Shattered Glass

Heya turtle fans, and welcome to my latest fic, now I know a lot of you, especially those who love Raphael, are gonna hate me for writing this, but rest assured folks, this is one of those non-cannon stories.

I came up with the idea some time ago after writing 'Fury Within Her' and 'A Warrior's Journey' but I wasn't sure of a plot but I think I finally thought of one! :)

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

On with the show!

Chapter One

Follow the Leader

The City of New York was lit up brightly in the Moonlight and the buildings glowed in it's silvery beams without just the aid of the city lights.

It was like any other night in the Big Apple, the city that never slept. People were either going to work late or partygoers were hitting the streets to check out the many nightclubs.

On some of the highest buildings, two figures leapt over the gaps in the buildings and did many flips and jumps before landing on the other opposite.

Sometimes one would run ahead of the other only for the other to catch up and overtake, but then sometimes they would run together side by side.

All the while, the humans below paid no attention to the activity of the two figures above as they moved stealthily above them.

After a while they came to a stop by a large billboard and the lights above it revealed the figures to be two humanoid male turtles, both wore ninja masks over their eyes, one was blue and the other red, the blue one had twin katana swords on his back whilst the other carried twin sai.

As the two turtles approached the billboard, the blue masked one narrowed his eyes as he focused on the bullseye pattern on the billboard which was advertising a soft drink and drew his katana.

He then did a run then a flying leap at the billboard before stabbing the blade into the poster and did a backflip before checking his progress.

His face fell when he saw the sword had missed the bullseye, it was close enough, but he was disappointed that the blade hadn't hit the bullseye.

The red masked turtle soon appeared after him and threw his sai at the billboard.

"Leo, I don't know about all them fancy moves!" he said as he watched the sai spin through the air then hit the bullseye perfectly.

He hopped onto the billboard next to the blue masked turtle and smiling proudly, pulled the sai out of the billboard.

"I just prefer in getting the job done!" he said placing the sai back in his belt.

The blue masked turtle pulled his katana out of the billboard and placed it back on his back.

"Raph, Master Splinter says that grace and form should flow together in beauty, creating true power." he said.

"Whoa, that's a little too intense bro," said Raphael "You gotta relax a little!"

"You don't have a problem with Monalisa following that path," said Leonardo "I think out of all of us, she knows how to do it perfectly, especially when she's practically a Master at Crane Kung Fu."

Raphael sighed dreamily as the image of his lover and mate Mona who was back at the lair, with Master Splinter and their two younger brothers, Donatello and Michelangelo came into his head.

He missed her tonight, even though he was enjoying the time he spent with his older brother he didn't like being away from Mona for long.

If Mona wasn't with any of the turtles on missions or night patrol or relaxing in the lair, watching TV or reading, she would be more than likely practising her balance on plum flower poles in the lair and getting one of the turtles or Master Splinter to throw ninja stars or kuni knives at her and she would try to evade them on the poles.

Either that or she would be practising with her warfans.

Though Raphael had a hunch that Mona wouldn't be getting any training done as the two younger turtles would be bugging Mona for her attention.

Raphael and Leonardo had seen them look ready to jump on Mona as they were leaving the lair before she would have a chance to get away.

Michelangelo would be begging her to play a video game with him or help him with his comic books, and Donatello would be wanting her attention on a new gadget, experiment or invention he was working on.

Normally when the two fought over her, Mona would toss a coin and whoever won would get her attention first but she always promised the other she would see them once she was done.

Raphael loved that about Mona, that she was very patient, total opposite of him, which often got his family and friends asking how they came together sometimes being polar opposites.

Mona could be aggressive and merciless in battle, but most of the time she had some patience and Raphael felt glad she could cool him down when his hot temper got the better of him.

"Yeah, she takes grace and form to heart, but she still gets the job done when needed." said Raphael "Man, I can't wait to see her later."

"You've been missing her all night, you'd miss her even if she was in the bathroom!" Leonardo teased.

"I love her!" Raphael playfully retorted "She's my world!"

"I know bro." said Leonardo "And you two really are made for each other. I'm sure she misses you right now, even though she knows you'll see her soon."

Raphael stared at the sky thinking of Mona then shook his head back to reality.

They had been running together on this night-time exercise and so far there was no activity from Purple Dragons, Foot Ninja or any kind of street crime they could do some fighting with.

