Authors note: This story was an answer to a challenge on The challenge was to either write your favorite character as a bad guy, or a character you dislike as good. I must admit that it's been hard to write a story like this, though it only took about 15 minutes (not my best story so far) but writing horrible things about my favorite Star Wars character, that was tough. Not as tough as it would have been writing nice things about Jar Jar, so I went for this one :) Disclaimer: This is on Will it then be likely for me to own ANYTHING!?! *sob* As much as I would like it, I do not own anything besides the plot.

Remember what I told you?

"Hey there, handsome." The princess came out of the fresher, a robe tucked around her, drying her hair with a towel. She bent down and gave Han a quick kiss. He kissed back. Not passionate, just a small kiss as a return. He didn't bother to do anything else. They'd been married for over a month now, and Han was getting bored. Not that he had ever been interested in the princess, she was just a part of the plan. Sadly, the plan was getting boring, but it would be worth it. He had managed to stay as long as he had, and now it was time for the final step.

"Remember when we first met?" Leia was going to start one of her infamous mushy chats. Han wondered how he'd survived them all. However, now was not the time to start a fight. "How could I forget, sweetheart." How he hated to call her that, but she loved it, so he had to do it. Time to get cocky, he thought. For some reason Han didn't quite understand, the Princess had always looked at his cockiness as a part of his charm. The charm that made her marry him.

"You where all over me, from the very beginning." "Why you.. nerf-herder! You were the one who couldn't keep your eyes of me! You were totally infatuated" She smiled her most charming smile. It had, however, no effect on Han, and this time, he did not even pretend that it had. "Do you remember what I told you, right after we got of the Death Star? Aboard the Falcon?" he asked, as smoothly as possible. "What?" she purred, looking lovingly over at him with her beautiful brown eyes. Han leaned back in his chair, his hand moving below the table. Leias face twitched in agony and surprise as the red bolt of light penetrated her. He looked at him with pleading eyes, eyes that asked for an answer.

"I told you," he said once again. "That I'm in it for the money."

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