A/N: My second Khanolly story, although I posted bits and pieces of it on tumblr (mostly inspired by lovely BC as Khan photosets). Reworked into an omegaverse story. Definitely TBC and definitely will be rated M.

"You've lost, Commander. Send Dr. Hooper over to revive my crew and in return I'll make sure the hostages make it back to the Enterprise intact." Khan smirked. "Well. Relatively intact. Your captain is a bit the worse for wear, I'm afraid, and Dr. Marcus and Engineer Scott could use some medical attention as well."

"And what of the Admiral and his men?" Spock asked, his tone even and expression calm for a man who had just surrendered.

Khan allowed a cold smile to cross his lips. "Dead," he said succinctly. Even though Kirk had insisted on stunning their opponents, Khan hadn't hesitated to flood the ship (with the exception of the bridge, naturally) with a poison of his own creation, fast acting and fatal, dispersed through the air vents and substituted for the usual anti-intruder anesthetic gas by him during the ship's construction.

He and the Vulcan traded stares for a fraught moment before Spock finally conceded victory to their foe. "Very well. Dr. Hooper will be ready to attend to your crew in…"

"Now just a damn minute!" A new voice interrupted the negotiations, and Khan watched in cool amusement as Dr. McCoy moved up to stand by Spock's side, glaring openly at the Augment. "I'm not lettin' any of my people beam over to that death trap you call a starship, damn you! I'll come myself, I know the procedures to follow…"

"No." Khan's voice was hard, his expression even colder and more forbidding. "Dr. Hooper or no one."

"Dr. McCoy, stand down," Spock ordered, recognizing the implacable tones for what they were: the sound of a man on the verge of retracting a previous offer. "Dr. Hooper will be in no danger as long as she does as Khan requires her to do. Is that not true?" he asked, returning his challenging gaze to the face on the viewscreen.

Khan nodded regally. "Of course. I guarantee Dr. Hooper's safety while she is on board the Botany Bay." He'd renamed the starship after the long-lost sleeper ship that had housed him and his crew for three centuries of sleep, a deliberately ironic choice. "And once she has completed the task of awakening my crew, as I've already stated, all the hostages will be returned to you and you will be allowed to limp back to Federation space as best you can." That his own destination would be elsewhere went without saying but was understood by all.

McCoy looked as if he was about to voice more objections, but Spock silenced him with a look. "Very well, Khan. Dr. Hooper will beam over in five minutes."

Khan settled back in the captain's chair as the viewscreen went dark, steepling his hands beneath his chin and smiling, a private smile, not the darkly triumphant one he'd worn while confronting his defeated foes.

He'd wanted his crew, his family, back, and now he had them. He'd wanted his revenge against Admiral Marcus, and had exacted that revenge, crushing the man's skull in front of his daughter's horrified eyes. The only thing missing now was the woman he'd selected for his mate.

And shortly, he would have her, too.