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Yeah... happens during ep. 1




It felt like the air was forcibly being squeezed out of him and he honestly felt like he was going to go crazy just watching the scene of the Titan picking up his mother's body like it was nothing more than a battered toy.

He could vaguely hear Mikasa's gasp over the sound of his own blood pounding in his own head and he was sure he was screaming when the Titan twisted his mother like one would wring out a wet cloth.

She was dead by then, that he knew, but he couldn't rip his eyes when the disgusting Titan opened his large mouth, dangling his mother over it for a few moments, like it was taunting him before devouring her in a few bites.

Only that never happened.

"What is that!?" Mikasa gasped again from Hannes' left side and Eren could only stare with his jaw dropped open when the Titan went flying from a punch.

Hannes stopped to look at what Mikasa had pointed out, his own eyes widening at the strange sight of the different Titan holding Carla Jaeger's corpse and he was quite sure that many others were looking at it the same way he, Eren, and Mikasa were.

It looked like a female Titan.

Never in the history of the Titans' emergence was there a female Titan as all observed so far possessed masculine features.

It had long black hair that, surprisingly, looked sleek and silky and not greasy at all. Its long bangs covered its eyes from view, even as it stood from its kneeling position and turned towards them, still holding Carla's body.

"What... is it... doing?" Hannes barely managed to get out and he knew this Titan was probably causing a stir among his fellow soldiers and civilians alike, "Is it... really...?"

He couldn't even say the words.

"I think it is," Mikasa answered, though Eren couldn't take his eyes off the sight, "It's... crying."

It was true.

The female Titan was holding his mother's body close to its feminine-like face and giant droplets of water were falling from its hidden eyes and onto the hands that seemed to cradle his mother's body.

"Is that even possible?" Hannes asked no one as he let Eren and Mikasa stand on their own feet, too shocked with utter surprise to even possibly keep running away from the danger that they all were in.

Eren stared and stared, feeling almost transfixed by the sight of the Female Titan and he found himself moving towards it.

He felt like his chest was going to burst with heat when the Titan lift its head, letting its hair to move away from its eyes, and allowing everyone to see it possessed abnormal blue eyes that were still letting out tears. The female Titan stared straight at him and he felt as if he would explode.

Then everything went black.