Martha Jones POV

I love the Doctor more than anything in the world. He's everything to me but there's another girl who already has his hearts. Her name was Rose Tyler. I know the Doctor will never love me the way he did Rose.

Sometimes I see him cry and it breaks my heart to know he's hurting so much. So when the TARDIS showed me a gift that expresses the words the Doctor never got the chance to say to Rose I made the difficult decision to tell her myself even if it breaks my heart.

Rose Tyler's POV

I sat on the rocks of Bad Wolf Bay where I'd lost the Doctor a few months back. The pain was still fresh and my broken heart wouldn't let me forget. I looked up at the cloudless sky and thought. "I wonder if he ever thinks of me. I wonder if he remembers? I wonder if he still loves me."

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by a female voice. I turned and was startled by a young woman sitting beside me. "Hi are you Rose?" she asked. I nodded fearfully. The woman smiled at me. "Don't be afraid I'm Martha I'm a friend of the Doctor."

I started to question her but Martha stopped me. "I don't have much time but I needed to tell you that the Doctor does love you. I have his friendship but you have his hearts and he has never forgotten you." Martha seemed to be struggling back tears. "He loves you Rose; never forget that." She told me.

I looked reluctantly at her. "How do I know you're telling the truth?" Martha appeared worried so she quickly handed me her proof. "Here I can't stay much longer. Take this as a sign of his love." She replied. I looked up to say something else to her but she was gone.

I glanced down at my hand; I was holding my purple shirt I wore in New, New York; it had traces of the Doctor's tears. The tear stains were faded but they clearly spelled out the words. "I love you Rose Tyler" and only his tears could do that.

I clutched the shirt tightly to my heart and thought. "He loves me." "Thank you Martha, thank you so much." I whispered to the sky. It was the first time I had smiled on Bad Wolf Bay.