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Okay, let me start off by saying that I had this headcanon in my head for a long time before I realized that the Tamers series was of a different continuity than Adventure/02. However, when I was browsing the internet the other day, revisiting my childhood, I came across a captioned image that had the same idea. This thought was that Yamaki was actually TK all grown up, but that he and the other DigiDestined somehow forgot who they used to be.

When I saw this picture, I knew it was a sign for me to put this story up on Fanfiction. So here it is. The plot will follow the episodes, but there will be some various changes as Yamaki becomes more involved. Since this story focuses on connecting Adventure/02 and Tamers, there will be a major AU ending with 02. Another one of these serious shifts is that, for obvious reasons, the two kids who are Impmon's original Tamers, Ai and Mako, are not his Tamers in this story. There will be other twists and surprises, but you'll just have to read to find out what they are.

This chapter takes place during the middle of episode 9. Please enjoy and leave me feedback on what you think!

~Virus Of Hope~

Chapter 1: Memories Awakened

Yamaki Mitsuo, the Head of Hypnos, gritted his teeth angrily as he clenched a silver lighter in his right hand. He could not believe how quickly things were deteriorating beyond his control, of how the situation had shifted so rapidly. He passed through the glass doors, leaving headquarters behind so that he could smoke in secret. He desperately needed it right now and was in no mood for Riley's disapproving looks. As he paused at the crosswalk, Yamaki's overly stressed mind tried to puzzle out how the original purpose of his project had changed so much over the years.

Hypnos had initially been made to monitor the electronic communications that covered over half the planet as a SIGINT system for the Japanese government. It was a highly invasive spy network designed to catch criminals by monitoring bank accounts, stocks, transactions, fraud, and illegal hacking; it was meant to be the first real offensive force against cyberterrorism. Obviously, because of the legal issues for violating privacy and breaking over a dozen human rights laws, Hypnos was understandably kept a secret from the public and most government officials.

However, a mere two months after Hypnos had been instated, they'd come across the Wild Ones. Anomalies in the grid, bits of data so advanced that it managed to find a way to materialize itself into the real world from the digital network. Yamaki had been shocked when he'd witnessed the first Bio-Emergence. The fact that the data took the form of monsters from a popular children's card game was just the icing on the cake. The Wild One had gone berserk in its new surroundings, shooting fire from its mouth and destroying a nearby car.

Fortunately, the creature hadn't been bullet proof.

Yet when Yamaki had reported the existence of the Wild Ones to his superiors, he'd noticed that the Board, strangely enough, hadn't seemed surprised. They had certainly looked anxious and troubled, but they had not exhibited any astonishment or disbelief. Remembering their odd reactions now, Yamaki suddenly wondered if humans had made contact with the Wild Ones before. He inwardly shook his head at that pointless thought.

Digimon weren't real.

The Wild Ones simply recreated themselves into those forms by copying the already existing data. In any case, as a result of their appearances, the agency's new directive was to detect the Wild Ones for when they attempted to Bio-Emerge into the real world, and to prevent it from happening. Of course, their efforts at first proved to be unsuccessful, but Yamaki had quickly developed a tracing and deletion program that proved adequate in preventing most Bio-Emerges.

The smaller masses of data, the most common Wild Ones that attempted to Bio-Emerge, were usually handled by the deletion program most of the time. A small number of the more resilient Wild Ones had managed to emerge over the past year, but Hypnos had always made sure to have a team on standby, deleting the errant data that had broken through. Recently though, their methods were proving to become ineffective.

The Wild Ones were rapidly increasing in numbers, more and more Bio-Emerges occurred faster than Hypnos could keep track of. Worst of all, his newest deletion program, Yuggoth, was a risk factor. The program was too untested and unstable for his liking to be implemented so soon. He knew Riley had disagreed with his decision to activate Yuggoth, but he'd had little choice, what with the Board breathing down his neck and the Wild Ones seemingly Bio-Emerging every other day.

Another duty the agency had picked up over the past year, one that Yamaki personally despised and left the PR department to deal with, was to prevent media leaks concerning the Wild Ones. They were responsible for creating cover stories for the incidents when a Wild One did manage Bio-Emergence, such as explaining the odd bouts in weather, property damage, or the occasional eye witness reports concerning "monsters".

Moving to the other side of the crosswalk, Yamaki could see the damage that the Wild Ones had done last night more clearly. Claw marks were on the side of the building, an adjoining parking lot had been destroyed, and the commute bridge now had a gaping hole in its structure. Of course people asked questions. How had the damage been done? Had it been a terrorist attack? Yamaki had no idea what Riley had told the media, he just knew that no one was panicking.

