Summer Break


Chapter One: Summery Trip


When Kasamatsu was told by his two loving parents that he would be going to visit his grandparents for summer break, he honest-to-God felt like throwing a fit. Or a temper tantrum. But, being the respectable son he was, he did no such thing.

He just through that all his hard work was casually being tossed back in his face, or worse, being flushed down the toilet - in a manner of speaking.

The black haired Captain had, of course, objected to the horrid idea. Don't get him wrong - he loved his grandma and grandpa like any normal grandchild would and should. But he had matches and other important tournaments to par-take in with his team. With the rest of Kaijou. They needed to practice during the break, in order to better themselves so they could become champions.

Kasamatsu had tried explaining this to his mother and father, but they only said that he needed time away from basketball and more time to focus on his studies. He didn't see what the problem was. His grades were fine and he wasn't yet getting to the stage where he would have to start looking into a university or a college. He just didn't understand why his parents were so hell-bent on getting him to visit his grandparents.

Which, all in all, brings him to his current predicament. Telling his friends that he'll be away during the entire break.


Kasamatsu sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. He was at a stand-still, a loss for words, as he paced back and forth.

"Are we in trouble?" A first year spoke up, quietly, as he hesitantly looked around the crowd of gathered players. Kasamatsu paused in his pacing and looked at him. The first year froze and slowly sunk back into the crowd.

"No. No... I just have something important I need to tell everyone." He finally spoke, turning to face the members of the basketball team.

Today was the last day. The last official day of practice that they will have before summer break began. Also, their last practice without him.

"My parents want me to go visit my grandparents all during summer break. So I can't be here to practice or anything." Kasamatsu said, looking into the eyes of his teammates.

They all looked shocked, knowing that it was Kasamatsu who was also looking to practice hard and not waste time on anything.

"You'll be gone the entire time?" Kobori asked calmly but at the same time shared a look with Moriyama. Kasamatsu nodded. "Yeah." He said.

Moriyama hummed in thought, "Where is your grandparent's house?" He asked, curious.

"Mihara.." Kasamatsu muttered, only loud enough for the one's closest to him to hear.

A silence filled the gym. "That's far." Moriyama noted, voicing everyone's thoughts. Kise looked in between the two before settling his teary gaze on Kasamatsu. "Seeennpai, don't leave meee!" The model wailed, stretching his arms forward to pull the third year into a hug. Kasamatsu stepped aside, causing the blond to go crashing to the side.

"It isn't that far..." Kasamatsu murmured.

"You're biased." Moriyama pointed out, patting his friend's shoulder.

"True." He sighed again, crossing his arms. The third year captain peered around, as if stalling, in a way, before finally speaking up again. "Well, while I'm gone, you all better practice really hard!" He snapped, eyes narrowing in a glare. "When I return, I expect to see everyone in top shape, no flabby arms or anything! Got it?!"

A chorus of 'yes!' filled the gym. Kasamatsu nodded in approval, smirking. "Good." He said, picking a nearby ball up off the ground. He twirled it in his hands before throwing it to Kise, who had recovered during his little fall. "Now, let's practice."


The next day Kasamatsu was ready to leave. He was sitting in the car, staring at the back of his mother and father's head's. "You know, it'd be easier if I just took a train or something..."

"I just feel better if you took a plane. It doesn't take that long, so don't worry." His mother craned her head to peer back at him, offering a smile.

"It also cost's more money..." Kasamatsu huffed. If he could, he would be paying for his own way there, but to his dismay, his parents insisted on spending so much money just to get him all the way out to Hiroshima.

"Well, instead of four or five hours, you'll get there in about an hour and a half." His father supplied. "Oh, and you mother put some change for the bus to Mihara in your left pocket on your duffel bag. As-"

"As well as a map. Just in case you get lost, sweetie." His mother finished, turning her worried glance at him before facing the front again.

"Thanks..." Kasamatsu mumbled, relaxing back into his seat. It wasn't as if he hadn't been to Mihara at all. He knew how to get there, how much money things cost, where everything was. But, he also knew that his parents worried. A lot. So, there was bound to be something that they felt the need to do.

"Your grandpa would pick you up, but I'm afraid he lost his driver's license."

"I see." Kasamatsu raised his eyebrow. "How'd that happen?"

"Oh, he just misplaced it."

"..." Kasamatsu had thought that he had lost it due to getting into an accident or maybe getting a ticket for doing something wrong, but those ideas were proved wrong. "Well, thanks for the ride." He finally spoke, changing the subject, seeing as they were currently pulling into the airport.

"Did you get to say goodbye to your little friends?" His mother asked once she was out of the car. Kasamatsu nodded, choosing to not say anything about them all actually being taller than him. "Okay," She sighed, giving him a once over. She reached forward and brushed a few short strands out of his face and pursed her lips. "We'll miss you." His mother pulled him into a hug which he returned, offering a soft pat on her back.

"I'll miss you, too." The black haired male replied with a small smile. "I'll call you once I get there."

"Alright. Have fun! But not too much fun." His father winked, giving his son a clap on the back, steering him off in the direction towards the airport doors. Kasamatsu only nodded and quickly checked to see that he had all of his things before entering the large sliding doors.


The flight hadn't taken long at all. He arrived at the airport in Hiroshima in an hour and a half. Now, all he had to do was take the bus in order to get to Mihara.

In about another hour, he'd be home free.

