Chapter 3

UNSC Liberty Prime in orbit around Earth

The Titan docked with the UNSC starship as it flew one of the many hangars and slowly deactivated the anti-gravity pack, the gradual loss of propulsion lowering it gently onto the floor, it hit the floor with a metallic thud. The Anti-gravity lift on the upright machine began projecting it's beam unto the floor, the cockpit opened and revealed the occupants inside as they jumped into the beam as they were slowly lowered unto the floor.

Yui and Kazusa landed with only a soft thud and dusted themselves off. With the SPARTAN landing rather noisily as the floor creaked under the pressure of the highly-advanced armor.

They looked forward and unexpectedly, were met with the sight of the four neat lines of Marine that turned to the Spartan himself with a clear salute. They were the welcoming party.

The two were clearly taken aback by the presence of the marines and hesitated to go until the Spartan himself began casually walking through the lines between the marines and went on through the hangar, they could both hear whispers amongst the marines, some not particularly hospitable ones. They opted to follow the Chief instead as they were already familiarized with him to an extent and is almost wholly responsible for saving their lives.

Once they get to the end of the hangar, the door opened and let them through to another hallway, this time with a few navy personnel roaming around and doing their duties, some saluting the Chief and giving a questioning look to his companions. But it was clear that pretty much everyone in the ship had respect for him, with the grand welcoming being the first sign.

Not much conversation occurred at this point as the Spartan's companions were still taking in all the data with an open mind.

That is, until Kazusa remembered she had life-threatening injuries just an hour before.

She groaned and held her injured leg. "Ow..."

The Spartan looked towards them. "The Medical bay is close, or if it hurts too much, let Yui assist you." to which the person in question looked to her friend with a sympathetic gaze.

"Yeah... that would be nice." Kazusa said as Yui helped her up with an arm.


The medical bay was half-empty, with the patients suffering mostly from emotional and mental injuries rather than physical ones. Though there were a few people there with bruises and minor physical injuries, most of them being mechanics and other such workers.

"Master Chief! I rarely see SPARTANs here. But you out of all of them?" one of the doctors on duty approached him.

He pointed to Yui, to which the Doctor shot her a look and spotted her injured friend, he had to look up to start a proper conversation with the Spartan, thereby missing the shorter persons completely.

"Oh, I see, so it isn't you that needs treatment? Well, good to know!" He said as he propped up Kazusa on a nearby bed.

"So where does it hurt?" The Doctor said in a more professional tone to the Japanese youth.

"It's my left leg, I think it's broken." She voiced her complaints to the Doctor in English.

The Doctor took out a Medical Scanner and held it in above Kazusa's left leg, then proceed to move it around her to scan for any other superficial wounds.

"Well, looks like the biofoam the Master Chief gave you saved your life, you would have died of blood loss otherwise, but I can't same the same for your leg, looks like a piece of shrapnel is still inside and impaled the lower part of your left thigh, the only reason you were able to stand for a bit must be because of the adrenaline rush and the biofoam and yes, it looks like your leg is also broken in a much lower area." The Doctor said as he went through the scans.

"Wait, don't tell me you mean... I need to get amputated?" She nervously asked.

"Unfortunately, yes, but-"

"I don't want to! I need it to pilot my TSF!" Kazusa immediately snapped back, to which to Spartan raised a finger to his visor to silence her. She did so and looked down. Yui could only look on with more sympathy, Kazusa belonged to a family that received their high-ranking due to their members having skilled TSF pilots, if she lost a limb, it would prevent her from using a TSF and she would likely be viewed as a hindrance to more nefarious people.

The doctor sighed and continued. "You didn't let me finish, anyway, we'll have to amputate it since it'll be basically useless to you, then we'll flash-clone another one for you." He said.

Once again, they stare at the doctor with a look that only says "What?"

Though both have already seen multiple and undoubtedly impressive feats from the SPARTAN and the ship they were currently in, including energy-shields, invisibility , sub-orbital TSF, portable plasma swords, being able to sneak through the network of satellites surrounding Earth and the ship itself, cloning limbs seemed rather far-fetched.

"You obviously don't look like you were on this ship, so I'm just gonna assume that the Master Chief brought you here to treat your injuries and give us information on this planet, to which Captain Lasky agreed to due to his nature." The doctor deduced.

"That... is actually what happened." The SPARTAN slowly confessed.

Though he had thought that only the bridge had been updated on the situation at the moment, it really wasn't all to hard to deduce, at least that was what he thought personally.

"I thought as much, either way, we'll have to give you a dose of Polypseudomorphine and start the process, it should take two to three hours maximum as the flesh is relatively undamaged."

"So... you can really make me a new leg?" Kazusa asked.

"Yes we can. We can start the procedure immediately."

Yui turned to her and they both smiled before replying. "That would be great!"

"Then we may begin." The Doctor took out a bottle from the wall and poured one of the contents, a condeine tablet into his hand and offered it to Kazusa, who promptly took it.

