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It wasn't often that Harry had the chance to ride in the car with his relatives. In fact, Harry could remember every time he had ever been in the vehicle, a total of six times, including this trip. The first time he was so excited, until he realized just how bad it was sitting next to his cousin Dudley. Dudley was no small boy, compared to Harry, he would be considered incredibly overweight. That assumption would be correct too, as he never went hungry, unlike Harry, who had been trying to forget his hunger for the better part of the day. Dudley made every car ride unbearable. He would take up most of the small backseat, pushing Harry against the door. At least, if Harry were to look on the bright side, he could watch the passing scenery.

On this car ride, Harry was even more uncomfortable than usual. You see, the only reason Harry had been allowed to go on this trip, was that his usual babysitter had taken ill. The entire family had decided to make a day of London, and Harry had enjoyed that, but before they had left he had filled himself up on water from the tap in the bathroom. Now, he was regretting that, as he was certain his bladder would burst.

"Uncle Vernon," Harry said quietly, not wanting to anger the man. "I need to go the bathroom."

"What was that boy?" Uncle Vernon retorted, looking back at the small boy through the rearview mirror.

"I really need to pee," Harry stated.

"Well you can just hold it until we get home," Vernon said.

Harry sighed and didn't say anymore. He learned long ago that it wasn't wise to speak against anything his uncle said.

Half an hour later though he was starting to struggle even more. Dudley had been making a game of pushing him against the door, and his bladder wasn't getting any relief.

"Uncle Vernon, please can we pull over, I've got to go," Harry whined, feeling his eyes well up with tears.

"Now listen here boy, just because you decided not to use the bathroom before we left doesn't mean you're going to get a special treatment now. You'll hold it until we get home," his uncle replied.

Harry wasn't sure what to say, but he knew his uncle wouldn't stop. He also knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold it in any longer, and he started to cry.

"What's wrong now boy?" Uncle Vernon snapped, looking back at him again with a steely gaze.

"I can't hold it," Harry whispered, before he burst into an all out sob.

"Ewww," Dudley commented from his side of the seat. "Harry peed the seat!"

"He what?!" Uncle Vernon shouted, and he immediately pulled over to the side of the road. "Did you pee yourself boy? Did you?"

Harry cried and slowly nodded his head. "I couldn't hold it," he sobbed, trying to defend himself.

"That's it," Vernon said turning around to face his nephew. "Get out. You can walk the rest of the way."

"Vernon," Petunia said, an uncomfortable feeling weighing on her shoulders. "He can't just walk home, he's only four years old! He'll get lost! Or kidnapped."

"He'll be fine. You just follow the road, and tomorrow you'll be cleaning this car top to bottom, you hear me?"

"I'm sorry," Harry cried. "Please don't make me walk home!"

"You should have thought of that before you peed in my car! Now get out and start walking!"

Harry had barely gotten out of the car before Dudley had slammed the door back shut. He knew he should have held on harder, but he just couldn't. He stood there for a moment, watching the car get smaller and smaller, when he realized that it was soon going to get dark, and he wasn't entirely sure how to get home from where ever he was. It didn't take him long to start walking, but with his little legs he was positive that when he finally got home, it would be the next day and he would be expected to start cleaning the car.

His tears hadn't subsided either, they kept running down his small face every time he thought of what happened. Why did his uncle have to be so mean to him? Why did his aunt never do more to defend him? It was like they didn't love him, Harry thought. Then he realized that's because they didn't love him. He wasn't their Duddykins. He was Boy, and Freak. Or rather, his name was Harry, but they never referred to him as such. He had only learned of his name because he had to be registered for school, and his aunt had sat him down and told him.

Looking up Harry was sad to see that there still wasn't really any traffic, no one was going to save him. Then he saw the forest, and he realized that maybe he could just go in there. There would be cover, and probably some scary animals, but maybe he could find a cave, or a house, or something. Deciding he didn't want to walk next the road anymore, that there could be someplace to hide, Harry quickly made his way to the edge of the forest. And with little to no thought, he entered the woods.

