A.N: Hello all new folks. This story is just a brain-child that keeps growing like Athena. I'm usually into Stucky but I tried thinking of what female could match the Winter Solider. Alas, this story was born. I'm writing it because I want to read it. So without ado. I give you Identity.

Winter's Grasp

Cold. So very cold. Why was the floor so cold? Probing with her fingers, she felt the concrete floor. It was smooth and firm under her palm. What was she doing here? Where was here? Her head throbbed with pressure and she moved her iced hands to her temple to ease the pain. Slowly she cracked open her eyes to see the gray surface causing her thermal discomfort. There was condensation from where her breath hit the chilled surface, only reassuring her that she was indeed alive. Next were the bars. Black, solid, immovable bars that either caged her within or protected her from the shadowed abyss beyond the light. Said light came from above. Twenty feet above her was a hole the size of a dinner platter. The light streaming in wasn't natural and provided no warmth, but it was light all the same. She sat up and cradled her head between her knees trying to recall the last thing she remembered, but only shadows like the abyss around greeted her. Her mind raced to think of anything. What was the year? Where did she live? She squeezed her eyes closed to block out the deafening silence that consumed her. She didn't know how long she sat there swimming in the vast desert of her brain, but when she looked up there was someone standing right at her cage.

She rose to her feet faster than she expected and crouched like a feral animal baring her teeth. There was no escape from containment and it seemed fighting was the only thing she could do. Her muscles coiled in anticipation. She studied the man in front of her carefully. He was medium height, somewhere within her mind measured five feet eleven inches, brown hair that reached his chin, and feral, deadly blue eyes mirroring her gaze. Half of his face was covered with a black mask emphasizing his dangerous appearance. The most striking feature was a metallic shimmer from left side of his body. His arm looked like it had a protective armor, but it oddly was only on one side of his body. She pinpointed this a possible source of weakness.

The stare-down continued for what seemed like hours but could have possibly only been minutes before the strange man spoke. "What is your name?"

She remained silent and glared at him indignantly. He sighed annoyed before taking a pistol from his side and shooting it an inch from where her hand was placed. She never flinched and continued to stare into the murderous depth of his eyes.

"I'll ask you once more. What is your name?"

She gazed at the barrel of the gun and then glanced at the figure standing behind the cage. She opened her mouth to say something, before hesitating. What was her name? Once again she tried to penetrate the darkness that flooded her brain. She had to have an identity. A name that was her own. Confusion and desperation saturated her features and she lowered herself onto her knees. How could she not know who she was? What happened? What is going on? Once again, pain flooded her head and she squeezed her eyes shut to only see colors flying before her eyes. She grasped her head between her hands and began rocking slowly back and forth. Try and try as she might she couldn't get past the force-field that contained her within her own mind. She continued to rock until a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Her eyes snapped forward to meet the blue that glared beyond the bars. The man was there in her cage and she was trapped like the bird she was. She grabbed the man's outer arm and swung his momentum to his stomach earning a grunt. Continuing to clench the wrist within her grasp, she plowed a knee into his back effectively getting the upper hand. It had all happened in a flash. An automatic reaction even she never saw coming. She quickly looked around for an exit but found none. How? How did he get in? Her mind raced with all the possibilities and outcomes, all of which, failed miserably.

As she contemplated her escape, a whirling sound increased in frequency and volume. She looked for the origin of the strange noise and found it in the man's strange armor. Before she could react, the arm powered the man and herself up, where he could efficiently roll out of her hold and grasp her throat with the metal hand. The alloy bit down harshly against her skin and she found herself on her back, clawing at the hand and arm ferociously like a caught wildcat. The man straddled her hips and pressed down harder as she tried to buck away from him. He pressed down harder on her windpipe and she began to feel her airways closing. He glowered at her and asked again, "What is your name?"

She felt her tongue going numb and she choked out a measly "I don't know".

He loosened his grip slightly on the girls windpipe. "What was that?"

"I don't know!" she screamed into the echoing abyss.

The ominous man came closer to her face, his eyes practically burrowing into her skull. His eyes were like blue fires of hell consuming her whole.