Sasuke Uchiha walked down the hall through the Hokage mansion making his way to the Hokage's office, He knocked on the door and walked in to find the assistant Hokage who would soon be the official Hokage when Lady Tsunade pass away. Naruto Uzumaki asleep. Sasuke walked over and shook the blonde boy to wake him.

"Just a little longer…" Naruto mumbles.

"You have a whole lot of paper work to fill out, get up Hokage, nap time is over..." Sasuke replies.

Naruto sat up and yawned stretching, He rubbed his eyes before looked over to the raven haired boy who was picking up some of the papers that fell on the ground, He stared at Sasuke's ass, He thought those pants really did bring out his sexy ass, Naruto smiled and got up walking over to the raven male.

Sasuke picked up the last of the papers, He felt a presences behind him wrap their arms around his waist pulling him close. Naruto keeping his grip on Sasuke's waist placed small kisses on Sasuke's neck lovingly.

"Someone could walk in and see us…" Sasuke speaks up looking at Naruto from the corner of his eye.

"I take it your ashamed of this, Sasuke..." Naruto replies.

"No I'm not, But I don't think your girlfriend Sakura would appreciate walking in to catch us in the act…" Sasuke says.

"Don't worry, she's busy, I sent her off on errands..." Naruto says turning Sasuke around to face him.

He removed himself from Sasuke taking the papers that were in Sasuke's hands and placed them on the nearest shelf, He quickly returned to his Sasuke, having his arms once again around the raven. He soon captured Sasuke's beautiful lips in a kiss, Sasuke kissed Naruto back wrapping his arms around Naruto's neck. Naruto soon moved the two of them towards his desk luckily it was clean, He placed Sasuke on top of it.

Naruto's hands went up Sasuke's black shirt, feeling every inch of his pale torso, His hands lightly brushed Sasuke's already erect pink nipples, Naruto pulled away from the kiss and took Sasuke's anbu tank top off tossing it somewhere in the room, Naruto bent down to take in one of Sasuke's nipples sucking on it while his other hand twerked with the other one earning a light moan from Sasuke.

"Wait…Why did you call me in here, you said it was important?" Sasuke questions.

"It is important Sasuke...I called you in here simply because I wanted you, that's why." Naruto answers pulling away from Sasuke's nipple and begins kissing down Sasuke's neck nibbling at the skin.

"Oh Naruto…what are we going to do with you, you should be working...Not fooling around." Sasuke says.

Naruto bites sinking his sharp fangs into Sasuke's neck sucking on it earning a moan from the raven, He pulls away slightly.

"I'm taking a little break...Plus working on something else…" Naruto says beginning to lick the spot his was sucking on.

"I guess a Hokage does need a break once in a while…." Sasuke replies.

Naruto took his black and orange coat off as well as his black shirt and returned to kissing Sasuke, Sasuke kissed back wrapping his arms around the fox boy pulling him closer so their bodies were touching. Naruto pulled away from the kiss, His hand roamed down Sasuke's black pants reaching in to play with Sasuke's member, He began with rubbing it while teasing the tip causing Sasuke to moan slightly before biting his lip to contain himself.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and smiled a bit before removing Sasuke's black pants along with some other items on him. He took Sasuke's member in sucking on it which caused Sasuke to break and moan out while grabbing Naruto's hair yanking it slightly.

"N-Naruto…Fuck…" Sasuke moaned.

Naruto stopped and pulled away. "What was that Sasuke, I couldn't really hear you..."

"Don't stop, just have your way with me already, Naruto…" Sasuke pleaded.

Naruto returned to Sasuke's member, licking and sucking it like a lollipop giving it Sasuke what he asked for, He licked the slit teasingly before pulling away to pump his member once in a while making Sasuke moan out throwing his head back and digging his nails into the desk. Naruto stopped messing with Sasuke's member and instead put two of his pre-cum coated fingers inside Sasuke's entrance moving them around stretching him.

Once Naruto felt he was done with that, He took his orange pants off and positioned his now hard member in front of Sasuke's entrance ready to intrude his lover.

"Are you ready for me, Love?" Naruto questions looking at the raven on his table.

"Yes, now hurry up and get inside me, Baka." Sasuke snaps.

"Don't tell me what to do, I'm in charge here..." Naruto growls pushing himself roughly inside the Uchiha.

Sasuke muffled his scream of slight pain by quickly kissing Naruto passionately, Naruto kissed back before pulling away to look at Sasuke.

"Are you okay, Sasuke?" Naruto questions.

"Move." Sasuke is all Sasuke says.

Naruto doesn't reply slightly irritated of the raven male below him telling him what to do, He begins to move inside the Uchiha, He began pounding into him roughly then began a rhythm that soon made the Uchiha moaning out loudly with every thrust, Sasuke snaked his arms around Naruto's neck holding onto him while Naruto thrusted into him. Soon enough Naruto hit Sasuke's prostate sending a wave of shivers down Sasuke's spine making his back arch up. Naruto continues hitting it over and over again before Sasuke came while moaning out Naruto's name making Naruto finish and release inside Sasuke. Both panting heavily they stared into each others eyes silent

"I…I love you, Sasuke." Naruto says speaking up finally to break the silence.

"I… I love you too…Naruto." Sasuke replies.

Naruto kisses Sasuke passionately, Sasuke kisses the blonde lover back before the two decided to finish recovering from the sex they just had.