As he slowly made his way to the park, a small group of children ran by, forcibly reminding Yamaki of why Hypnos was having so many problems. It was those damn kids' fault; he was sure of it. His shades dutifully hid the glare that was tracking the group of children. He could easily envision that brat with those ridiculous goggles and his friends.

He'd seen the group of kids last night, surrounded by their pet Digimon. The red dinosaur-like creature, the one that had caused so much damage, belonged to the goggle-headed boy. The other boy, the one with the orange vest, had had some sort of rabbit Digimon on his shoulder. And lastly there was the girl, who'd been standing next to a tall humanoid fox Digimon. Yamaki gritted his teeth in irritation once again. 'Foolish children, meddling in things they can't possibly understand!' He quickly regained his composure and smirked to himself. It didn't matter in the end. He'd take care of those kid's Digimon soon enough.

Finally arriving in the park, the Head of Hypnos wasted no time in pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up. He took a deep drag from the tobacco filled stick and exhaled, feeling only slightly guilty for breaking his promise to quit. As his nerves eased a little, Yamaki began to mentally review the latest programs he'd updated Yuggoth with, knowing that it needed more testing before being used in the field, but he was getting desperate. Every new Wild One that Bio-Emerged these days seemed to be stronger and more dangerous than the last. It wouldn't be long until one appeared that was too big to go unnoticed by the public.

The man was so lost in thought, busily graphing out complex coding in his head, that he didn't even notice a Digital Field forming around him until it was too late.

"What now?!" Yamaki shouted in surprise as the convergence field thickened, becoming a dense fog. "Sure, of course, why not? Like my day couldn't get any worse." His cell phone rang and he answered it immediately as he pulled out the standard issued handgun that all Hypnos employees were ordered to carry for just such an emergency. "Yamaki."

"Sir, there's been another Bio-Emergence." Riley reported and he narrowed his blue eyes at the surrounding vapor. "We've already tried tracing and deleting the Wild One but–"

"I know. It just so happens to be Bio-Emerging in front of me at the moment." He replied calmly as he brought up his gun, safety off and ready to be fired just as soon as he spotted the silhouette of his target.

"What? Sir, you have to clear the area! I'll send a squadron to your location and–" He almost chuckled as he heard her panic on the other end of the line. Riley worked great behind a desk, always calm and collected, but put her in the field and she'd wear herself out by worrying and running around in circles. 'Damn this fog is thick.' He thought grimly as he narrowed his eyes a little, grateful that his sunglasses helped his vision slightly.

"No need, by the time they get here, I'll have already finished it off." Whatever Riley was about to say next was cut off as he caught sight of something white shooting towards him too fast to dodge. It hit him from the right side, knocking him to the ground and causing the cell phone to fly out of his hand, landing somewhere out of sight. If he concentrated hard enough, he thought he could almost hear Riley's frantic shouts.

Yamaki rolled over onto his back, ignoring the way his breath had been knocked out of him or how his side ached, and opened fire on what looked like a green ogre. It stood at about four feet taller than him with white hair, and a long open mouth that showed off its sharp fangs. The hulking creature quickly brought up its' weapon defensively, Yamaki distantly realized that the club was actually a large bone, and blocked the two shots.

"Bone Cudgel!" The Wild One shouted as the bone, which was easily the size of Yamaki's leg, came shooting towards him. He hastily rolled to the side in an awkward manner, barely avoiding the weapon by a few inches. As the club returned to the monster in a boomerang-like fashion, Yamaki pushed his advantage and quickly fired at the ogre once more. The creature dodged most of the bullets, proving that despite its bulky size it was rather agile, but one bullet managed to graze its' shoulder, making it hiss and howl in pain. Its' reaction brought a satisfyingly dark smirk to his face.

"You'll pay for that human." The creature growled in a grating tone while it raised one of its' large fists. Yamaki didn't even see the blow that sent him skidding across the ground. Blinking dazedly, relief filled him as he spotted his phone nearby. Gasping in pain, he struggled onto his hands and knees, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from groaning. His chest would definitely be left bruised after taking that hit.

"Maybe I could use that backup after all." He muttered as he grabbed his phone, prepared to swallow his pride and give Riley those exact orders. It seemed that luck wasn't on his side today though as he took in the state of his phone. The screen was cracked and the antenna was missing, there was no way he was going to be able to reach Riley now.

"Pummel Whack!" The shout was enough to let Yamaki know that he had stayed still for too long. He blindly dove forward into the ground, hoping that the attack would safely sail overhead. A strong breeze brushed through his hair, proving that his gamble had paid off.

