Music filled the hall as couples danced through the evening. Kenna watched as Mary and Francis laughed and smiled, when they danced it seemed like they were truly able to be just a boy and just a girl, a stolen moment away from their responsibilities. She found herself scanning the hall for Bash. He usually wasn't much of a dancer but she hoped he might indulge her for at least one song. She was concerned when she couldn't find him and walked over to Greer to ask if she had seen him. Greer replied that she thought she saw him slip out onto the terrace a little bit ago. Kenna wondered at why he would leave without telling her.

As she walked out onto the terrace she saw him standing alone by the balcony. Walking up to him she slipped her arm around his waist and asked him what he was doing out here all alone.

"I didn't want to get in your way," he said.

"Get in my way?," Kenna questioned.

"There are plenty of nobleman who would be happy to offer you a dance and I didn't want to stand in your way of accepting," Bash replied.

Kenna pondered over his words. A few weeks ago she would have been more than happy to forget this marriage she was thrown into and dance the night away with men of the type she had hoped to marry. But lately she had begun to realize that Bash was truly the type of man she had wanted. He might not have a real title or a castle, but he was caring and brave and funny and smart. She wasn't ready to tell him yet, she didn't want to risk disappointment if his feelings weren't the same, but she might have fallen in love with him.

She looked back up to him and said, "I really was hoping for a dance with my husband, you know."

Bash looked surprised and began to mutter about how he wasn't really much of a dancer and it was okay she didn't need to feel obligated to him and she should go back inside and enjoy the merriment and- Kenna stood up on her toes and silenced him with a kiss.

"Everyone can dance," she said, "come on, we can hear the music from out here and then everyone can't see you if you're the exception to the rule." They both laughed as he accepted her hand and the two danced under the stars.

(Bash only stepped on her toes once)

Super short, I know, but this was my first attempt at writing so hopefully you like it :) Kenna and Bash's relationship is interesting to me and we're in such the early stages of it that I thought it would be fun to write about them a bit.