Chapter 10: Fuji is being dragged unwilling into this mess.

Fuji staggers unsteadily on his feet. The reasons for this-- he is being forced into doing power running three legged race or whatever this is supposed to be.

He just wanted to stop already but he thinks Doumeki will go on dragging his poor exhausted body on the hard cold floor, so he tries hard to keep up with Doumeki. Kind of an impossible tasks but he manages it while gasping like he is just minutes away from the death door. Literally. He is dying of exaustion. Somebody please save him.

Doumeki who is busy chasing down Watanuki through the corridors, doesn't even realize the turmoil of Fuji. In fact, he is too focused on chasing the elusive ghost seeing boy to realize anything, Fuji thinks.


Doumeki clenched his fists. God, he can't believe that Watanuki is running away from him. Like he is one of the evil spirits always bothering or rather acurate trying to eat him.

"But you wanted to eat him, didn't you. A voice said eerily inside his head.

Doumeki swallowed his eyes are fixed on Watanuki's back, his long legs, his perfectly shaped and tone bbody, his long neck that is beaded with sweats.

Doumeki lets out a breathy pant, his breathing becomes rough and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is running at the moment.

"I do not." Doumeki denied vehemently. "Are you sure Doumeki-kun?" The voice said teasingly and more clearer this time.

Doumeki grits his teeth. The voice sounded sounded extremely familiar, to be specific it sounded like it belongs to Yuuko-san.


Fuji uses his palm to wipes away the sweats from his forehead. The sweats is dripping into his eyes and it stings like hell, which sucks a lot. Oh right? Do you know what else is sucks. His legs are starting to feel tired and he is pretty sure, they are going to cramp soon. Like he can feel his muscle stiffening. He didn't warm up enough for this fast speed chase.

He doesn't know how practicing a three legged run race for school festival with Doumeki becomes this..madness.

One minute they were practicing and suddenly they are chasing Watanuki-kun down the corridor.

Fuji had not expected that Watanuki to be.. so quick on his feet? It completely took him by suprise. Fuji feels bad that he is judging people by their outer appearance but really, Watanuki does not look, even a little bit athletic, what with that skinny body of his.

But he was wrong, he was so wrong.

Watanuki is so fast that Fuji thinks he should have joined the school track team. Maybe then their school track team would actually win the competition this year.

"Holy shit." Fuji curses as they round a corner at a neck breaking speed. He think his life just flash right in front of his eyes as he narrowly avoided running into a wall. He stares at Doumeki with his eyes wide open and frankly still in shock. Fuji is trying hard to convey his thoughts on their current ridiculous situation with his eyes alone since he doesn't think he is capable of speaking since he is almost wheezing from the lack of oxygen.

It was a waste of time because Doumeki seems to have his eyes only on Watanuki-kun.

Fuji stares disbelievingly at Watanuki-kun back. The boy is crazy fast. He wondered if Watanuki-kun runs everyday for fun.

Only if he knows that the boy super speed is hone by trying to run away for his life when chased by malicious spirits. The perhaps Fuji would understand.

"Stop chasing me", the boy huff angrily at them from over his shoulder. He also give them a scathing glares with brow furrow and face contorted.. weirdly? Fuji notices. Well okay, he shouldn't laugh. Fuji snorts and try his hardest not to laugh. Nothing about this is funny, he reminded himself. Laughing is only goingbto make this hurts worst for him. Besides, he is close to dying with all this running Doumeki is forcing on him. He just wishes the rope that tying his and Doumeki ankles together would snaps off and thus freeing him from this death marathon.

"Stop chasing me. You brute oaf." Watanuki screams at them and incredibly still keeping his crazy fast pace. Fuji gives him an awkward full teeth on display, toothpaste advertisment-kind of smile. Not that the boy notices because he had turn to face forward and picking up his pace. Again. Like is that even remotely possible. Fuji sweats pathetically as he tries his very damn best to keep up with Doumeki speed.

Is he dreaming? He must be dreaming. Why is he doing this?

Why does he had to be tied to Doumeki and chasing Doumeki love interest down the school corridor with him?


