Happy Birthday to the dearest Planetblue. I hope you enjoy your birthday... and a little New Year's Nookie!

The girl was trying to kill me. She knew her daddy was around here lurking. What in the hell did she think she was up too, dancing like that in front of me? I was about ten seconds from taking her and bending her over. Bar full of people be damned.

A hand clamps down on my shoulder, "Son, I think it's time you took our girl home. She's, ah… that's an interesting dance she's doing."

I turn and look at Charlie, he looks half amused, half embarrassed. I try to stifle my laugh, though from the look on his face I don't succeed.

"Sure Charlie," I tell him.

"Oh, and, ah, Edward?" he turns a bit red "She told me she was going to your place, and that I wasn't allowed to make a big deal about it because she's an adult."

I nod to him and make my way over to the table, Bella and Alice are up on top, grinding on each other in the most sinful way. Jasper's tongue is practically hanging out of his mouth. My dick is about to punch a hole in my pants.

"Bell? Hey Honey, come here." I gently take her hand and pull her more toward me then the middle of the table. "It's time to go, baby."

She hiccups, and it's adorable. She's got this flush to her skin, a combination of the Fireball she's been shooting and dancing with Alice. I can't wait to get her home.

"I don't wanna go yet," she pouts "They didn't do the counting."

"Come on, you," I grip her waist and pluck her down from the table "We can have our own little private countdown, just me and you."

Somehow the little vixen manages to slide her body straight down the front of me. I can tell the exact moment she realizes how worked up she's gotten me when she grinds herself against me and purrs "Ohhhhh, did you like the show?" Before hiccuping once again.

I kiss the side of her head, "I loved your dance, baby. But it's time for us to go."

I start to walk to the front door. Bella stumbling along, slightly behind me.

"HEY," Alice shouts from on top the table "Where you going? We were dancing."

"I'm going to have some New Years Nookie, Alice." Bella screams back.

The rest of the bar patrons catcall and whistle. Charlie grimaces from off to the side of us.

"Oh Daddy." Bella hiccups again "Don't look like that. You know Edward and I like to do it."

I cover her mouth with my hand "That's enough out of you for tonight, Sugar." I whisper the rest in her ear "Remember your Daddy doesn't like to hear about those things."

Her eyes shine up at me and she nods her head… before licking my hand. I remove it from her mouth and wipe it on my pants. I hoist her up in my arms and carry her out to the truck.

She's so drunk she can barely hold her head up, and she's intermittently giggling and hiccuping, while trying to sing.

I laugh and she pouts, "You laughing at me, Eddie?"

"Not at you, honey, with you."

She giggles again, before placing her head on my shoulder. Fuck, I hope she doesn't fall asleep before I can get her home.

I manage to wrangle her in the truck and get her seatbelt on. I close the door and hop in my side. I put the key in the ignition and the truck rumbles to life.

The radio comes on and Bella shrieks, clapping her hands, "I love this song!"

She sings along about the guy who wants to marry the girl but he thinks her dad is being rude to him.

"You gonna marry me, Eddie?" She asks out of the blue "Cause I don't think my Daddy will mind, I think my daddy loves you." She sings the o in love and hiccups her you.

I smile at her but say nothing. I've had the ring, and Charlie's permission for a while now. I wanted her to get settled back home and adjust to her schedule of online classes first.

We get back to my place and she insists on my carrying her into the house. She says it's because she loves the feel of my "big strong arms", I think it's more that she's just drunk and lazy, but because I love holding her, I oblige.

The front door is barely closed behind me when she pounces, causing me to stumble back into the door. She's frantically tearing at my shirt, my belt, anything she can get her hands on.

I think both of us are too impatient to even try and make it upstairs. I finally manage to capture her hands in one of mine, just to slow her down a little. I don't want her hurting herself.

Cupping her face in my hands I kiss her. Long, slow and deep. She moans into my mouth and grips the back of my head in her hands.

I take the opportunity to unbuckle my belt, and unzip my pants. I let them fall to the floor and kick them out of the way.

I turn her so she's the one pressed against the door, and hike her ridiculously small dress up over her hips. I don't even bother removing her underwear, I lift her off the floor, and pinning her against the door with my upper body, move her underwear to the side and slide into her.

With a groan from us both, I'm seated deep inside her warmth. Fuck, I wish I could live inside her.

I set a frantic pace that she matches, capturing her lips with mine once more. The noises we're making are almost animalistic and it reminds me of the first time I had her, in the barn. Who would have ever thought we'd get this far?

I slow my pace, whispering my love for her. Her legs tighten around my hips.

"I love you too, but please, please fuck me harder." she whimpers.

Always one to oblige my girl, I quicken my pace up again. Using my fingers to bring her closer to her release. She shudders and cries out, her walls fluttering around me. I moan into her neck before sucking on the skin there. It'll leave a mark, but she'll only be pissed for a couple of days. I think she secretly enjoys it when I mark her.

With a strangled cry she comes harder, clamping down on my shaft and I can't help but follow.

We're breathless, panting, me more than her.

I place my forehead against hers. I kiss her lips.

"Happy New Year's, baby."

She flops her head against my shoulder, mumbling into it.

I ask her what she said before her head snaps up and she covers her mouth with her hand. I know that face. I quickly remove myself from inside her and she stumbles to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

I can hear the sounds of her being sick. Gross. I shed the rest of my clothes before going into the kitchen getting her a glass of water and some Tylenol.

Once she emerges from the bathroom, looking sheepish, I make her drink her water and take the pills. I carry her upstairs to my bed.

The next day dawns bright, I must have forgotten to close the curtains.

When I roll over she moans from beside me, sitting up and gripping her head in her hands.

"Why did you let me drink so much last night?" she asks.

I laugh, "I couldn't stop you, baby. Once you had the Fireball it was game over."

She pouts "I didn't even get my New Year's nookie."

I bark a laugh that makes her clutch her head tighter and glare at me.

"You got it all right, honey, you don't remember the door?"

She smirks at me, "I thought that was a dream."

"Nope, it was real."