Twisting around into a kneeling position after dropping his now useless cell, Yamaki quickly reloaded his gun, silently cursing himself for not carrying more than one extra clip of ammo. He fired at the Wild One again, getting a solid hit in the creatures left arm this time. It howled and screamed, but no blood spilt out. The only thing that happened was that its arm began to pixelate furiously for a few moments before hanging limply at its' side. Yamaki felt his mouth twist into a sneer.

Data didn't bleed. It could only be corrupted, erased.

Apparently deciding to abandon its' strategy of attacking from a distance, the enraged ogre charged at him, forcing Yamaki to retreat deeper into the park. Ignoring the numerous aches of his body, he mentally prayed that they wouldn't run into any civilians. The last thing he wanted was to lead the Wild One to a jungle gym full of toddlers. 'Where are those damn kids and their pet monsters when you actually need them?'

~Virus Of Hope~

Takato Matsuki's whole body twitched as his Digivice went off, the slight pinging noise instantly earning Ms. Asaji's attention. She sighed in annoyance, set down the book that she'd been reading out of, and gave the classroom a frown that was mixed with exasperation. Her gaze landed on him for a second and Takato gave her his most innocent expression. He hoped it looked convincing, since he knew he couldn't lie to save his life.

"I don't know how many times I have to say this, but cell phones are not allowed to be on during class." Her stern eyes continued to roam over the room and Takato could feel sweat beginning to build on the back of his neck. Using every ounce of his stealth skills, he looked down at his Digivice that was hidden underneath his desk. The holographic screen appeared, thankfully without making any noise this time. It didn't show him what Digimon had appeared, but a red marker pointed west, showing him the location of where it was entering the Real World.

"Oh no, that's in the direction of the park!" He shouted in alarm as he looked out the window, forgetting where he was in that moment.

"Takato!" Ms. Asaji called from the front of the class. He jumped in surprise and looked ahead to see his classmates snickering at him. He was pretty sure he heard Kazu muttering a not so silent 'busted' to his right. "Turn your phone off or else I will."

"Uh, yes sir, er, I mean ma'am? I'm sorry, it won't happen again." He quickly stuffed his Digivice into his pocket and brought his textbook up to cover his burning face as the rest of the class laughed. He heard Ms. Asaji sigh, a sure sign that his teacher was already over the incident, and worriedly bit at his lip.

Guilmon was still stuck as Growlmon from last night's fight against Devidramon, so hiding him hadn't been the easiest thing to do. Fortunately, Henry had helped him solve that problem by suggesting they use the Shinjiku Tunnel. Unfortunately, one of the entrances was pretty close to the park. Hopefully Guilmon had enough sense to stay out of sight and leave this Digimon alone. If anyone saw him it would cause mass panic, just like in the movies. An image of the air force and military opening fire on Growlmon came to him and Takato cursed his imagination as he thought about all the things that could go wrong. 'Guilmon, please be okay boy.'

~Virus Of Hope~

Henry Wong glanced at the classroom door again. He'd already talked his way out of math class three times this past week, so he doubted his teacher would believe another excuse about having an upset stomach. His Digivice was in his backpack, but he could still hear the muffled tone that alerted him to a new Digimon entering the Real World.

Looking down towards Terriermon, who sat at the base of his desk while pretending to be a stuffed toy as usual, Henry slowly shook his head. 'Sorry buddy, but I can't skip class again.' Terriermon gave a soft sigh and returned to his staring contest with the chalkboard. 'Hopefully one of the others will be able to deal with it.'

~Virus Of Hope~

Rika Nonaka stood in the empty hallway of her school. She brought up her Digivice, annoyed that it only showed her which direction the Digimon was. Probably the park, most Digimon appeared there, though she had no idea why.

"Renamon." She called, not needing to turn around as she felt her Digimon appear behind her.

"Yes Rika?" Rika would never say it aloud, but she admired Renamon's aloof attitude. She was always calm, always in control of herself and her opponents, never letting anything get the better of her. A good thing too, because she would've ditched Renamon if she had turned out to be as dumb as goggle-head's wimpy Digimon.

"I trust you can take care of this on your own?" She asked flatly as she finally turned to glance at her partner. If she didn't know any better, Rika would have said that Renamon was smiling at her. The feeling faded as her partner nodded accordingly, a confident gleam appearing in her icy blue eyes.

"I'll walk all over them."

~Virus Of Hope~

Yamaki knew he was in trouble. His plan had been to slow the Wild One down by using the environment to his advantage, then gaining some sort of cover to shoot from, but the large ogre had skillfully moved through the trees with ease, showing no signs of fatigue as it persistently trailed behind him. Instead his plan had backfired and now he was the one slowing down as his body struggled to keep up the demanding pace. Breaking into a familiar clearing, Yamaki cursed at finding that he'd run in a circle, somehow winding back up at the Wild One's origin point.

