Chapter two! :D

Hope and Lilac were sitting in the courtroom talking with Anna and Elsa, when one of Elsa's ministers came through the door.

"Your highness, there is a ship requesting to dock at the ports."

Elsa stopped chatting with Lilac and turned to address him.

"Well, of course they can dock. Where is the ship from, Kai?"

"The Southern Isles, your highness."

The girls could see the concern in Elsa's face as she got up.

"…Alright. But I would wish to speak to the passengers personally."

"The Southern Isles…isn't that where-"

Lilac clamped a hand over Hope's mouth.

"Don't say his name!"

Hope looked confused.

"Why? Is he like Voldemort?"

Lilac smacked Hope upside the head.

"Don't say HIS name either!"

Anna looked over at Hope.

"Who's Voldemort?"

Hope was about to answer her, when Lilac gave her a death glare.

"DON'T answer that."

Elsa, who now had on her cloak, turned to face them.

"Would you like to come down to the port with me?"

Hope and Lilac grinned.


Hope and Lilac were walking down to the port with Elsa and Anna, when Hope tripped and practically fell down a flight of stairs. Elsa gasped, and Anna covered her eyes.

Lilac shrugged, sliding down the banister and landing beside Hope.

"She does this ALL the time. She's fine."

Hope got up and waved her arms.


Elsa looked relieved.

"Oh thank God."

Anna jumped on the banister and slid down.


When they reached the port, Elsa gasped.

"Oh no…"

"What?" Anna ran up beside her, and her face fell.

"Ah no…"

Hope and Lilac looked confused.

"What?" Lilac looked over the ship, and she whispered to Hope.

"That's Prince Hans's ship."

"Ohhhhh…" Hope ran up to the ship and started kicking it.

"Hope! NO! Bad girl! Don't make me get the squirt gun again!" Lilac yelled, running after her.

Just then, Prince Hans stepped off the ship.

Anna looked positively furious, and the air around Elsa grew substantially colder.

Lilac managed to pry Hope off of the ship, when she saw Hans.

"Seriously?! That guy is still alive? I thought he died!"

"Who?" Hope looked up and saw Hans.

"Oh…him." She glared in his direction.

"Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, it is a pleasure to see you again."

Anna stuck her tongue out at him.

"Why didn't they execute you yet?"

"Anna!" Elsa exclaimed, but then she remembered who she was talking to.

"Then again…it is a pity that you're still alive…"

Hans smiled sardonically, before Hope ran up to him and kicked him in the shins.


Hope looked very proud if herself.

Lilac ran up behind her, and came face-to-face with a VERY angry Hans.


"I kicked him in the shins."

"Smart move, genius! NOW what are you gonna do? He's like…a LOT bigger than us! He could kill-"

But before Lilac could finish, Hope had already jumped on Han's back and was smacking him on the head.

"Spin! Spin! SPIN!"

"Get OFF of me, little girl!"

Lilac whistled.

"Oooo…You're gonna get it now…"

Hope began strangling Hans, Lilac was taking pictures with her phone, and Hans was attempting to crawl away. Then Hope found a tree branch somewhere and started hitting Hans with it.


Elsa and Anna just stood there.

"…Is it wrong for me to be slightly enjoying watching her beat him up?" Elsa asked, as Hope was jumping onto Hans's back again.

Anna shrugged.

"Not really, considering what he tried to pull…He deserves it."

Hope kicked Hans somewhere very painful, before beating him up against the side of a boat and pushing him into the water.

Lilac, Anna and Elsa just stood there.

Elsa was shocked.

"…I cannot believe you actually did that…"

Hope smiled.

"I take karate!"

"So do I!" Lilac said, slightly offended.

"It's just that Hope was doing a pretty good job by herself…"

Anna nodded, and Elsa laughed.

"I finally see the resemblance, Anna junior."

Anna made a face, but eventually started laughing, along with Elsa, Lilac and Hope.

Lilac stopped laughing for a second.

"Wait…Hope? Hans is still alive, right?!"



"I…think so…"

"Great. Cause I wanna beat him up too."

What should we do now? Ideas? :)