A/N: Quick warning: This fic is based on the movie 'Call Me Crazy' with Brittany Snow. Meaning that it will be dealing with mental issues, such as schizophrenia, self-harm, depression, and suicide. I'm not claiming to be an expert on stuff like this, so I apologise if any of the information or anything is incorrect. I also suggest that you don't read this if you feel that these things will trigger you. Just to get that out of the way.

Call Me Crazy

Chloe drew in a breath, holding it in for a moment before exhaling it as she sat down, trying not to make eye contact with the other people sitting in the circle around her. There was a blonde girl sitting to the right of her, whose posture was suspiciously orthodox to say it was only a support group. Next to the blonde was a brunette girl, who was wearing a particularly – Chloe would called it – provocative blue t-shirt. Beside her was a butch, African American woman and the support leader, Janet. At the side of her were two boys, who looked like they were friends, but they could have been related too. And then on her left-hand-side was another brunette, this one a little smaller – petite, even – who was tapping her feet on the ground while biting her nails.

She looked to be staring off into space, her eyes glossed over as if she was daydreaming. Which, Chloe guessed, she probably was. She didn't particularly look like the type of person who would want to be here, but then again, who would want to be here?

"So is everybody here?"

The redhead looked around, noticing how nobody had answered Janet's question. The older woman didn't dwell on it though. Instead she just smiled to the group, and placed her hands on her knees as she leaned forward a little on her chair.

"So… why don't we start this session off by introducing ourselves?" Janet smiled, obviously trying to bring light to the situation. The redhead caught her eye, and she could tell that the older woman was helpless. So she took another deep breath and sat up in her chair.

"My name's Chloe." Everybody looked at her and she gulped. "Chloe Beale. I'm a, um... I go to law school... Well, I was-I went to law school."

"Chloe." Janet smiled at her, and the others all just looked at her with blank faces. She lowered her head, trying not to let her anxiety overtake her. These people were all in here for mostly the same reason, but she still couldn't help but feel intimidated by them all.

"Why are you here, Chloe?"

She looked up, feeling her heart start to beat faster in her chest.

"I, uh... I was-I'm… I-"

"-She's a schizo freak." The brunette boy – the one with the fluffy hair and puppy-dog face – interrupted with a smirk on his face, and the boy beside him snapped his head around to frown at him.

"Jesse!" he hissed with a glare, and the brunette boy just smirked.

"What? I saw them bring her in. She was all strapped down and screaming. Didn't you hear her? She looked like she-"

"-Jesse, I think that's enough." Janet snapped.

"Stop being an asshole and have some common decency."

Chloe turned her head to her left, seeing the small brunette beside her staring daggers at Jesse. Her foot was no longer tapping on the floor, but instead her legs were crossed on the chair, her fingers drumming on her knees.

She didn't know why this girl defended her, but she was thankful for it. Very thankful, in fact. She tried to send a smile her way, but the brunette wasn't looking at her.

"Now... who else?"

They went around the group introducing themselves. The blonde girl beside Chloe was named Aubrey, and she was here because of an eating disorder. She didn't explain much though, just that her father put so much pressure on her to be the perfect daughter and lawyer that it led to bulimia, and she's been in the hospital for a week.

The brunette girl beside Aubrey was named Stacie, who was here because of a class-A drug addiction. She started to sleep with men for money after that, to pay for the drugs, which is why she's here.

The African woman named Cynthia Rose was here because of a gambling addiction, which led her to doing drugs, and she had been here for two weeks, and was due to leave in another two weeks.

Jesse, who also apologised to Chloe for his outburst, admitted that he had multiple personality disorder, and he had been in for two months. Also mentioning that he's pretty sure he's not gonna get better.

And the boy next to him was named Benji, and he explained that he had Asperger's Syndrome. The only person who hadn't introduced themselves, was the brunette on the left of Chloe.

"Beca?" Janet said, looking at the brunette. "Do you want to introduce yourself?"


Jesse smirked at this, a goofy grin overtaking his face, and Janet frowned.

"I think you should introduce yourself for the people who don't know you." Janet said to her, and Beca let out a heavy breath of air.

"I'm Beca."


"Beca Mitchell."


"And I really don't wanna be here. Can we just… do the music thing? I wanna go do the music therapy. Can we do that, please?" The brunette went to stand up, but Janet held a hand up to her. She rolled her eyes as she sat back down cross-legged with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Beca, I think you should tell the others about yourself." Janet said after a beat of silence, immediately causing the brunette to clench her teeth.

"I don't want to."


The brunette shook her head, taking deep breaths as she rested her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands. Immediately, Chloe reached her arm out and tentatively placed it on Beca's thigh. The brunette snapped her head up and looked up at her with raised her eyebrows.

"It's okay." Chloe whispered, immediately retracting her arm afterwards. She looked around the group to see that they were all looking at her, as well as Beca, who she could feel staring a hole in the side of her head. She just put her head down again and stared at the floor, crossing her arms over her stomach as the session went on.

"Okay, so today-"

"-I tried to commit." The redhead's head shot up at the sound of Beca's small voice, which came out in a hoarse murmur. "It's why I came off my meds."

She looked at the brunette with weary eyes, but Beca just smiled awkwardly at her, averting her eyes to play with a stray piece of string hanging from her plaid shirt. The brunette looked upset, maybe even depressed – which was acceptable in a place like this – and Chloe couldn't help but feel for the young girl. That's if she was in fact younger than her. She didn't look very old, and Chloe found herself wanting to know why Beca would do that to herself.

Not wanting to push though, she watched Beca cross her legs on her chair again, and she gulped before whispering, "me too."

"I hear you. Ha! I know!" a sharp gasp echoed in the room. "I know! G-go! Flow. Joe! Joe? D-doe. Go!"

Chloe rubbed her eyes, trying to block out the sound of her roommate pacing the room, shouting things to herself and laughing. Her name was Jessica, and she was also schizophrenic, but hers was much worse than Chloe's. The redhead wanted to know why the hell they put her in a room with another schizo though, surely that wasn't one of the best ideas.

And truthfully, she was terrified. She knows what the disorder can do to people. She knows exactly what can happen when the voices get too loud. She just thanks God that she has an emergency button above her bed.

With another sigh, she pulled her comforter up over her head and squeezed her eyes shut, trying her hardest to block out the girl's voice.