Steve was up and running early the next morning. Normally when he took a run after his lessons it was to get the memories under control. This morning he had to clear his head for entirely different reasons.

Barton. Natasha. Lessons. Me. Those words, those thoughts repeated themselves oveer and over again like a mantra.

Natasha. A beautiful woman who did things on her own terms.

Barton. A team member of his and a close friend or maybe more of Natasha's.

The lessons. So physical, so intimate. Was it possible to do those things with someone without wanting more nowadays? Heck guys could be like that, he'd seen it even in his own day, but could a woman?

And me. Friend of one, team mate of the other and not the sort of guy to take another guys girl.

Steve was at a loss. Was it best to put a stop to the lessons for the sake of everyone's feelings and honour? Was it best to focus on only the emotional and dating side to keep from offending her and from stopping the lessons all together?

Steve decided to trust in Natasha and for her to broach the subject. Now all he had to do was wait for her and for the next lesson. The text for the next lesson came two days later.

Tonight 6pm. Be ready.

Be ready? Be ready for what? What could she possibly have planned? Well I'd better be ready for anything. Steve thought.

Steve tidied his apartment and watched some of the DVDs she had left. The activity gave Steve a suitable distraction from all the thoughts and dilemmas. At long last Steve heard the familiar knock on teh door at precisely 6pm.

Steve opened the door and there she was, wearing jeans and a button down top. Steve had never seen her wear one before and never even knew she had one.

"Evening Rogers." Natasha spoke, her voice low and husky.

"Natasha." He replied, his volume and tone matching hers.

He let her in and closed the door behind her. He was surprised to see that she didn't go to the couch as per usual but instead stood at the entrance to his bedroom.

"Natasha?" He questioned.

"I thought tonight we could start our lesson in here."

Steve gulped. Not only was this completely unexpected but he had failed to clean his room.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"N..No" Steve faltered.

"Relax, Cap. Tonight's lessons isn't what you think." She reassured him.

Steve let out a sigh of relief.

"So... are you coming?" Natasha teased as she sauntered into his room.

Steve needed no second invitation and quickly joined her. she sat at the far edge of his bed, her legs crossed at the ankles and she leaned back on her arms. She inclined her head to the empty spot on the bed next to her. Steve sat down, his head turned away. His heart beat faster than it had ever before. Again he felt just how inexperienced he was. Natasha reached over, her hand cupped his jaw and turned it towards her.

"Look at me." She commanded.

He obeyed.

"For now we are just going to kiss. We aren't going to have sex or do anything that involves taking off our pants." She reassured him.

Steve looked relieved. "So shall we get started?" He asked.

Natasha smiled. "Such an eager student."

Steve took that as permission and closed the distance between them. His lips soft but desperate after being kept from hers for so long. Natasha melted into him, no resistance was possible. The intensity between them was electric after the last session, the reward after the trial he had endured. Steve was dominant, his lips and hands sought every part of her exposed flesh; her neck, he ears, her lips. Natasha hands ran over his back pulled him in closer, clawed at him when he attacked her neck. She wanted more.

"Stop." She moaned.

Steve pulled away abruptly. "Did I hurt you? I'm sorry."

"No. That's not it. I want more."

"If you want more then why did you tell me to stop?" Steve asked confused.

"I want more;" Natasha paused as she undid the second button of her shirt. "Of my body kissed and touched by you."

Steve didn't know what to do. Part of him wanted to cover her up in a blanket and preserve her modesty and his dignity. Another more vocal part wanted to undo all the buttons on her shirt right now and let their mutual passion take over. Steve settled on the middle ground of doing what she wanted. Steve reached out for the next button on her shirt but found his hand was slapped away by hers. Steve looked up at her, hurt.

"You just said you wanted more."

"I did and I do. Todays lesson is about getting a girl out of her top. "

Steve looked at her skeptically like she was stating the obvious.

Natasha caught his look. "I'm not talking about undoing buttons or pulling a top off a girl, Rogers. I'm talking about making her want to take it off. Taking it slow and making her feel beautiful and sex."


"It is important. Rush and she'll think you are only after sex and leave. Take too long and she won't feel sexy or attractive. It is all about her pleasure."

"So how do I do it? How do I make a woman want to," Steve flushed as he said the next part "take her shirt off?"

Natasha found his shyness mixed with his eagerness funny and endearing. She carefully weighed her words before answering.

"You make her feel sexy. You make her feel like you worship every part of her. Not just the obvious parts but all of her. Make her believe that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, the personification of the goddess Aphrodite. Make her feel confident, beautiful and safe to show herself. "

"But Natasha, you are those things. You are beautiful, confident and you know it. Why do I need to tell you that?" Steve asked confused.

"Because Rogers, all women, regardless of how they present themselves, have doubts about these things even if only for a moment."

"All women? Even you?"

"You didn't call me sexy, Cap." Natasha teased, with a serious edge to her voice.

"" Steve stammered.

"You're not shy about that word are you?" Natasha asked.

Steve couldn't reply.

"Sex. Sexy. Sexual." Natasha pronounced loud and clear.

Steve turned redder and redder with each word.

"My, my, Cap. After all we've done, you still can't say these words? However will you manage when you do have sex?"

Steve actually sputtered when she said that. "What? I thought ... tonight... just your top ... not ready ... for.. for.. th"

"Sex." Natasha cut him off. "You're not ready for "sex." Not "that" Rogers. You need to get comfortable saying it."

"I... No.."

"If you say it, I'll undo a button on my shirt." Natasha offered.

That seemed to clear right through Steve's embarassment.


