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Chapter One

The craft flew soundless through the vastness of space, the sole occupant buckling himself into the pilot seat as the timer counted down to his arrival. Sighing, he closed his eyes and brushed a hand through his bangs.

Ten years.

Ten long years since he had left his home, his family, behind him. It was finally over. He was finally going home.

An automated voice broke his thoughts, informing him that he was nearing his destination. He looked up to see a huge planet in front of his craft, closing in quickly. As the planets heavy gravity took a hold of his ship he began to prepare for landing, gritting his teeth as the ship began to shake and shudder under the pressure.

Clearing the atmosphere he messaged the landing crew, informing them of his incoming. Not a minute later a transmission was sent back, sending him landing co-ordinates which he calibrated into the ships system, letting the ships autopilot do the rest.

He felt his heart tighten as familiar buildings rushed past him, finally coming upon the Great Palace where his craft began to slow, coming to a stop just outside the palace grounds and above the Army Terminal.

Taking his ship off auto-pilot, he took control of the ship and began to descend, landing the ship perfectly in the landing zone as if he did this everyday. Letting loose a breath he didn't know he had been holding, the pilot powered down the craft and unbuckled his belt, opening the ship door and exiting.

A squadron of soldiers stood a few feet away from the landing zone, standing to attention as he exited and saluting him. A tall man at the front, his hair as wild as the look in his eyes, folded his arms and smirked at him. "So! You're finally here!"

The pilot grinned wildly seeing the man. "Raditz! I didn't expect to see you till later!?"

Raditz barked a laugh and strode forward, grabbing the younger man in a bear hug and lifting him off the floor. "Kakarotto! How I've missed you little brother! Ten year was much too long!".

Kakarot laughed as Raditz squeezed him. "I've missed you too brother!", he replied. As Raditz plopped him back on his feet, he saluted him, Raditz returning the gesture before barking at the squadron to start unloading the ship. The two began to walk inside the terminal, Raditz throwing an arm around his younger brothers shoulders, ruffling his already wild hair.

"You look well Kakarot! You must tell me all about your mission as soon as you return from debriefing" Raditz raised an eyebrow. "The King as asked to see you personally. Did you really manage negotiations between Vegeta-sei and this...Earth-sei?"

Kakarot laughed and patted Raditz on the back. "I'll tell you everything later. First, I need to make sure everything I brought back with me is secure".

"Well don't take too long...the King expects you in his council chambers in one hour" Raditz stepped away. "I'll be by your quarters then to take you to them". With a wave, he smiled and walked away, barking orders at the soldiers around him.

Kakarot smiled as he watched his brother walk away then followed the soldiers moving his things into the barracks.

Yes it was good to be home.

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