her pussy. I wanted to devour it.

She smirked at me as I stalked toward her.

"Well now, this is a nice surprise." I said gripping her face in my hands and kissing her.

"Well, Santa told me you'd been exceptionally good this year. Do you like it?" she asked, toying with the fur on the cups of the bra.

I snorted out a laugh, "what's not to like, baby?" I trailed my nose up her neck to the spot behind her ear that made her squirm. Sucking on it lightly I used my hands to push her knees apart.

I glanced down at my hand as I trailed it up her thigh, toward the opening in the underwear. I purposefully avoided touching her center as I traced the edges of the panties with one finger. She moaned softly and wiggled to get my finger closer to where she obviously wanted it.

"Ah, ah, ah," I chastised lightly, moving my finger away "this is my present, I want to take my time unwrapping it."

I placed my hands on either side of her on the counter, and leaning in I licked her lips, I teased her mouth open with my tongue before plunging mine into her waiting mouth. I gripped her hips to keep her from grinding herself against me. It had been so long, I didn't want this to be over before it had even begun.

She gripped my hair in her hands and sucked on my tongue. I couldn't help the moan that escaped. I had to gain control of this situation. My resolve was fading fast. I wrenched my head away from hers, both of us panting for breath.

I picked her up off the counter and carried her over to the kitchen table. The counter was too high for what I had in mind. Placing her on the edge of the table I sat in the chair directly in front of her.

I glanced up at her face, pupils dilated with desire, and it took everything in me not to just strip myself naked, throw her back on the table and pound into her. I stood up slightly and leaned in, cupping her face in my hand I kissed her, softly, before pulling back and whispering "I love you."

I reached my hand behind her, removing the bra and nuzzled her breasts with my nose. Then I sat back down in the chair. She whimpered and squirmed when I pulled her legs apart, pulling the chair in so I didn't have to lean in too far, I placed her feet on each side of my hips.

I ran my nose up the length of her thigh, inhaling her scent as I got closer to the apex. I shuddered in anticipation. My girl reminded me of the sweetest peaches from Mrs. Clearwaters orchard.

Running my nose up the side seam of those panties I stuck my tongue out and lightly lapped at her clit. When she reached for my hair, I pulled back.

"I don't think so, baby," I told her smirking at the impatient look on her face, her bottom lip jutted out in the cutest little pout "in fact, lets give those hand something to do, hmm?"

I picked up her hands and after placing kisses and nipping softly at her wrists I placed her hands on her luscious tits "Why don't you play with those for me, baby, that way I can concentrate."

Once she was settled playing with her breasts, I sat back to watch her with a sigh. Bella certainly wasn't shy when it came to her body, I both loved and hated it. Loved it when she was with me, hated it when she was away and I had to worry about other fuckers looking at her glorious curves. But I didn't have to worry about that anymore, I reminded myself.

I watched her playing with her tits for a while before she became impatient with me, huffing and wiggling her ass against the edge of the table. Deciding she'd had enough teasing I leaned forward and inhaled her sweet scent again.

I could see what playing with herself was doing to her, the arousal evident, as it coated her pussy and I wanted it all. I lapped at her like a starving man. Hell I was starving, for her.

Watching her fondle herself pushed me right over the edge of sanity. I dove in, licking and sucking, lapping and nibbling. All the while my eyes stayed focused on her breasts, her face, the way her eyes and hips rolled.

I used my tongue to fuck her, the way I would with my finger or cock and she moan, gripping her tits tighter, her back arching, the walls of her pussy gripping my tongue. I groaned against her and she shuddered and whimpered.

I replaced my tongue with first one finger, then two, trusting in and out, in time with her undulating hips. I placed my tongue on her clit, flicking softly at first, then getting faster and faster. Her breath coming choppy, moans growing louder. Her walls fluttered around my fingers as I coaxed her orgasm out of her, me with a groan at the flood of her nectar on my tongue and fingers, her with a high-pitched sound I will remember if I'm ever in the shower alone.

Slowing my movement with my fingers and tongue, I brought her down softly. Removing my fingers from her I brought them to my lips where I licked and sucked every little bit of taste I could, moaning all the while. She tasted so sweet.

Just as she reached for my belt her phone rang in her purse, reaching across the table she opened her phone, eyes widening at what was displayed there.

"Hi, Dad, what's up?" she asked looking at me wide-eyed.

She listened to him for a minute before replying "Oh, shoot, I didn't realize I was late. Sorry, daddy. I stopped by Edward's. He's going to drive me home."

She glanced at me and I nodded before palming my erection and giving her a pointed look. She blushed.

"What was that, Dad?" she asked. "Oh, I… uh… I had to stop by and give Edward a Christmas cookie."

I choked.