"I said "If you say the word sex then I will undo a button on my shirt." This one right here." Natasha pointed at the next button down, the one right between her breasts.

"Natasha ... I..."

"Shh." She placed a finger over his lips. "I already promised that we wouldn't have sex. And I thought you wanted to kiss me after our past few sessions."

"I ... I do. I want to kiss you. Just you saying that word makes me ... we didn't exactly talk about it back in my day." Steve explained.

"Talk about what?" Natasha asked innocently.

"About.. About sex." Steve blurted out.

"I think we've had enough talking about it for now. " Natasha smiled and indid a button on her top.

Steve's eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of her bra before Natasha lips softly met his. he was gentle, inviting and let him take the lead. Steve forgot about how she had just teased and tormented him and was now losts to the feeling of his lips and hands on her body. He held her close and turned so she was underneath him. He peppered kisses along her neck, getting lower, his hands softly moving apart the unbuttoned top of her shirt, granting him greater excess.

"Oh! Ah! Rogers!" She cried out.

"Hmmm... Natasha."

"Take your shirt off." She moaned.

Steve slowly pulled the white t-shirt he was wearing over his head and tossed it aside. He wasn't self concious about his physique but was a bit nervous as he hadn't really been shirtless with a woman before.

"I think that deserves another button." He murmured into her ear.

"Oh really?" She asked defiantly, a hint of being offended in her tone.

Steve blushed and looked bashful. "I'm sorry, Maám. It was very forward of me."

"No. This," Natasha pushed her hips up into his, making him gasp from the sudden pressure and friction. "Is you being forward."

Steve bit down on his lip to help regain his control. his lust and decency warring inside him, his decency claiming the upper hand. He kissed her lips again as his hands traced over her arms to the next button on her top. He pulled away from her and his hand hovered over her shirt.

"May I undo this next button, Ma'am?"

Natasha nodded her consent and quivered in anticipation. Steve struggled to get his fingers to work the small button on her top, his eagerness and nervousness making his fingers clumsy. He fiddled for 15 seconds and frowned in frustration. Natasha giggled and brushed his hands away, taking over the task and undoing all the buttons herself, slowly, sensuously.

Steve stopped and stared at her. He had never seen a topless woman before and was in awe of how amazing it was. Her smooth creamy flesh, soft skin and curvaceous yet athletic body. Her pert, full breasts contained in a black bra. Steve let a slow breath out.

"You're making me feel self conscious Rogers. You haven't stopped staring or said anything for over a minute." Natasha teased.

"Its just... wow. I never... you're beautiful, Natasha."

Steve moved closer and kissed her lips deeply, passionately, affectionately. He kissed her neck getting lower, taking his time over her collar bones. Lower, lower until his lips found the top of her breasts. Tentatively he stroked a finger along the top of one and seeing her positive reaction he brought his lips down to it and kissed hard, nipping and sucking.

Natasha squirmed and cried out as Steve increased intensity. "Rogers, stop or you'll give me... AH!"

Steve pulled back and saw he had left a red mark like the one she had made on his neck.

"You'll pay for that Rogers." Natasha said.

"I know." He replied.

She pulled him close to her, the warm bare skinof his torso against hers. She shifted underneath him and in a fluid motion shad flipped and rolled him so he was now on his back underneath her. It was her turn to admire his shirtless form, the well sculpted muscles and smooth slightly pale skin. He was a sight to behold.

And now time for revenge. Natasha thought.

Natasha kissed firmly. hungrily down from his jaw to his neck, stopping just short of leaving a mark. Steve was moaning and gasping, a prisoner to his desire. Natasha to continued lower and lower. She got right to the edge of where his pants started and kissed along it, teasing him. She stopped over his left hip and kissed around the area, her eyes carefully watching Steve's face for a reaction. In one spot he exhaled sharply and she knew she had found it. There was a cluster of nerves that when stimulated just right... she kissed harder.

"AH! Natasha! What are ... Wow! Urh!"

Natasha increased the intensity. She wanted to punish him, to test him, to push him further and pleasure him.

"Urgh! Wait! AHH! Ah! My God!" Steve cried out.

Natasha abruptly pulled her lips from him before she climbed onto his lap and straddled his hips. She leaned forward to kiss him, her breasts brushed his torso. Steve had almost reached his breaking point. He grabbed her hair and pulled her into a deep hard kiss, his lips bucked against hers. Natasha knew what was going to happen and, with some difficulty, pulled free and slid off him and the bed.

"Stand down, Rogers." She commanded.

"I'm sorry! Natasha, I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me."

"I do. And I don't think you are ready for it yet."

"I'm sorry Ma'am." Steve closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, regaining his control. "So.. If I promise to only kiss you can we continue?"

"I don't think you can." Natasha replied, her eyes stared intensely into his.

Steve felt his passions rise and knew that, for now at least, she was right. He broke the gaze, his eyes downcast, defeated. Natasha reached for her shirt and slowly buttoned it up, her back to Steve who still couldn't look at her. She turned.

"You did really well Rogers."

"I got carried away, Ma'am. A captain should have more control than that."

"Don't be so hard on yourself Cap. That's my job."

Steve rolled his eyes at her. She smiled at having drawn him out of his guilt.

"I'll see myself out. Goodnight, Cap."

"Goodnight Natasha."

Natasha left the bedroom and stopped in the bathroom to straighten up her hair and check for any visible hickeys before leaving.

Authors Note

Hello All,

I do plan on updating this story once a week.

However I do my writing in pen and paper and then have to type it all up - very fun.

I am working on the next chapter in pen form and should hopefully have it up for Sunday or Tuesday.