"Hey you" Seth said as he looked at me,his face lit up.

"Hey you" I said as I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"Where have you been? I have missed your face" Seth moaned quietly in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me.

I moaned "I just went for a lie down"

"You smell good,Em" Seth moaned.

(He smelt like cigarettes and aftershave. I was used to it and to be honest I loved the way he smelt)

"thanks cutie,you do too" I chuckled.

"How long have you two known each other now?" Craig asked.

"Um.." I looked at Seth

"About..4 years now? Yeah..3-4 years" Seth smiled at me then looked at Craig.

"Jesus..I didn't realise" I said.

"Wow.." Craig said.

"I remember the day you moved next door..in those nice..short shorts.." Seth smirked.

I laughed as I looked at him. "Ahh yes..and I couldn't always pay my bills so you let me get the odd shower at your place" I chuckled.

"I bet you wanted her there didn't you Seth?" Craig said.

"No..I was doing her a favour!" Seth laughed.

I looked up as Seth and smiled.

"I bet you thought you would be able to fuck her didn't you?" Jonah added.

"What? No! I was just being nice!" Seth defended himself.

"Shut up..any of you would have done the same" I laughed.

"Yeah but..I would have joined you in the shower" Craig added.

"Nice.." I said as Danny and Jay walked down.

Danny winked at me and laid down next to myself and Seth.

"If I lived next door to Emma I'd be masturbating a lot" Danny said.

"Oh god.." Jay said.

"Danny!" Craig moaned.

"That's sick man" Seth barked.

"Seriously? You're sick man" James added.

"Alright! So what? I'm obviously gonna jerk off to the image of her at some point! I may as well just admit to it now" Danny stated

"Danny...I love you,but please don't jerk off over me.." I laughed.

"Seriously Danny..don't" Seth said in a very serious tone.

"Woah Seth..I've never heard that serious voice before..has someone got a little thing for Emma?" Danny smirked.

"Shut up Danny" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"I don't okay..but she's my best friend and I'd prefer if you just respected her.." Seth said.

"You're so cute" I lifted my head up off his chest and smiles as I looked at his big grinning face.

"Well..what can I say?" Seth chuckled.

"All I'm saying is..she's walking around here in James' t-shirt and it's going down to the top of her thighs,I can't help but look at those legs" Danny moaned.

"Danny..will you just stop?" Seth asked.

"I'm sorry but you're all thinking it" Danny could see through them,just like Jay.

"Seth,I love you" I moaned as I played with his hair.

"Yeah,you better" Seth laughed as he held my hand with his other hand.

"Hey,where's your hoodie?" I asked

"It's upstairs,why?" Seth answered.

"Because I want to wear it..it smells like you and it's cozy" I moaned.

"Want me to get it for you?" Seth asked.

"Yes please" I smiles as I got up and let Seth run off upstairs. In the meantime Danny moved closer to me.

"Hey big tits"

"Daniel,hey you.." I looked at him.

"It's going good..good..what size cup are you?" He asked as he stared at my chest.

"Danny,will you just fuck off?" I pushes him away by his face.

"I'm curious,what size are you?" Jonah asked.

"Jonah! I'm not gonna tell you that!" I whined.

"I kinda wanna know now.." Craig moaned.

"Guys! Will you all stop pestering her?" James said firmly.

"You're all being asses" Jay added.

Seth walked down with his hoodie. (It was a pulp fiction hoodie and it had a picture of Jewels and Vincent on it)

"Aw! Seth! You're a life saver!" I stood up and smiles as I grabbed the hoodie.

"There ya go" Seth said as he smiled and sat back down.

I slipped the hoodie on. It was giant. I laughed "I love how big this is"

"You look so fucking adorable Em" Seth smiled.

I laughed as I laid back down between Seth and Danny. I grabbed Seth's arm and I wrapped it around me,I held his hand with both my hands and rested my cheek on his shoulder.

"James.." I muttered.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"Why have you got a massive dick statue?" I asked.

"What? It's art okay!" James stated.

Danny laughed.

"It is..and I get to sleep under it" Craig laughed.

"Is that because you're gay?" Danny asked.

"Fuck you" Craig muttered.

"Or is it because you've got a tiny dick?" Danny asked.

"That doesn't even make sense?" Jay added.

"My dick is bigger than all of yours" Craig sniggered.

"Yeah..because you're black" Seth said.

"True,black guys are supposed to have bigger dicks than white guys" Jonah said.

"Cos you'd know" Danny sniggered.

"Why the fuck are we sat here talking about dicks?" I asked as I laughed.

"Don't pretend like you don't love it" Danny ran his finger up my thigh.

"Danny! What the fuck was that?" Seth said.

"Nothing?" He laughed.

"Don't worry about it.." I moaned.

Time swiftly moved on,as the day went by we talked about dicks,pussy,gaming,Nicolas Cage..a lot of things..as it got later I got tired,it was about 1:30 am when I decided I was gonna go to bed.

"James" I stood up and yawned.

"Can I sleep with you? In your bed?" I asked.

Seth looked at me "you can sleep with me?"

"I'd prefer to sleep in an actual bed" I laughed,I bent down and kissed his cheek "good night cutie"

"C'mon Em,I'll go now" James stood up. "Don't kick me in the night Emma" James moaned.

"I won't" I laughed as we walked to his room.

Meanwhile in the living room Seth buried his face in his hands.

"Hey man..do you like her?" Craig asked.

"I think so..no actually yes..I do..I think I'm actually in love with her" He moaned.

"Woah..you're in love with her?" Jonah raised his eyebrows.

"I was not expecting that.." Craig stuttered.

"That isn't gonna stop me" Danny laughed.

"And that's because you're a fucking asshole Danny" Seth looked up at Danny and barked at him.

"Don't go after Emma,Danny" Craig said.

"What? We might never get to fuck another woman..of course I'm gonna snatch Emma up" Danny said.

"Danny..leave Emma alone,Seth clearly feels really strongly about her" Jay tried to reason with him.

"Fuck you guys,you're the ones gonna be sobbing when you have to fuck each other and I'm fucking one fine ass girl" Danny laughed as he stood up.

"You wouldn't even know her if it wasn't for Seth" Jay barked.

"Thank you Seth" Danny said as he went in to the bathroom with James' porno magazine.

"He seriously better not.." Seth moaned as he bit his lip.