The night sky had fallen quite a while ago, and Harry was starting to really feel the chill in the air. It finally succumbed to him that he was never going to find a cave, or a house, or any place to stay. He would be forced to sleep next to a tree, not that that was the least of his worries. He just hoped that no animal would come near him during the night. Finally he stopped, and he looked up at the few stars he could see pass the tree tops. He really liked the stars. On some of the few nights he had been trapped outside he would often make wishes upon them.

Harry let a small, sad, smile fall on his face, as he made his hundredth wish to the stars. "I wish that when I get back, they'll finally love me like they're suppose to." It was with those words that he fell asleep against the thick trunk of the large tree he had propped himself up against.

He woke up to a deep and rough voice, before he realized that someone was carrying him somewhere. When he started fighting against it, the voice realized he was awake, and hurried to calm the small boy.

"You are alright young one, you will be safe and warm."

Harry's face was pressed tightly to the persons chest, but he could make out that it was definitely a man carrying him. There was also something in the mans voice that made Harry trust him, a certain quality that he had only heard before when his aunt or uncle were speaking to his cousin.

"What is your name young one?" the man's voice asked, pulling Harry from his thoughts.

"Fre-, I mean Harry, Harry Potter," he replied, hoping that this stranger wouldn't ask any questions about his almost slip. He thanked the stars when the man let it slide. "Who are you?"

"My name is Uriah. Can you tell me, Harry Potter, what you are doing in the forest so late at night? And all alone?" Uriah asked.

Harry bit his lip, but nodded against the man's chest. "I was a bad boy, so Uncle Vernon told me to walk home, and I thought that this forest would be a short cut, but then it got dark and I got tired, so I had to take a rest, and I fell asleep."

"A forest is no place for a young boy to be all alone," Uriah commented.

Harry merely shrugged. "I can walk, you don't need to carry me, I'm not a baby."

Uriah chuckled, but set him down all the same. It was then Harry realized that he must be dreaming, for this wasn't a man, it was a half man half horse! He just dreamed that this... man was being so nice to him. No one was ever nice to him. Tears quickly sprang back to his eyes and slid down his cheeks faster than before. It soon turned to all out sobs as Uriah had kneeled down on his front legs, a concerned look touching every feature of his face.

"What has upset you Harry Potter? Do you wish for me to carry you some more?"

"I don't want to wake up!" Harry cried, and he looked into Uriah's eyes so deeply that Uriah could see the past suffering the young child had endured.

"What makes you think you're dreaming?"

"You aren't real! I should have known 'cause no one would be nice to a freak like me! Now I'm going to wake up and I'll have to find my way back home still, and Uncle Vernon will be angry because I didn't get home last night, and he'll just put me in my cupboard for a week!" Harry wailed, and Uriah could only just make out what he was saying.

Uriah of course knew exactly who the boy was, as the stars had foretold these certain events happening, he just would have never guessed that Harry would be finding his herd. "Harry Potter, young one, you are not dreaming, I assure you," Uriah spoke calmly, picking the boy back up, and comforting him. "You won't have to go back to those people or that place, I promise."

"No, I'm dreaming, and I'm going to wake up! Why don't you get it?" Harry had to stop speaking for every word had turned to a spluttered mess.

Uriah sighed, and looked to the stars above them, and started humming a calming melody. It didn't take Harry too much longer to fall back to sleep, and once he had, Uriah made his way as quick as he could back to the compound. He gently set the sleeping boy in his own bed, a large pile of hay, and quietly made his way out of the small enclosure.

"Jevin," Uriah stated, finally spotting his leader. "What the stars spoke of has happened, Harry Potter has found us."

Another centaur, Alfrik, was standing next to the leader, and he scoffed. "He does not belong here."

"Yet he is, as the stars foretold," Jevin stated, turning to speak more with Uriah.

"He should be with his own people," Alfrik said, gaining the herd leaders attention once more.

Jevin fixed his gaze on the younger centaur, and took a moment to study the man. Alfrik had always been outspoken about other cultures, happy that they were separated from what he thought of as lesser beings. But Jevin never bought in to that, and rightly claimed his title of leader when the time had come, something Alfrik hadn't been too happy about, but that's the way it had fallen, and the way it would be.

