"Beast Boy!" Raven shrieked as Dr. Light's Light Blast pierced the chest of the young green shape shifter. Panicked, she grabbed Beast Boy as his body began to fall to the ground. She held onto him as she fell to her knees.

"Hey, no need to cry Rae," he said weakly as he reached up and stroked Raven's face.

"Why Beast Boy?" Raven asked, holding in tears.

"Why'd you sacrifice yourself to save me?"

"I'd do anything to keep you safe Rae," He said as his eyes began to tear up from the pain. "I've always been myself on the line to protect you, mama." His voice got weaker with each word. Tears began to trickle from Raven's eyes. She could hear Dr. Lights booming laughter in the background, she could feel her other team mates rushing to their side to see the fallen titan.

Beast Boy, please.. she thought to herself. please don't die. That's when an idea hit her..

"Hold still." She sniffled, cutting off Nightwing mid sentence. "I think I can make you better." As she spoke through tears, the Titans cringed as her face and voice swelled with false courage. "If i chant the spell in time, I ca..."

"It's OK Rae," Beast Boy interrupted. "But I can save you!" She shouted, trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

"Rae, It's OK," he smiled weakly. "It's my time."

"Please," she pleaded, the tears falling harder than before.

"It's OK Raven." He breathed weakly and smiled. "I died protecting the girl i love..." His voice trailed off as he exhaled his last breath.

"Beast Boy!"she cried as she shook his limp body in her arms. "Beast Boy! You have to be OK."

As Starfire began to cry, Nightwing pulled her close and let his own tears cascade from under his mask. Cyborg dropped to his knees and sobbed as he looked at his now dead best friend.

Dr. Light watched painfully as the Titans feel into dis-pare. He had once before encountered the wrath of the purple haired Titan. He still had nightmares about the dark realm she drug him into on one of their encounters. He knew that his punishment for this would be much worse, if that was even possible.

"You have to be ok. You have to wake up so you can tell me more of your corny jokes. So you can keep trying to get me to laugh at your stupid pranks. You can't die without me telling you my biggest secret!"

She cried and pleaded as she pulled his dead body close to her. "You can't die until you know that..." She squeezed his body as she choked on her words.

"Until you know how I feel about you. You can't die until I tell you I... I... I love you!" She shouted as she completely broke down into tears. As she cried, calling his name over and over again, red ruins slowly began to appear on her arms and legs.

Loving you was the only thing keeping the demon inside. She thought as she cried, her vision blurring, than finally blacking out...