"I must ask you to leave as this task will require focus and precision, the process as I've said before, should take a maximum of three hours, return by then to pick her up." The Doctor turned to the Spartan and Yui.

"We'll be back." Yui assured her friend before following the SPARTAN as he walked away.


With the immediate task at hand done, the Spartan set off to the bridge along with Yui. The Captain agreed to bring them to the ship for them to help out in the information gathering, after all, what better way to know about a planet than asking a native?

The situation of the Spartan's encounter with them were also convenient, caught in a death trap in the middle of the battlefield and with no one to come to their rescue other than the SPARTAN, it would be the perfect moment to ask for their help without anyone raising an eyebrow at their disappearance.

"Where are we headed Chief?" Yui asked him as they continued traversing the hallways of the great ship.

The futuristic designs of the ship still left Yui hanging as each door they went through showed a completely different area, all of which are needed for the ship.

"We're going to meet with the Captain."

"So this is still a ship huh? And that reminds me, you're not really a Special operative from any country in Earth are you?"

"No, but I am a Spartan."

"What's a Spartan?"

"A supersoldier. We'll be going through the Spartan deck. As the name applies, the Spartan-IVs are there." Chief said as the next door opened.

What Yui saw next left her speechless once again, there were dozens if not hundreds of large and tall soldiers in the room thought not as tall as the Spartan beside her, some fighting in hand-to-hand while others were using training equipment like treadmills, there was a path through the middle separating the training equipment and the CQC mats. It was plainly obvious that they were all supersoldiers considering their build and how those on the CQC mats fought, not a single one of them looked weak.

Once the Master Chief entered the room, all of the people in the room ceased their activities and took a good look at him as the towering giant that strided over the room. Their eyes were filled with admiration, respect and many more, after the war, SPARTAN-Iis were almost completely well-received by the UNSC, and it was no small part due to the specific SPARTAN-II in the room and his actions, which saved humanity on multiple occasions, they no longer looked at them in disgust and called them by obscene names. Even the ODSTs had ceased to do so as the SPARTAN-II casualties were revealed after the war, one of the Iis had saved one of their own many times, so they had made peace with the remaining Iis.

Those looks made Yui uncomfortable, it meant that the man beside her had achievements far beyond what others did in the call of duty if the stares given by the other obvious supersoldiers in the room were any indication.

They continued on and reached the transport system on the ship, it looked like a cross between a pod and a MagLev, they sat down parallel to each other. The system began sending the pod through the ship in a high speed up to the bridge of the 5 kilometer ship.

"What are the BETA?" Chief simply asked, he really had no idea what they were as he was only playing along earlier.

"The BETA are alien lifeforms that we have been at war with for decades, you've fought them earlier but you don't know?"

"I'll let the Captain deal with explaining most of our origins, but in simple terms, we're not from here."

"Why didn't you ask earlier? And what do you mean you're not from here? Everyone on this ship are human aren't they? Except those... what do you call them? Engineers?" They had encountered the Huragoks earlier while on the Medibay, with the Chief explaining their origins and purposes.

"It would have broken my cover. I was in a reconnaissance mission to see what's going on in the planet, also, our homeworld is Earth and is almost exactly the same as yours, however, there are differences and we got here when we discovered an artifact that was left by our predecessors, the Forerunners,, it seems as the Forerunners had wanted us to discover your world, as for why, I am not sure myself."

"Seeing you fight earlier, will you help us fight BETA? It doesn't matter where you're from, we need your help, with your advanced technology, you'll be great allies against the BETA!"

"I'm at no liberty to make that decision, ask the Captain for that, we are stranded here, away and lost from the rest of our forces, I doubt that the Captain would want to lose any more people than he needs to by helping your people to fight the BETA, especially seeing as they are not our problem."

"I know but, if you don't help, many more will die, like what happened to my friends..."

"We'll make due of that very soon." The Spartan concluded as the transport stopped and the door opened.


At the bridge, things were unusually calm, there were no enemies to fight, no reports to file, and no orders coming from HIGHCOM, most of the people in the bridge had returned to their cabins as nothing was going on, though some of them were finding it hard to come to terms with being stranded in uncharted space and the possibility that they won't see their loved ones again

In the room was the man of the ship, Captain Lasky, he went over to the Spartan and Yui as soon as he saw them.

"Sir!" The Spartan saluted as the Captain approached them.

"At ease Master Chief." he said to which Chief lowered his hand.

He turned towards his companion. "I'm Captain Thomas Lasky, Commander of this ship, the UNSC Liberty Prime."

"2nd Lieutenant Yui Takamura sir!"

"You're part of the military?"

"I'm a TSF pilot sir. So, yes."

"Ah, those mechs that looked like the Titan?"

"Yes, TSF stands for Tactical Surface Fighter, we use them to fight the BETA, other conventional weapons haven't been as effective so we rely on TSFs for frontline battles."

"So I've seen on the video feeds that the Master Chief uploaded. You may want to take a seat, we're going to explain our part of the story.

End Of Chapter.

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