"He stays with us," he finally spoke. "Do you wish to keep talking?" The hint of a threat laced in those words was enough to send Alfrik away, but not without glaring at Uriah, who had brought the boy to the camp.

"He won't change his mind," Uriah stated, watching as the centaur entered his own small enclosure.

"He does not need to, he just needs to remember who the leader is," Jevin replied, turning his full attention to the smaller centaur.

"And will that be enough?" Uriah asked, his mind momentarily slipping away on the reason that brought him before his leader, and on to the politics involved in the camp.

"With the moon at my call, it should be," Jevin answered. "Now tell me about finding the boy."

"He was convinced that he was dreaming. When I found him he was asleep against a tree. The people that he was with told him to walk home after he was a bad boy, I didn't ask what he meant. He thinks himself a freak, and he claimed that his uncle would be putting him in his cupboard for a week for not getting home. I finally calmed him down enough for him to fall back asleep, but he will definitely need a caring hand at his side," Uriah explained.

"What of the wizards?" Jevin questioned, "Does he know of that world?"

"I don't think so, but they'll come for him," Uriah said, turning his gaze towards his enclosure.

"Indeed," Jevin replied. "Let us put up a ward, when the time comes for him to go to Hogwarts, we will take it down. Until then, you will take him into your arms. Give him his missing history, teach him the basics, what he needs to know. When he's ready, he will take classes like the rest of the young ones. Now, let us gather those we need, the ward will need our power."

Uriah nodded and followed his leader about the camp, waking a few of the elders from their sleep. When they had finally had the ward up, and he was finally in his enclosure, Harry was waking up again. He watched the young boy for a moment, as reality dawned on him, and his own sad smile appeared on his face at the tears the refilled the young boys eyes. "I promised you weren't dreaming young one." Harry immediately looked up at the centaur, but he could not find the words to speak.

Uriah used his silence to get himself situated for the night, before he started to speak again. "It's still not time to be awake, do you wish to hear a bedtime story?"

"A bedtime story? Like what Aunt Petunia does for Dudley?" Harry questioned. He had not moved from his spot, that he realized was a mound of hay, and before Uriah could say anything, Harry asked another question. "What are you?"

Uriah smiled down at the boy, before answer him. "I am a centaur, a being that is not uncommon in the magical world."

"Magical world? And I'm not dreaming, right?"

"No, young one, you are not," Uriah answered. "Now settle down. This is a story you want to hear." And with that, he told Harry the story of the Boy-Who-Lived, ending it by mentioning that the boy had a trademark scar, a lightning bolt on his forehead. When Harry reached up to his forehead, brushing against the never-fading scar, Uriah nodded. "Yes, you are the Boy-Who-Lived, but we can talk more about it tomorrow, for now, get some more sleep. It will be morning soon, and you have much to learn."

The next day Harry woke to the smell of a freshly cooked breakfast. It took a few more minutes before the events came back to him and he realized where he was. His eyes immediately snapped open and he looked around until he found Uriah, sitting peacefully on a different mound of hay, watching him.

"Good morning to you, Harry Potter," Uriah said, taking the plate of food from the small table between them and handing it to the boy. "Did you sleep well?"

Harry slowly took the offered food, before he answered. "Yes sir. Are you finished?"

"Finished with what?" Uriah asked, confusion clear for Harry to hear.

"With your breakfast? I'm sorry I didn't wake up in time to make it, I guess I was more tired than I thought," Harry answered, bowing his head.

"Young one, why would you make me breakfast? You are a guest here, a honored guest at that. That food is yours," Uriah explained, his dark eyebrows still furrowed.

"I always make breakfast, and dinner sometimes, Aunt Petunia makes lunch because I'm always too busy with my other chores to go in and do that," Harry told him. "Are you sure I can eat this? Everyone else has had their share?"

"Eat young one, have no worry about anyone else," Uriah said, before he slowly got up and went to the entrance. "I will be back shortly, I have to speak with the herd leader."

Harry merely nodded before he started bringing the food to his mouth with gusto. Uriah couldn't help but think that it was as if Harry had never had so much on his plate before, and he thought it might disappear. He didn't realize how spot on the truth he was.

