That Eye You Can't Escape

There were always too many eyes on him, even when he was missing a pair.

Yin had always watched him through the water. Then there was Mao and Huang, practically his minders. The memory of Bai. Kirihara and others from the Public Security Bureau. Amber and the other renegades from Evening Primrose. And then, the Syndicate.

And now, no Yin. And the Syndicate was still there, hovering out of reach. And Mao was still there, almost too close to touch. And even if Huang wasn't, Amber wasn't, Bai wasn't… Their spirits, their sacrifices, still hung over him.

They weren't ever going to leave. And Yin – the absence something in his heart screamed at him to fill – wasn't ever going to leave either. If he abandoned her, he'd drown in every watery reflection he passed.

He was going to be watched, regardless.

Then, regardless, he was going to find Yin.