"Pummel Whack!" Too exhausted to react in time, the move made a direct hit. A powerful force slammed into Yamaki's back, knocking him into the ground so hard that it seemed to make his very bones rattle in response. The gun flew out of his hands, the momentum sending it far beyond his reach and into some nearby bushes.

Before Yamaki could even attempt to get back up, the ogre slammed its' foot into his back, making him cough and sputter as the added weight pressed down on his already overworked lungs. As if to taunt him for his earlier decision of denying any need for assistance, Yamaki saw that his broken phone was sitting just inches away to his right. The creature laughed, sounding loud and brutish, leading the Head of Hypnos to suspect that his opponent was more brawn than brains. He gritted his teeth, considering that fact as another blow to his already bruised ego.

"Ah, now that's where you humans belong, under my foot and eating the dirt." It pressed down harder on his back and Yamaki found it almost impossible to breathe. His already spotty vision started to dim and his limbs began to feel too heavy to move. He realized, with a belated start, that he was losing consciousness from the lack of oxygen. Yamaki clenched his jaw and shifted his body as best as he could in an attempt to throw the creature off of him. He knew for certain, that if he were to close his eyes now, he likely wouldn't wake up again. The Digimon wouldn't simply stop after knocking him out.

It would kill him.

Panic was his first reaction at that thought and his mind went into overdrive, searching for a solution. He had lost his weapon, he couldn't contact Riley for help, he couldn't overpower or escape his enemy, and it was unlikely that anyone was coming to help him. Yamaki's eyes widened, his sunglasses lost at some point after the monster's last attack, as the grisly reality of his fate dawned on him.

He was going to die. This Wild One, the very things that he'd hunted over the past year, was going to be his end. Even in such a state, the irony of it all was not lost on him. 'Is this it? Am I really going to die like this?!' He angrily slammed a fist into the ground, ignoring the way his body protested at the movement when it was already so close to giving out.

'I wish I could just understand why! Why do these blasted things exist? Why are the Wild Ones even here? What are they after? And how could those children be so found of them?!' The answers, as they always had, evaded him still. 'Please, I just want to know why!' Yamaki wasn't sure who he was calling out to in that moment of desperation as he'd never been a particularly religious man, but he just couldn't roll over and die either. He wouldn't accept such a fate for himself. Maybe Riley had forgone his orders for once and sent out the response team? Or those kids and their little monsters would show up just in the nick of time? He must have become delirious from the lack of air because he almost snorted at that last thought. 'Foolish optimism doesn't suit you.' His inner voice sounded oddly condescending. 'No,' he agreed quietly, 'but neither does giving up.'

Despite the situation, he had hope that he would survive. He had to.

And against all odds, or perhaps because things were so dire, something responded to the man's silent pleas. Unseen by both human and Digimon, a lone DigiGnome hovered near the top of a tree, hiding amongst the leaves as it watched the events down below. It heard the man's desires and with a smile, granted his wish. For a brief moment, its' body gave off a soft white light before disappearing back to the Digital World, its' mission complete.

Yamaki gripped his broken cell phone, for once unable to think of a way out. He eyed it desperately, irrationally wanting to hear Riley's voice one last time. Then suddenly, his phone began to glow. Startled, he instantly let go of the mobile, worried for a second that it might explode. Instead it rose a few inches above his head, floating in midair. The light grew so bright that it made him long for his shades, but he didn't dare look away. He heard the ogre roar, tumbling backwards, unintentionally releasing him and screaming something about being blinded. With some difficulty, Yamaki managed to push himself up onto his knees and stared at his glowing phone, mesmerized as it started to change shape.

It shrunk a little in size, becoming a mostly white, square-like device that could easily fit in the palm of his hand. There was a small square screen in its center, encircled by a dark purple ring. There were a few buttons on it, and a matching purple strap with a black clip on the end. Perhaps it was shock that caused his actions, but as the device continued to float in front of him, Yamaki hesitantly reached out for it.

Once he touched the device, it almost felt as if his mind had imploded. Memories, for that was the only thing they could be, came to him so fast Yamaki only had a few seconds to process each one before it was roughly pushed aside by a completely different memory.

His name is– no was, Takeru Takaishi, but he'd preferred to be called TK. He had an older brother who'd he'd idolized, named Yamatto, but when he'd been little he could never fully pronounce his brother's name, simply calling him "Matt" instead. The nickname had stuck. Their parents had gotten a divorce when he'd been four. The memories from that age were hazy, but he could clearly recall the sadness of how little he'd been able to see his brother and father after that. At eight he'd gone to summer camp with Matt, he'd been so excited to be with his brother again, but then–

Then they were brought to the Digital World.

