Ethan Frome

Here's a poem I wrote one day in school. Enjoy!


I do not have the rich imagination of Tolkien, if I did I wouldn't be writing poems about his characters. So no, I do not own Gandalf or anything associated with him.


Well, I've been around a time or two

And have seen what there is to see

I've walked this world a thousand times

And've had names given to me.

Mithrandir am I among the elves

Olorin in the west

Incanus I was in the South

But Gandalf I like best.

The Grey Pilgrim, Alone and free

Atop a silver horse

A flame lighted in my eyes

Though none here know its source

I have talked with hobbits, ents and kings

(and even a few inanimate things)

My coming is rumored in every land

Against me many take their stand

I am called wise, but among my peers

Knowledge and wisdom are confused

One against me, Three are lost

But great power I have refused.

My power is in truth and nobility bright

Not in control of races

To leave all free to their own choice

And to protect happy places.

I weary of this world, and its cares

And I will soon depart.

I hope I've done some good back there,

And left goodness in it's heart.