When Harry had finished he quietly exited the enclosure with his plate, unsure of where he could go to clean it. As he looked around, he realized that there were more people...centaurs, than he could have imagined. Before he thought there might be a few, but there were so many it was like a small village.

He didn't make it far before he was spotted, and the centaur that came up to him was so nice that she had him blushing. "Where are you going young one?" she asked him. "Let me take that dish away from you, Uriah is just over there," she said, pointing towards the centaur that had found him and given him a place to stay. When Harry didn't move she rose one of her pale eyebrows at him. "Go on, he will wonder where you are."

Harry gave her a small nod and a whispered thanks before he ran off towards Uriah, he just hoped that he wouldn't get in trouble for being seen.

"Ah, young one, I see you've finished your meal," Uriah said once Harry had stopped in front of him. "This is Jevin," Uriah said with a small nod, "he is our leader."

"Oh, hello sir," Harry said bowing his own head. "Thank you for feeding me, and letting me stay here. I can work if you need me to, I'm okay at cooking, and I really like gardens," Harry rambled, another blush rising to his cheeks.

Jevin stepped back a pace, but he didn't say anything to the young one, only turned with an upraised eyebrow to Uriah. Turning back to Harry, Jevin kneeled down to level with him, or as level as he could be, and spoke, "Harry Potter, while you are here, you will not be expected to work. While you are here, you are to learn, and have fun. Uriah will teach you our ways, and other things that will be useful. When you are ready, you will start having classes. Do you understand?"

Harry stared at the centaur for a while, trying to process the words, before he shrugged. "I think so," he finally said. "This means I don't have to go back right? You won't make me leave?"

"Correct, young one, now why don't you and Uriah go someplace quiet," Jevin said, getting back up from the ground to his full height. "Uriah, don't forget what I said today."

Uriah gave a brief nod, before guiding Harry away. When they finally stopped walking they were next to a small watering hole. "Why don't you bathe yourself while we begin our lessons?"

Harry nodded and started taking off his clothes and when he was finally naked, he looked up at Uriah and frowned.

"What is it young one?"

"I... I don't have any soap."

Uriah furrowed his eyebrows again, "What is soap?"

"You know, soap, to clean myself with," Harry said, tears coming to his eyes. How was he suppose to clean himself without soap?

"Just get in and the water will do the rest," Uriah stated, still confused.

Harry gave a small nod and tentatively walked to the edge of the water. It didn't look too deep, but he would stay at the side just in case.

While Harry was relaxing into the water, Uriah started his lesson. "Now, as you can see, centaurs are not like man. Some centaurs see us as a supreme race, while others think of us as equal to the regular man.

Regular men seem to think themselves the supreme race, but in all honesty, it is all just a matter of opinion. Do you understand?"

Harry stopped kicking around in the water, and looked up at Uriah. "Everyone is equal, but some people don't think so?" Harry asked, crossing his fingers under the water, hoping he was correct.

"Yes," Uriah said, smiling. "The reason centaurs think themselves supreme has to do with a few things we can do, that supersede what man can, understand?" Harry tilted his head to the side, and stared at him for a minute before asking what supersede meant. "It means to go further than, as in, if we were in a race, and you ran ahead of me, you would have superseded me."

"So centaurs are faster?"

"Yes, in a race, a centaur would win," Uriah said, smiling. "Centaurs, other than the why our bodies are built, can see what may or may not happen in the future, divination, if you will. We are also very good at judging a persons character, as well as using a bow. Understand?"

Harry took the few minutes he had once he got out of the water, to think over what Uriah told him. He may be just about five, and he definitely was smart, but Uriah knew a lot of what he was saying could be above his head. "I think I get it," Harry finally said. He stood there for another minute, naked, and wondered if he would have to put back on his dirty clothes.

Uriah seemed to perceive his delima, as he handed Harry a leathery material, and instructed him to tie it around his waist. "You do not need to wear anything on top of your body. As you are human, we did think you would feel more comfortable with some cloth, hence the loin cloth." Once Harry nodded with understanding, Uriah encouraged him to continue with what he was taught.

"So you can see the future, and what?"