Blue eyes widened unseeingly as Yamaki dug his fingernails into his scalp hard enough to break the skin. Images continued to race through his mind, making his head throb in agony, leaving him only able to grunt helplessly as he curled up into a protective ball. He could remember his friends, Taichi, Sora, Kushiro, Mimi, Jyou, Hikari, and all their adventures with their Digimon. Patamon, his partner who was kind, loyal, and brave to a fault; the greatest friend he'd ever had. Together, they'd defeated foe after foe, Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, the Dark Masters, Apocalomon, saving the Digital World again and again before finally returning home.

Memories of his mother and him moving to France came next, reacquainting him with the French language. His grandparents, so full of life and adventure, had made his time in France enjoyable despite the distance between family and friends. After three years they'd returned to Japan, where he'd reunited with Kari and the others, made friends with Yolei, Iori, and Daisuke. Finding out that the Digital World was once again in trouble, he was made a part of the new DigiDestined. Together they'd fought and reformed a Digital Emperor, with Ken joining their ranks, and had finally put an end to Myotismon once and for all.

And that was where his memories turned dark.

In the moments after their victory against MaloMyotismon, where the Dark Spore Children had received their own Digimon partners, a giant red bird Digimon had appeared above them. With a mighty swing from one of its' wings, they were all swept away from their Digimon, tossed into the rift between their worlds still left open from MaloMyotismon's attack on the Real World. Falling with the others, the unknown Digimon's hate filled voice had been the last thing TK had heard, vehemently promising that no humans would remember anything to do with the Digital World.

When he'd awoken in a hospital sometime later, he'd had no idea who he was or where he came from.

A particularly loud scream came from the creature behind him, bringing Yamaki back to the present. 'Focus you idiot, you're still in danger!' He quickly stumbled towards the bushes, luckily finding his gun in mere seconds; the familiar weight of it in his hands helped him feel a little calmer. It kept him grounded instead of drowning in his memories. He turned, now able to properly recognize the Digimon as Ogremon, and fired three rounds. The third shot proved to be unnecessary as the second bullet pierced the Champion's head, making him burst into a cloud of red data.

Yamaki collapsed to his knees, his shaking fists slamming into the ground repeatedly as he remembered everything he'd been forced to forget. He could recall waking up twenty-one years ago, having no idea who he was or where he came from. Sudden Amnesia, the doctors had called it. It had been considered a worldwide phenomenon at the time. Just over fifty reported cases of children between the ages of seven to sixteen from all over the world had contracted amnesia at the same time. The even stranger part was that there had been no accounts of said children. No birth records could be found, no history, or even social security numbers. Perhaps the most disturbing part had been that no parents or relatives had come searching for them.

With no idea what to do with him, Social Services had sent him to an orphanage where he'd met another child who'd had the same type of memory loss, Riley. But now that he knew better, maybe it would be more appropriate to call her Yolei? 'Does this mean I should start calling myself TK?'

An enraged scream tore out of Yamaki's throat before he could think to stop it. The knowledge and turmoil of remembering everything he'd lost made his stomach churn violently. His right hand, which was now dirty and cut up due to how hard he'd smashed it into the earth, covered his mouth in an attempt to keep himself from retching. His other hand, numb to the physical pain of his injuries, cradled his roiling stomach. He lost the battle not even thirty seconds later, upheaving the bagel and coffee Riley had gotten him for breakfast all over some nearby bushes.

'Get ahold of yourself, dammit!' He thought furiously as he wiped his mouth clean with his sleeve. Breathing unevenly, Yamaki realized, with no small amount of horror, that his eyes were wet. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd cried. Refusing to lose any more control over himself, he gritted his teeth and smashed a fist into a nearby tree, grunting at the pain that twisted through his fingers.

The memory of that giant bird Digimon was seared into his mind, clawing to the front of his thoughts. Tentomon had recognized it, but that had been so long ago and everything had happened so quickly, he couldn't remember what name the Rookie had shouted. At the moment, it didn't even really matter. He didn't need the Digimon's name to hate it. It had taken away his identity, family and friends, his very life. The last memory he had as TK was of Angemon frantically flying after him as he and all the other DigiDestined were sent back to their world.

'Patamon!' Yamaki's head shot up in alarm at the thought of his partner. He looked around the area, hoping this meant he would see his best friend again. Seeing only the empty clearing, a horrible feeling bubbled in the pit of his stomach. 'What if something happened to him? What if that Digimon hurt him and the others?'