Kasamatsu found the stop and waited for about six or seven minutes before his bus pulled up. He, along with others, all clambered on. He sat at the front, finding it a force of habit, and put his duffel bag in the empty seat beside him. The rest of his baggage had been shoved into a separate part of the bus, as to not take up so much room.

In less than a minute, the bus was off. The short trip was filled with silence, surprisingly, and it almost had him falling asleep. Kasamatsu struggled to keep his eyes open, but, before he knew it, they had arrived.

Kaijou's captain contained a yawn as he walked off the bus, adjusting his duffel bag so it didn't feel so uncomfortable on his shoulder blade. He took the rest of his things, just a small suitcase and another small bag, before walking off in the direction in which his grandparent's house was.

Ten minutes later, Kasamatsu was standing in front of a medium-sized house. He studied the front, the colors the same was they were only three years ago, albeit just a little more faded, and the same garden but with different flowers.

The black haired teenager slipped past the front gate and walked up to the door where he knocked on it gently. A couple seconds passed and the door opened up, revealing his grandmother.

"Yukio, it's good to see you." She smiled at him, opening the door wider so he could bring his things inside. Kasamatsu entered and put his bags down so he could give his grandma a hug.

"It's nice to see you too, obaa-san." He said. "Where's ojii-san?"

"Oh, my. He went out to get some things, but he'll be back shortly. For now, why don't we just get you settled." His grandma said, reaching forward to grab one of his bags. Kasamatsu patted her shoulder, shaking his head. "It's okay, I got it." He smiled, taking his things to haul them upstairs into the spare bedroom that he had always been staying in.

"Such a gentleman." His grandma chuckled to herself as she turned to head back into the kitchen. Kasamatsu took his bags into his bedroom and looked around.

Even after since last visiting three years ago, the room still appeared clean and like he last left it. 'She probably cleans it regularly.' The black haired teen thought as he began to unpack for his long stay. He glanced at the clock that hung on his wall just above his desk and stared at it for a second. 'I hope they're all practicing... If not, then I'll hit them when I return.' He frowned momentarily as he smoothed out the bed cover as it was slightly wrinkled. As it was just after noon, he turned and wandered back downstairs after putting his suitcase and bags into the closet so they weren't in the way, and walked into the kitchen.

"Lunch is almost ready, Yuki-chan."

"O- Okay..." Kasamatsu sat down, feeling flustered as he hadn't been called that since he was younger. Much, much younger. Why his grandmother thought it'd be a good idea to start calling him that again was beyond him.

After a few minutes a plate was placed in front of him. "Thank you." He said politely, picking up his chopsticks. The two ate in silence until his grandpa walked in.

"Oh, dear, I didn't hear you enter." His grandma stood up, giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. The two talked amongst themselves as they put the groceries away, before turning back to Kasamatsu.

"Good to see you again, Yukio." His grandfather smiled, giving him a small nod. Kasamatsu returned the smile. "How's everything back at home?" He asked.

"Well," Kasamatsu began, about to say something along the lines of practice, but he didn't want to dwell on it so he fell silent.

"Not good?" His grandpa frowned, worried. "Oh, no, it's not that. I was just thinking. But, I guess everything's good."

"Doing good in school?"


"Have a lot of friends?"

"I- I guess..."

"That's good." His grandparents both shared a look, smiling at each other. His grandpa turned back to him, a glint in his eye. "Have a girlfriend yet?" Kasamatsu sputtered, unable to form a sentence, much less any reply at all.

His grandma lightly smacked her husband's arm, shaking her head all in good nature. "Hush. Yukio should focus more on his studies than women. He has all the time in the world after he graduates." She huffed out lightly. Kasamatsu only nodded. He still had plenty of time.

His grandpa laughed and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry. Only curious." He raised his hands in defeat, taking a seat. "You still play ball?"

"Basketball." Kasamatsu nodded, smiling.

"Good, good. Because..." Kasamatsu raised his eyebrow, wondering why his grandpa stood and walked into the other room. A moment passed before he came back in, hands behind his back. "We got you something."

"Oh, you didn't-" Kasamatsu was cut off by a ball being tossed to him. He caught it with ease and stared at the round orange ball. 'A basketball...' He blinked, surprised. "But-"

His grandpa interrupted him, "You know that forest they half-destroyed a few blocks down?" He asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Oh. Yes."

"Well, you see, they finally did something useful and built a small park there. They built a court, as well."

"And we thought when you were a child, because you loved that sport so much, we'd get you a ball." His grandmother input, taking their empty plates to put in the sink to be washed.

"Thank you." Kasamatsu said, still feeling a bit surprised. "Just don't bounce that thing around in here, you hear?" He nodded, staring at the orange basketball in his hands.

"Now, if you're done eating, you can go out and play. If you want to." His grandma said, making a shoo-ing motion with her hands. Kasamatsu chuckled and gave her a nod.

"Okay. Thanks, obaa-san, ojii-san. I'll do the dishes later!" He promised, quickly walking to the front door with his basketball in hand. He slipped his runners on and left the house.


Just so we're all clear; this will have a butt-load of OC's. If that isn't your thing, then you might not want to continue reading, but, this story will focus mostly on Kasamatsu. Just have a lot of [male] OC's in it, as well. *slapped*

Heh hee, anyway. I wanted to make this for quite a while but finally got around to typing it. At first I completely had something different written for the first chapter, but I didn't like it, so I just re-wrote it and this is it.