Release Of Restraints

Chapter2: Ron's Revenge

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Everyone couldn't believe that Ron had actually come back for them, even after what happened earlier with how they had mocked him. Standing there, in front of ten synthodrones without even a hint of fear showing and with a cold look in their eyes was the loser, who turned badass hero. Eric was beyond pissed as he picked himself up from the floor, literally shaking with rage. That damn buffoon just wouldn't leave his nose out of where it doesn't belong! Fine, if that's how it was going to be then it was time Stoppable was put right back where he belongs.

In the dirt, to never see the light of day again!

"Ok Stoppable, you made three big mistakes coming here" Eric said as he began to count the reasons with his fingers. "One: coming back here. Two: Thinking that you could actually handle us after getting your ass kicked by Shego who you got lucky against. And number three; believing that this is going to change anything. Even with this is all over, you will still be a loser and Kim will still pick good looks over loyalty, just like your dumb rodent!" Eric finished with a devilish smile on his face as he gave a mocking laugh at Ron.

Kim honestly felt like shit after what Eric had said about her. Yes she chose Eric over Ron but only because she wanted a normal date this time. She wanted to be selfish for once and now her selfishness had gotten her and her school to get held hostage, been fooled by Drakken to date what she thought was the perfect guy for her and probably lost her best friend for good. She knew deep in heart that an apology with her puppy dog pout wouldn't make this right, no matter how hard she wished it could.

"Are you done sir? I came for a fight, not a speech." Ron said with a bored look on his face before noticing movement to his left. Grinning at Eric, Ron slammed a right axe kick down on to a table to his left, turning towards it and launching a left push kick at it that hit the sneaking bag of goo.

"Let's dance syntho dumbasses!" Ron said with excitement as he picked up a metal fork and jumping his downed opponent while stabbing the fork into its eyes and leaving the fork there. That was one down, eight more till he can reach Eric and rip him to pieces. Standing up quickly and turning to the rest of Eric's body guards, Ron gave them a grin as he took a knife for the floor and posed with his arms spread eagle and yelled at them

"Come At Me Bro!" the following battle was one that nobody could ever forget. The one blonde and scared hero armed with only with a metal knife against eight burly constructs built for battle and destruction. The hero danced and leave around the combined strikes, moving as fluid as water while dealing crushing blows that struck with resounding thuds.

Bonnie could only stare in disbelief as Ron clipped one of his attackers with a right elbow as he twisted to the right making the attacker hop back and only focus on the elbow and not the left handed knife that cut right into the jugular. That was number two to fall to Ron's vengeful blade.

Kim gasped in shock as Ron landed a front kick to the assailant in front of him before grabbing a glass bottle in his right hand and busting it over the poor goes bastard's head. The shrapnel was stuck in its head as it fell to the floor and left to bleed out as Ron stepped over the prone body. That was number three and the body count was still rising.

Brick Flagg gave a supportive cry of "Hell yeah!" when Ron gave a bone jarring flying tackle that took his enemy down to the floor as Ron stabbed the knife roughly into its head. Number four for the Ronster who had half of his face covered in goo yet still had a demented smile on his face.

Mr. Barkin winced when Stoppable took a vicious combined assault from two of the synthodrones who aimed for his wounded chest. They had kicked him hard enough to send him to a table and break it on impact. With one using the other as a booster, the synthodrone dropped from the sky like a bomb with both of it's the feet aimed to the wound, ready to end this silly farce of a rescue attempt. Ron who woke up out of his daze just in time to see two large black feet heading right at him hand enough sense to roll backwards and spring to his feet as his attacker was left to crash into the floor with nothing to soften the blow. Looking down around him, Ron found the jagged leg of the broken table he had landed on and immediately grabbed to use as his new weapon. With the synthodrone rushed at Ron with a right haymaker aiming to take Ron's jaw off, Ron ducked underneath it and sprang right up with the jagged edges of the table leg facing up towards his enemy. The table leg was jammed straight through the chin and out of the back of the head, the green goo spraying out like a broken fountain. That was five now and Ron was getting giddy with the thought of braking Eric in half.