"Where's Patamon?!" He directed the question towards the new Digivice in his hand. It didn't respond at all and after a long moment, Yamaki sighed heavily through his nose, wincing faintly as a growing migraine made itself known by pounding fiercely behind his eyes. "I'm assuming that because I have this, I'm now part of this new generation of DigiDestined?" He asked the inanimate object again, obviously not expecting an answer this time.

His mind turned towards the children, the new DigiDestined as they were, and found his earlier dislike soothed slightly by the return of his memories. 'I guess the goggle thing will never go away. Tai would be happy about that.' And this nostalgic thought forcefully made Yamaki wonder about everyone else's fates.

No doubt their memories had also been erased, like his, but were they all okay? He would have to ask Yo– Riley to track down the other children listed with Sudden Amnesia. Then again, what was the point in trying to find them? He frowned, blue eyes closing at that thought. The others wouldn't remember him; not his friends, not his brother, and not even his real parents. Yamaki glared at the Digivice in his hand, loathing and grief sweeping through him just by looking at it. The reason behind his forgotten past and lost loved ones, the explanations for why things were the way they were, was not as soul-crushing as it would have been once upon a time.

As an eight year old, the Digital World had been the coolest experience he could've imagined. Even when they'd been on the run or fighting, it had been easy to forget the bad things while playing with Patamon. At eleven, he'd had a better understanding of how dangerous the Digital World could be. Definitely less naïve, but still just as fascinated with Digimon as his eight your old self had been. As a thirty-two year old man, his views of everything had become much more jaded. Perhaps it was because of those fond memories that he had such a fierce bitterness in him? Gone was the appeal he'd once harbored for Digimon, replaced with something dark and raw that made him want to gnash his teeth until his gums bled.

The Digital World was responsible for ruining his life.

"If you think after what happened last time, that I'll willingly help the Digital World, then you've got another thing coming." Hissing through his teeth, he slowly straightened to his full height. "I'm Yamaki Mitsuo now, not TK, you made sure of that." Glaring at the sky, he could clearly picture the Digital World just beyond it. Something had to be listening, something that had sent him this Digivice and restored his memories. "I'm the Head of Hypnos and my duty is to delete any Wild Ones that try to Bio-Emerge into my world." He growled lowly as he retraced his steps and found his sunglasses, which were thankfully undamaged, and put them on. "This means nothing, it changes nothing. If anything, it just makes me hate Digimon even more."

The blonde began the walk back to headquarters, moving at a slower pace due to his many injuries, his usual confident stride now ruined by a limping gait. The numerous cuts on his hands stung sharply, he was certain he'd broken his pinky and ring finger on his right hand. Bruises littered his body and his ribs throbbed with every step. Hunching his stature helped him breathe a little easier, but he still had to wrap an arm around his ribs to abate most of the pain.

While he meant every word, Yamaki could not ignore the positive feelings that were born from his restored memories. His thoughts centered on Patamon and he wondered how his partner was doing. Would they be reunited or would a different Digimon take Patamon's place? He scowled. While he may no longer consider himself TK, and he held a grudge against all Digimon in general, he would never consent to anyone but Patamon as his partner. They'd been through too much together.

'Only you Patamon, I will accept no one else.' Yamaki promised as his hand clenched the purple and white Digivice tightly. The Head of Hypnos was so consumed with his thoughts; he never noticed the yellow fox Digimon disappear from her hiding place behind a nearby tree.

~Virus Of Hope~

"Man, this stinks. I don't know why I bother with this place. Humans are so borin'." A rough, but youthful voice complained as the owner stared down at the people on the street below. The speaker was a two-foot-tall, purple Digimon with green eyes. With a spaded tail, clawed feet, and large ears, he looked like an imp, which was appropriate seeing as his name was Impmon. The Rookie had a red bandana tied around his neck, matching his gloves in color, with a yellow, evil looking smiley face on his chest.

Impmon had been in the Real World for almost a month now and from what he could tell, humans were pretty lame. Every day he watched them, going to work, home, or someplace else. They kept to themselves, ignoring everyone around them as they were mostly too wrapped up in their own lives. 'What a selfish bunch.' He thought with distaste as one human knocked over another, not even stopping to help or apologize as he sent the person's possessions scattering across the ground.

His green eyes narrowed as he picked up the scent of another Digimon, one that he was pretty sure belonged to an Ogremon, fade from the nearby park. That wasn't surprising really, all Ogremon were losers in his opinion. Impmon smirked as he jumped onto a parallel rooftop. He could have easily beaten that Ogremon if he'd wanted to, but what would be the point of wasting his time on a weakling?