Everthing had started normal this morning he thinks. He bumps into Watanuki and the lovely Himawari-chan. He bids them good morning cheerily because they are Doumeki-kun friends. He had asked Watanuki about Doumeki-kun whereabout since the two of them are attached to the hips. The whole school knows that. Especially after their supposedly date picture has circulate around the school.

Fuji had legitimate reasons for asking Watanuki-kun, since he had stuff, important stuff regarding the school festival to relay to him.

The boy stares at him warily and didn't answer his question. Then the bell rings. So Fuji went to class. Thinking back Fuji realizes that maybe the reasons for Watanuki standoffish behavior this morning is because Doumeki and him had a fight? Fuji asses the current situation between the two of them and thinks, "yup they are definitely fighting"


"Stops chasing me", Watanuki screeched at them like a bashee. Fuji thinks his ears are ringing or maybe they are bleeding. Ha. Ha. He doesn't know anymore

Then stop running away. Fuji thinks.

"Don't run." Doumeki calls out grouchyly with an angry look on his face. Fuji flinches away from him. God help him. Doumeki is so scary sometimes.

Haah. The boy scoffs distaintly and continued running full speed ahead.

"Stop running away."Doumeki said angrily picking up their pace with vengeance.

Shit. Fuji thinks as he scrambles on his weakening legs trying to keep up.

"Ha. No. Never." The boy said and stick his tongue out at them childishly before speeding up even more. How is that even possible. Fuji stares disbelievingly at the boy's back.

God is Watanuki-kun aspiring to participate in the olympic or what. Fuji shakes his head.

"We need to talk." Doumeki said this time not as angrily.

Fuji commended Doumeki-kun for his effort in his mind. After all communication is the upmost important key in relationship after all.

"Haha." Watanuki laughs sarcastically. "No. There is nothing to talk. This is me Avoiding you."After what you did last night? Watanuki replied harshly.

"What did you do?" Fuji asked while slapping him on the chest, hard. Doumeki glares at the offending hand and the person that is attached to said hand. He stares at Fuji, he is too surprised to say anything.

More importantly, why is Fuji here? That question running through his mind.

"Well", Fuji taps his chest, non- gently and look at him expectantly like he is a pissed mother waiting for her child to admit his wrong doings.

He ignores the question of why Fuji is here by simply accepting that Fuji is here with them, plain simple. Doumeki focuses on the problems right in front of him.

"I did nothing." Doumeki replied after a short pause accompanied by shifty eyes. "Hah. You did something." Fuji acussed pointing a finger at Doumeki face. Which is rude by the way, Doumeki feel justify when he slapped that offending finger non to gently away from his face. Even as his cheeks blushed hotly from the accusation because he is caught-red handed by Fuji.

"Yes. He did." Watanuki said still running full speed ahead. He really need to stop because Fuji feels like he is getting closer to dying here but you know it is kind of exciting. He wants to know what have Doumeki done to deserve Watanuki's ire. The curiousity is killing him more that all this running.

"Can we all just stop and talk like mature adult-, Fuji frowned, - or mature highschool students? Fuji asked as he gasped for breath.

"No. Nope. Not stopping." I refuse to be alone -with him after what he did. The boy said blushing furiously.

"What did you do?" Fuji asked as he stares at him like he is a criminal. Doumeki gave him a shifty eye. He didn't do anything...much. Doumeki licks his dried lips. Watanuki is overeacting like he always did.

"Stupid. Stop." Doumeki growled and effectively avoids Fuji questions.


Fuji sighs and thinks really. "Are you serious? You call him stupid? You got no game Doumeki-kun. People don't call. Their love interest stupid. "

"Right, Watanuki-kun?" He stares ahead, and watanuki is gone leaving them behind in dusts.

"Woah, woah. Doumeki slow down", Fuji said as he is too being dragged unwillingly as Doumeki starts to run full speed.

Fuji stumbles over his feets and bump into the back on doumeki. Fuck that hurts alot and the boy is build like a brick wall.

Fuji watches open-mouthed as Doumeki grabbed the boy and pushes him into an empty, no longer used classroom. Doumeki then cornered the boy with his intimidating self until the boy's back hit the wall.

Fuji self-consciously looks behind them to see if there are eye witnesses. If someone reported them and if the teachers saw them it won't be good. Two boys cornering a shaken boy. God, Doumeki and him will look like a couple of bullies.