Disclaimer: I own nothing for the show 'Rick & Morty', I simply enjoy writing about it.
Pairing/Ship: Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez.
Plot: Morty begins to develop feelings for his grandpa Rick. (It's a cartoon. Not real.)

Chapter Two: Morty begins questioning his dream while attempting to avoid his grandpa. Rick begins to notice a change in Morty's behavior.

I promise to update this soon! I know I may have gotten at least seven ppl's hopes up with this update and it's not even a chapter. I moved recently and have NO internet. As soon as it's hooked up I will publish the next two chapters. I want to take this slow, but not this slow! GEEZ! Anyway. I want to move into the story slowly. Make sure everything is understandable and has a good plot! I promise to update soon, thank you for the reviews, and I hope to be posting a real chapter in a week!