"Bet it was those dumb kids and their pet Digimon that took the chump out." He grumbled sourly as he turned towards the park entrance while making sure to keep his distance. "Yep, here comes foxy now." Impmon muttered as he saw Renamon dash out of the trees briefly before vanishing above the busy street. "Maybe I should go mess with pineapple-head again." Impmon smirked to himself, before remembering how last night had gone. Messing with the Rookie-turned-Champion hadn't ended well for him; he was still feeling the sting from pineapple-head's cheap attack. 'I'll get him back once he's back ta normal.' The Rookie thought with a grimace before smirking again.

"On second thought, maybe I should go find that creampuff of a Digimon. He's always good for a laugh." Deciding to do just that, Impmon went to move only to pause as something caught his eye. A human, one who was definitely not one of those snot-nosed kids, exited the park while staring down at something in its' hand.

For some unknown reason, he immediately felt drawn to the human. He looked over the adult's appearance with more attention than usual, frowning at what he saw. The now identified male wore black clothing, a suit the Rookie believed it was called, but it was filthy and torn in some places. The human's disheveled hair was a blonde color, with his pale narrow face hosting a multitude of fresh scrapes, budding bruises, and patches of dirt. The human held himself stiffly, with his right arm braced up against his side. His left hand though, was holding something that he seemed to be staring at intently.

Curious as to what it was, Impmon jumped down onto a streetlight before leaping over onto a thick branch that was a few feet above the human. He let out a low whistle, mildly impressed with how the human could still walk after all the damage he'd clearly taken. 'He looks like somethin' the Gatomon dragged in, baboom!' With his closer position, the Rookie saw that the human held one of them Digi-whatsits that those kids had.

"Ha, ya gotta be kiddin' me!" He laughed and the human startled only a little before his head shot up. Impmon couldn't tell if he was making eye contact exactly, the man's sunglasses were too dark to see through, but he was sure the human's gaze was focused solely on him. "What sorry excuse of a Digimon is stuck with a sap like you?"

"What was that?" The human asked, sounding irritated, which just made the Rookie's smirk widen.

"Hey c'mon, I know the rules. Any human with one of those Digi-thingies gets a loser Digimon ta follow them around like some sorta lapdog. It makes me so sick I could throw up!" He growled as he pointed at the offensive device. The human seemed to share his opinion as he sneered down at the thingamajig too. His hand clenched around it so tightly, Impmon was surprised the piece of junk didn't break.

"I didn't ask for it. As far as I'm concerned, you Digimon are nothing but trouble." The human snarled back, making Impmon smirk again as he puffed up his chest.

"Ha, ya darn right we are pal, and don't ya forget it! Baboom!" He crowed, both of them ignoring the few people who stopped to point and stare up at him.

"Oh don't worry, I won't." The human continued darkly, his arm pressing even closer to his side. It didn't take a genius like pineapple-head to know that the human was seriously hurting. "And once I perfect the Yuggoth program, you Digimon will be nothing but a bad memory."

"Huh? What's that suppose'ta mean?" He asked while eyeing the odd human warily.

"It means that I'm going to delete every Digimon that trespasses into the Real World."

"Say what? Those sound like fightin' words ta me, pal." Impmon grunted before jumping back onto the streetlight. 'Yeesh, what a creep.' "Lucky for you, I got places ta be, so I'll have ta teach you a lesson next time, human!" He called as he backtracked his way onto the roofs. Impmon firmly told himself that he wasn't running away from the man. He just couldn't be bothered with someone who obviously wasn't worth his time.

~Virus Of Hope~

Yamaki found himself watching the strange Digimon leave longer than was necessary. There was just something… familiar about him. His new Digivice, and it irked him to have to call it that, beeped before a holographic screen appeared above the device. It displayed a picture of the retreating Digimon and gave a brief summary of his statistics.

"Impmon, a Rookie level Virus type–" He cut himself off and gritted his teeth as he glared after the Digimon. He hated Virus types; they were always causing trouble of some kind. "Impmon loves pranks, so he enjoys seeing the embarrassed appearances of his opponents. Don't let his attitude fool you though, with his ability to summon fire and ice attacks, he proves to be a very versatile Digimon." The brief description ate at his insides, forcefully reminding him of Izzy. 'He would've have loved this.' Yamaki thought as he studied the Digivice.

The image of Impmon suddenly disappeared only to be replaced with what looked like a holographic compass that pointed in the direction Impmon had gone. 'Does it want me to go after him?' He shook his head and turned back towards headquarters. Right now all he wanted was for Riley to patch him up so that he could get some sleep. He'd deal with everything else first thing tomorrow morning.

