She watches on, helpless as Zelena threatens the life of her son, reminding Hook of their encounter and ordering him to take action and remove her powers by kissing her. The look of despair on his face shakes her very foundations. Suddenly the pieces fall into place, the reason he's been so downcast and withdrawn lately.

Oh hell no. Nobody uses him against me!

Standing tall, her body locking with barely contained anger, one nod to Henry and her son makes her proud, stepping on the witch's foot hard, making her cry out and let go as she doubles over. When she straightens back up it's already too late, Emma is right in her face, almost nose-to-nose, fierce and menacing.

"This," she extends her right arm towards her pirate, staring the wicked woman down, "I climbed a beanstalk for this, go get your own".

Wham! Emma's punch hits Zelena square in the jaw, knocking her out cold, with nothing but the loud sound of her body hitting the ground to keep her company.

Hook just stands there, eyes wide and taking in the glorious, badass woman standing before him. She checks on her son, relief flooding over her entire being, then sends him out as she hears her parents arriving and urgently calling their names.

"Who needs magic," she mutters as she turns towards the dumbfounded pirate, grabs him by the lapels and kisses the living daylight out of him.

Years down the road, he would still say that she bested him for good on that day.

Short I know, but I saw the gif on tumblr and the idea just popped! So I posted the thought and decided to post it as a CS prompt too but changed my mind as it just started writing itself… Review please!