"Yo Eric, you might want to get ready for this ass whooping!" Ron said as he dropped to the ground in a crouch before sweep kicking the legs from underneath the booster synthodrone making it fall to the ground. Picking up his scared discarded knife that he had dropped earlier and sliced the neck open resulting in the unfortunate opponent to deflate while Ron got another coating of goo splashed onto his face and chest. Jumping off of his last kill, the freckled youth looked at the last three lackeys of Eric. They had him trapped in a triangular formation, constantly moving around him to prevent escape.

"Synthodrones, end him!" Eric ordered with rage facing his words. He wanted this loser, this wanna be hero dead and left to rot in a ditch. The synthodrones only nodded their head as they rushed at Ron who only tensed up, readying himself as he watched them all approach. With the grace of a monkey, Ron twisted around the right fist that came from the front, ducked under a left roundhouse that almost connected with his temple and cart wheeled away from a right axe kick from would've caved in his skull. At the moment, all Ron could do was dodge and wait for them to make an opening he could capitalize on. Finally after many closed calls with thrown chairs, kicks that would've blown his head off and fists that would've left him toothless, one synthodrone attempted to punch him in his injured chest while he was backed up against a table. He quickly slipped to the left and stuck his foot out, tripping the synthodrone and stabbing it in the back of the head with his knife and pulling it back out with quickness.

'Alright, two more and then I can finally end Eric' Ron thought to himself as he kept his sights on his last two obstacles. They were wielding blunt table legs, keeping their distance from him. Ron growled as he was forced to dodge each of their swings, ducking and diving to protect himself. Soon he was backed into a corner with no escape. Looking around for anything to aid him, he saw nothing but Eric's smug grin as the two synthodrones blocked all escape routes. Suddenly, he had a crazy plan that just might work. He threw his knife into the foot of the synthodrone to his right making it stop and drop its table leg. Jumping at the opportunity, Ron ran to it and gave a jumping right boot to its chin, forcing it to fly back and for the knife to tear open the foot. Landing on his feet, the hero was looking dead at Eric with a smug grin on his own as he turned around to face the last one. Unfortunately, he was too slow to fast him and was forced to take a grand slam swing from the table leg straight to his injured chest. The table leg cracked and so did a few ribs as Ron flew off his feet and onto his back. Groaning from the pain in his chest, Ron was too slow once again to block the boot to the side of his head that sent him crashing into the wall with a thud.

"RON, NO!" Tara screamed in concern and fear for her crush and hero. He was getting torn apart out there and they were forced to watch as he his chest was stomped on, his body thrown through tables and into the walls and punched repeatedly in the face before the cycle would begin all over again. Eric who had heard the shout turned towards her with a vile smile on his face that put even the Grinch's to shame. Picking her up by her neck, Eric put her into a chair while he ordered his subordinate to hold Ron up in a full nelson (A/N: Or as my wrestling fans know it, the Master Lock).

"Well, well, well look what we have here Tara, your hero has failed! Not like it's a surprise though, right failure?" Eric mocked as he spit into Ron's face who could only glare at his abuser with a fire in his eyes that Eric was going to be sure to snuff out. He walked away and came back with a bottle of lemon juice and a salt shaker. Everyone's breath was caught in their throats as Eric dripped drop after drop into wound and they saw the pain on Ron's face. (A/N: For those who don't know, lemons and salt are acidic and when put into open and bleeding wounds, its burns like all hell).

