The Doctor is traveling with Rose and Martha and he's worried about how these two will get along; so worried in fact that he comes down with Time Lord Flu and is ordered by his intergalactic doctor to stay in bed. This means that while he's recovering Rose and Martha will be left alone with each other but they have made it clear to the Doctor that they have no hostilities what so ever towards one another. So the Doctor has nothing to worry about… right?

The Doctor groaned and struggled to rise out of bed only to have Martha pushing him back down again. "You stay put, Mister." "But I've got to get you home besides I'm fine." He lied; grabbing his stomach.

"Actually according to Dr. Pond you've got Time Lord Flu." Rose replied walking in. "Well, that certainly explains why the room is spinning." The Doctor groaned again, holding his head. Concerned Martha asked her. "Is there anything we can do?" Rose nodded. "He said the Doctor just needs plenty of sleep and fluids but we need to keep an eye on him and make sure this doesn't advance into Time Lord Pneumonia."

"I can't stay in bed." He protested trying to prop himself up. Rose crossed her arms and said. "Why not?" The Doctor frowned at them. "I don't trust you two." Martha scoffed. "Rose and I will be fine. What makes you think we can't get along?" "Easy, I know both of you." He said scowling. Rose sat on the bed, trying to reassure him. "Baby, we'll get along just fine I promise besides we'll be too busy taking care of you to notice anything else."

The Doctor eyed them both suspiciously but eventually conceded. "Alright, I'll trust you but only because I'm too sick to argue." He slowly rested his head back on the pillow but added before closing his eyes. "I'm counting on you both, play nice." Leaving Rose and Martha chuckled at his lack of confidence in them but the TARDIS's soothing hum was already predicting trouble.

"So where's the kitchen?" Rose asked after returning to the console. Martha looked at her strangely. "Seriously, you've been here longer than me and you don't know where the kitchen is?" "No, the Doctor and I never spent too much time in that room." Rose mischievously grinned. Restraining herself Martha cleared her throat and said. "Well don't worry I know where it is." Rose strolled behind unable to hear Martha mumbling obscenities under her breath.