Uriah had to repress his laugh, and he walked Harry back towards the camp. "We can't see the future, but we can see what it might be. The future is not set in stone. But we can also judge a persons character, by that I mean we can tell if they are trustworthy, if they would hurt us, that sort of thing. We also are well versed in using a bow, a weapon we use to hunt with. Does that help?"

"So you can sort of see the future, but it all depends on what?"

Realizing he would probably have to take the lessons step by step, he looked down to the small boy. At least he was understanding everything. "It depends on the events that happen down here. You see, the way we perceive the future, has to do with the stars, and how they are aligned, something that we will teach you once you are older. Do you understand now?"

"So the... stars wouldn't tell you that I was going to throw a rock, but then I could?"

"The stars do not tell us these trivial matters, but you will learn more about these things in your lessons later on. Now, did you understand about judging a persons character?"

"Not really," Harry admitted. "I mean, I get that it's something you can do, but I don't get how."

"That is another thing I will teach you as you get older. And the bow? Do you understand about that?"

"You use it to hunt? Will I get to learn how to do that too?" Harry asked, turning to Uriah.

Uriah smiled and nodded. "When you become nine years of age, I will teach you how to hunt, and once you turn ten, you will receive your own bow, and will be allowed to wear it across your back at all times," Uriah explained, smiling with Harry started jumping up and down. "Now, how about when we get back to the hut I teach you how to read?"

"You mean centaurs read?"

Uriah laughed but nodded all the same. "Centaurs are not that much different than humans, young one."

Harry smiled and nodded. "Can we race to the hut?" he asked, making Uriah laugh again.

"Do you remember how to get there?" When Harry nodded, Uriah smiled and gave the go ahead, letting Harry have a head start. Uriah, of course, would let the boy win, making sure to keep him in sight at all times. He knew that within Harry's time with them, the boy would become something more than a just a human. He would, at the very least, have a centaur way of thinking.

Over the course of the next few years the centaurs had taught Harry a lot, and fixed a few of his health problems. One being his poor eyesight. Between Uriah, and one of the healers, Idaph, they had made up a potion that formed a type of lens over his iris. It had been uncomfortable for Harry, who had to have the potion set in his eyes three times, but the end result meant he didn't need glasses. The only effect of the potion that no one had foreseen, was a silver circle outlining the green. Idaph was confident that it wasn't harming him, but was there as a side effect of the treatment. They also had tended to the curse scar on his forehead, while they couldn't get it to go away completely, they did manage to make it so it wasn't so prominent.

Idaph also doubled as his potions and basic healing instructor. While potions had become one of his favorite classes, healing hadn't made that much of an impact on him.

His favorite class was, without a doubt, astronomy, as it allowed him to stay up past his bedtime. The centaur that taught that class laughed when he learned the reason it was his favorite class, but Harry was a very good student, and understood the work just fine.

There were, of course, more lessons, including magical creatures, history, hunting with Uriah, and divination. He really enjoyed magical creatures, his favorite being the unicorns, but when it came to divination, he had had a hard time of it after his original instructor passed away.

A few people in the herd blatantly made fun of him for having such a hard time with it, after his new instructor made it known how he did in the subject. He was really upset when Uriah wouldn't let him drop the class, but he held on, spending an hour each night with Uriah, going over what the instructor had tried to teach him.

Uriah himself had been a great support for Harry, stepping up as a surrogate father figure for the young boy. He had taught the boy well during his first year with the herd. He taught Harry all he could about wizard and centaur culture, he even went as far as teaching Harry how to read someone's character, they found that after a few lessons in the subject, Harry had a natural gift in it. He had also taught Harry of what the future could hold for him, including the seat waiting for him at Hogwarts. At first, Harry wondered why he was going to be sent to the school when he had so far been able to learn everything from the herd, but when Uriah reminded him that they couldn't actually teach him magic, he let the subject dropped and continued on with his lessons as usual.

At Hogwarts, there was another issue entirely. The wards in place at Privet Drive had dropped quickly after the wards the centaurs put up set in place. Dumbledore kept as quiet as he could about it, only informing his deputy headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, who had been with him when he left Harry with the Dursley's. She had been so upset with Dumbledore she hadn't talked to him for a week, and when she finally did, she informed him that if they didn't find the boy by the time it he was to become a student, she would be after his job.