"So how does it feel huh loser? Do you want to cry to your mommy? Oh wait, your own mother doesn't even want to be associated with a failure like you!" Eric roared into his captive's face. Soon jeans started to get more sadistic with his torture methods. He would switched between pouring lemon juice then rubbing salt aggressively into any open wound and deciding to punch and kick him until more wounds appeared or got bigger. It churned the stomachs of all those watching as they saw their would be savior getting man handled and broken down. Tara's eyes were leaking rivers of tears as she was forced to watch up close and she couldn't bare to watch.

"STOP IT! STOP HURTING HIM!" Tara screamed at Eric who actually paused in his torture to look at his audience. Ron was looking like a big bloody bruised at this point. His flak jacket had been thrown away so Eric could get to his body easier. There was a massive cut over his left eye that leaked blood down that side of his face. He had lost a tooth in the left side of his mouth. He chest wound was an ocean of blood with multiple of minor wounds around it. His right eye was swollen shut and right thigh was burning from the combination of salt and lemon juice Eric had poured into the three large cuts it he had given him with a knife.

"Awwww, it seems like somebody actually cares for the loser!" Eric said with a sneer on his face as he turned towards her. "Know what Stoppable, instead of hurting you physical, I'm going to hurt you mentally too!" the sadistic creation of goo said as he picked up the blonde cheerleader by her neck and put her in front of Ron's bloody face. Tara's teary eyes looked at Ron who only gave her a grin.

"Don't worry Tara, I'll save you" He said in a whisper as he rested his weary forehead on hers while he still looked into her eyes. Tara only nodded and closed her eyes, enjoying the contact with him for the moment. Had the situation hadn't been so dire; this would've been a heartfelt moment. Eric who had enough of them being close, yanked her back roughly as he grabbed the bloody knife he had used to hurt Ron.

"Stoppable can't save you now Tara, nobody can! You're at my mercy now and I can do anything I damn well please to you" Eric threaten in her face as he dragged the bloody knife across her right check to her chin and up to her left eye. "You know, I always thought you were the hottest girl here Tara, way better then Possible." A perverted grin stretched across his face as he dropped the blade and cupped her face.

"Maybe I should make you mine, right in front of Stoppable" was all he said before he heard the distinct dealing noise a synthodrone makes when it dies. With all of his attention on his beautiful captive, he failed to notice Ron swing around wildly and freed his head for a short amount of time and biting the neck of the synthodrone. Snapping his head to the side, he saw that Stoppable had bit his captor hard enough to pop it as the green and slimy goo was dripping from his mouth and down his chest, mixing with his blood. Looking into his eyes is what frightened him immensely, as his eyes didn't show a defiant fire but a burning inferno of pure and release rage. Ron and dashed around Tara who Eric was holding as a shield and launched a rising right uppercut straight to the chin and then a right front kick that blasted Eric into the middle of the gym. As a result he had dropped Tara who Ron had caught in his arms.

"You alright Tara?" Ron asked with concern as he held her in his arms.

"Yeah, I'm fine Ron" Tara replied to his her hero as she looked up at him with admiring eyes. Giving her a smile, Ron put his forehead to her's once more before letting her go softly before running over to a recovering Eric. "Ron!" she called out making him stop and glance back at her "Kick his ass!" she encouraged with a smile, putting all of her faith into him.

"Booyah" was Ron's response as he took a ready stance across from a seething villain.

"You just couldn't stay down huh loser?" Eric asked as him and Ron circled each other while he received no reply. Seeing as he wasn't going to get a reply, he dashed into the middle and began the final clash that would happen between them. Ron ducked under a swing and delivered two knife hand strikes to Eric's chest and a right hook to the lower ribs. His opponent responded with a hard right cross to Ron's mouth and a left uppercut that snapped his head back. Stumbling back to clear his head, Ron was too slow to see the flying kick that nailed him in the chest that sent him to the floor hard. Rolling onto his stomach, Ron got to his feet as he saw Eric stand in wait for him. Growling at the smug bastard, the freckled youth hopped right backing the fire as the two began their exchange.