That disappointed Raphael as he always enjoyed a good fight, but the hot-headed turtles didn't want to go home just yet even if he did miss his mate.

He jumped down from the Billboard and over to the edge of the building.

"Come on Leo," he said his playful mood returning "How about a little game of 'Follow the Leader?'"

Leonardo cocked his eyebrow and stared at his younger brother with a playful smirk. Raphael knew his older brother never turned down a chance to play that game, it had been a favourite of theirs since they were children and they still enjoyed playing it today.

"And since when did you become leader?" he asked.

"Since right now." retorted Raphael gesturing to himself with his thumb and leaping off the building and to the next one before running like the wind to the one after that.

"Not for long!" Leonardo called after him and leapt after his younger brother.

For a while they ran across the buildings, running along the edges and leaping across large gaps and doing tightrope runs over washing lines.

Leonardo almost caught up with Raphael a few times, but Raphael always managed to get away quickly.

Raphael soon jumped onto a water tower and saw a long washing line rope nearby, he hopped onto it and flew through the air swinging on the rope.

"Just your friendly neighbourhood Turtle-man!" he yelled happily.

Leonardo followed soon afterwards and swung next to him.

"You sound more like Raph-zan lord of the jungle to me!" he called over.

"Well what does that make you?" asked Raphael laughing "Jane? Or Cheetah!"

Leonardo laughed and both turtles swung over to a building and landed on it. Both were a little breathless but they laughed and sat down for a brief rest.

"Man, that was fun!" said Raphael as the cool wind blew over his face and through his ninja ribbons.

Leonardo agreed.

"I wonder who Mona's decided to go with back home?" asked Raphael as he thought more about his mate.

"More than likely she's tossed a coin again, unless Donnie and Mikey have decided to share, though Mikey wouldn't be too keen on sharing Mona." said Leonardo "He loves his big sister so much, but I think he can get a little possessive of her when he wants to play to her."

Raphael agreed.

"I don't know how she does it half the time." he sighed "Mikey drives me crazy almost every time he tries to get anyone's attention."

"Maybe all that meditation Master Splinter does with her has helped, either that or she is used to it, after all when she was human she had two younger brothers." said Leonardo "I remember her saying that they drove her crazy, either teasing her, or begging her attention when she had homework or practising to do for her martial arts grading or tournaments."

"Oh yeah." said Raphael "She does talk about them sometimes, she still misses them terribly."

"She would." said Leonardo sadly.

"You know bro," said Raphael in a thoughtful voice as he leaned back and looked at the sky, "Sometimes I wish I could help her find a way to see her family again, give her a chance to see them, talk to them, even if it's just once and for a few minutes, just to help ease the pain of missing them."

Leonardo smiled at his hot headed brother. Raphael could be so thoughtful sometimes even if he didn't always act it, and he loved his mate so much he would do anything to make her happy.

"Mona's lucky to have you Raph." he said "I'll admit that, she's a lucky girl." he added with a sight sigh as he leaned back next to Raphael and looked at the sky

"No old feelings returning eh bro?" asked Raphael cocking an eyebrow at his older brother.

"No of course not..." said Leonardo quickly going a little pink, "I know."

"I get it!" said Raphael with a chuckle and punching his older brother's arm playfully "Just teasing."

Leonardo laughed, yet his stomach pooled slightly as he thought of the lizard lady.

"She is very lucky..." he thought "So lucky..."

Unbeknownst to them, a figure stood on a building behind the one the two turtles rested on, behind a tall chimney watching.

"There you are..." a hissing voice sounded "Just like I guessed. Sitting ducks, unaware of any danger you may face, and you sit there like nothing could ever happen! Call yourselves ninja huh? Trained under the guidance of the Great Master Splinter?"

The figure pressed a button on her hands free piece in her ear and hissed "Two of the turtles have been located."

"Excellent Black Mamba..." came a voice on the other end "Then you know what to do..."

"Indeed Komodo..." hissed the Black Mamba in a sinister way "I hear you loud and clear."

"Report back with news..." The Black Mamba heard her leader's voice on the earpiece again "When you have taken them..."

"Very well..." said Black Mamba "I will not fail..." she hung up and pressed a button again.

"Targets are in place..." she said "Attack when ready!"

Looks like another midnight run for Leonardo and Raphael, but Black Mamba's spotted them! What will happen next?

Tune into the next chapter to find out!

Note: The opening comes from the TMNT 2003 episode 'City At War Part 1'