A harsh breeze battered into Yamaki suddenly, causing him to shiver violently. For a second, he thought he could even see his own breath. The feeling of being watched caused him to turn around quickly, aggravating his wounded ribs. A few people stared at him, eyeing his injures with concern or distrust, but he could spy no one that looked suspicious.

Sighing at his own paranoia, he looked up at the sky, finding it layered with dark clouds. 'It's going to rain today.' The idle thought was so normal that it almost felt surreal after everything that had happened in the last hour. He almost broke out into a fit of laughter, but held it in to refrain from looking like a madman. Brushing off the wary feeling, Yamaki continued on his slow trek to Hypnos.

~Virus Of Hope~

A pair of pupil-less red eyes tracked the human's movements before a fanged smile broke over a deathly pale face.

"So the DigiDestined of Hope has awakened, the Master will be most pleased to hear this." The figure chuckled darkly as torn wings spread out from behind its' back, lifting it into the sky with ease. A humanoid shadow traveled swiftly over the crowds of humans. Some looked up, but at seeing nothing, they shrugged and continued on their way. Humans could be so dense when they wanted to be. "Still, it would be a shame to leave before acquiring my new Tamer."

The creature hummed in thought for a second before phasing back into the abandoned building it had taken residence in the past few days. Frost and mist covered the room, with only darkness accompanying the frozen area. It studied the pillars of ice that housed different Digimon, trophies in all sense of the word, and paused in front of the one it had been searching for. With a swipe of its' hand the ice prison shattered, releasing the Rookie Digimon inside, who collapsed to the floor, trembling from the cold and gasping for air.

"Keramon." The Rookie flinched before looking up with wide, terrified eyes. His usually wide smile was noticeably missing as panic spread across his face.

"I-IceDevimon!" The Champion Digimon allowed himself to smirk as the Rookie fell over, crawling on shaking limbs in a futile attempt to get away. The cowering and cries for mercy that quickly followed though were annoying and grated on his nerves.

"Be silent you fool!" He hissed and Keramon had enough sense left to listen and obey. "You are still loyal to the Master, are you not?" The pitiful Rookie stilled for a second before nodding frantically. "Good, then you will return to the Digital World and inform the Master that the DigiDestined of Hope has been awakened."

"Y-You mean t-the one w-who defeated the M-Master long ago? He r-remembers?" Keramon gasped and IceDevimon narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"Is that not what I just said?" He hissed and the Rookie cringed back for fear of being struck. IceDevimon glowered at his trembling form, staying his hand only because he needed the message delivered. "You are able to use the network to return to the Dark Area, correct?"

"Yes." Somehow the pathetic creature managed to answer without stuttering this time.

"Then do so immediately." Keramon nodded anxiously before hastily flying out of the room. IceDevimon chuckled after the ignorant Digimon. He had no doubt that the Master would be both pleased and furious with the news of the human's awakened memories. However, while his temper and actions were almost always unpredictably, IceDevimon fully believed that the Master would likely "shoot" the messenger on this occasion. The Rookie was a dead Digimon walking.

"Bah, better him than me." He shrugged before turning his attention to the little human who had caught his own eye. "Come to me, Digimon Queen. With your strength, I will finally Digivolve to my Ultimate level! Then no one will be able be able to match my power, not even the Master!"

~Virus Of Hope~

Announcer: "Who is this mysterious Master and what connection does he have with the DigiDestined of Hope? Who was the Digimon that erased the DigiDestined's memories? Will Yamaki be reunited with Patamon? Find out on the next episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters!"

Ha, just kidding. But seriously guys, do you have an idea who the Master is? I'll say it right now, it's not Myotismon. That dude already came back at the end of 02, which I thought was a really cool twist till they ruined it by not actually fighting him and using the power of dreams and friendship to be beat him instead. I mean, I love Digimon and all, but c'mon! Seriously, that's the ending they went with? Where's the combat? I think that's why season three is my favorite, there's no lack of fighting here.

As you can already guess, while I intend to keep the core elements of the Digimon show, this is going to be a little bit grimmer and more serious than normal. I always felt that Tamers was the darkest rendition, what with the death of comrades, government and military involvement, and the different fighting style itself. Everything just seemed so much grittier, like they were taking Digimon to the next level. I'm aiming to keep that seriousness as an almost constant throughout my story. There will still be light hearted moments, but those will mostly come from the kids' scenes while Yamaki will have the more serious moments.

Seeing as the premise has been set up, I'm pretty sure most of you can guess the way some things will pan out at this point, so please tell me what you think.