While this was happening and seeing as there wasn't anybody watching them, Tara wormed her way to the discarded knife and gripped it in her mouth. Then she made her way over to Mr. Barkin and dropping it into his right hand. Not needing a reason as to why she chose to give the knife to him, the ex-marine flipped the knife skillfully in his hand and began to cut his way through the rope that tied him. Hearing a crash, he turned his attention from the ropes to the fallen body of the synthodrone, his face eating the wood as Stoppable tried to get as much air into his injured body as much as he could. Making some head way into the ropes, he got right arm out and freeing himself. Then he untied Tara before they both began to work with each other to free the other students.

With Ron, this was probably harder than fighter Shego. Sure Eric didn't have her plasma powers but he didn't have to take a break, he didn't get hurt like a normal person and he had already saw him fight knowing his combat style. But he couldn't give up now, not with so much on the line. Should he lose, that would be the end of not only him, but of everyone as he knew Eric would do his dam well best to follow in his creators footsteps to take over the world. He had to endure, he had to hold on until he finished his fight, then he could lick his wounds and sleep all this off like a bad hangover. Seeing the synthodrone stand up and rush at him, Ron could only sigh to himself

Today was some bullshit!

Ducking a left roundhouse and rolling backwards away from the attempted follow up axe kick that split the floor, Ron countered with a hard right hand knife strike that left a little incision in the chest of his opponent and followed up with another one just underneath it and backing away quickly to dodge a right haymaker. He wasn't back fat enough however as he took a left boot to the gut that knocked the air out of him and left him bent over gasping for breath. Eric then dropped a hard double fisted hammer blow to Ron's back which drove the hero to the floor in pain. He didn't get a chance to recover as he was punted across the room like a field goal in overtime and crashing into the wall. Eric was positive he wouldn't get up from that but decided to take no chances. The loser was pulling of the impossible tonight and he was in no mood for surprises. Walking over to the fallen hero's body, he was taken surprised by the left boot that made contact with his face. Ron kipped up to feet and buried his shoulder into Eric's stomach blasting him away. Huffing with exertion Ron awaited for the surely to be annoyed synthodrone to get back up to its feet and to come back rushing at him. Surly enough, his prediction came true as Ron had to dip and dodge the anger filled strikes of the being trying to take his life.

"You damn loser, why won't you stay down already?!" Eric roared as he continued to swing and miss wildly at his ever elusive prey. "Hold still so I can knock your damn teeth out!"

"Yeah how about no jackass?" Ron replied as he have a quick glance at the chest of the synthodrone who's small rip started to get a bit longer the more he stretched himself out to hit Ron. Finally, an opening came for Ron when the rip was large enough for Eric to take notice to and stop in surprise and concern.

"When the hell did this happen?!" Eric said in a panic as a little bit of the slimy substance that kept him alive started to leak out a bit. His answer came from laughing Ron who had the largest smile on his face.

"You see syntho dumbass, I had your number all along! Those knife strikes I was hitting you with were to open you up a little but you didn't notice as I threw them in between my other strikes to your body. Those fists that landed on your chest were to soften your body enough for the knife strikes to take effect. Now you're at MY mercy and you know what? I'm tired of dealing with you so I think it's about time we say goodbye to your ugly face." Ron explained and at the end of his speech, dashed towards Eric and with his two hands put together, the back of them facing each other, drove them right through the chest of his final opponent. With his eyes wide, Eric looked down at Ron who was giving him the vilest smile he could muster and with the blood flowing down the right side of his face adding to the frightful image, he was sure that if he were human, he probably would've pissed himself. With a growl of pure effort, Ron pulled his hands apart and tore the synthodrone in two like a piece of soaked paper.

And so ended the hostile takeover of Dr. Drakken which was stopped by the sidekick, who everybody said would fail to amount to anything. With his last opponent down for the count, Ron looked at the shocked but grateful students and staff and opened his arms, leaned his head back and yelled in total triumph.



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