Now the time had come. Harry knew it and was anxious. His friends, the two that he had made, tried to keep his mind off it, but when it was time for them to go to their beds, there was nothing anyone could do, not even Uriah, who had gone along to drop the wards.

The next morning, while Harry was in his basic healing lesson with Idaph, two people made their way onto the settlement.

Dumbledore had known immediately when the ward dropped, as the owl he had waiting with the boy's Hogwarts letter was starting towards the window, the letter finally able to be delivered. He had quickly called the owl back to him, removing the letter and calling on the headmistress, and Hagrid. He quickly explained to Minerva the circumstances, and told her to take along the half-giant, incase any trouble were to find them. So as the witch and half-giant came across their first centaur, Hagrid quickly and quietly warns her to be careful.

The first centaur they were to come across wouldn't normally be out and about, but as Jevin had ordered all of them to patrol the grounds, as something like this was sure to happen, he was there. Luckily, it was one of the centaurs that liked young Harry, and quickly made his way towards the incoming visitors.

"You!" Minerva shouts, "Where is he? You must hand him over now."

"Young Harry is safe, please come with me, the herd leader would like to speak with you," he said, gesturing towards a well used path.

Minerva looked over to Hagrid, who could only shrug his shoulders. Centaurs were never this open with him. Deciding to take it for what it was worth, Hagrid took the first step forward to following the strange centaur, leaving Minerva no choice but to follow. When they finally get to the actual camp, Hagrid is the first to speak, "Mars not bright lately?"

The centaur quickly looked at him and narrows his eyes, obviously upset that Hagrid is using such terminology, "Mars is plenty bright, half giant."

"Didn't mean to offend," Hagrid offered, "never been to a centaur camp before."

"Now can we see Harry? We must get him home," Minerva said.

The centaur merely raised his eyebrows towards the woman, before leaving the two of them standing there. They weren't alone for long, as a tall centaur came and appraised them. When he finally spoke, Hagrid realized that they were standing in front of the herd leader, something that also, had never happened to him before. "You must calm down, we shall chat."

"But Harry, we must-"

Jevin interrupted Minerva before she could speak anymore. "Harry is in a lesson right now, and shall finish that before you meet him. Now, here comes Uriah, he has spent the most time with young Harry by far, we will tell you what you want to know."

Minerva stood there, for once in a long time shocked speechless. She hoped that this Uriah would get here quick, and that Harry would be out of whatever lesson he was in even quicker.

No sooner than Minerva finished her thoughts, another centaur appeared, bowing to the centaur already with them before turning to greet them. "We have known this time was coming since we set the wards all those years ago," Uriah said. "Harry knows as well, and as you can guess, is pretty anxious about meeting you."

"But why is he here? He should be with his aunt and uncle!" Minerva all but shouted. She pursed her lips in to a thin line when she received a heavy glare from both centaurs.

"His aunt and uncle were unacceptable. Harry found his way to us, and since then we have raised him, taught him, and given him a childhood well beyond what those muggles could have given him," Uriah stated, a harsh undertone in his voice. "He has been cared for, is there anything else you could have given him that we couldn't?"

"He should have grown up knowing where he was from, not with you who know nothing of it!" Minerva once again shouted.

"Silence," Jevin said, not raising his voice more than what was his normal tone. "You are the ones who know nothing. Young Harry knows exactly where he is from, he knows exactly what he will be going back to, and then some. Now don't you question us about how he has been raised, because when you see him, you can judge yourself, but keep in mind, he'll also be judging you." At the end of his small speech, he gestured his head towards one of the huts that just had a curtain pulled aside.

Before anyone could say anything a young boy rushes out, and he clearly isn't a centaur. They watch in silence as he makes his way towards them, and only when he comes to a complete stop, bowing to the centaurs, do they pick their jaws up from the floor.

"Young Harry, this is Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, and the keeper of keys, Hagrid, from Hogwarts," Jevin introduces.

Harry immediately turns to the two of them and bows his head, "Ma'am, sir," he says, his voice flat. As they nod back in acknowledgement they watched as his eyes, which sucked the breath from their lungs, calculate them. He seems to notice they realize what they were doing, and quickly averts his gaze to Uriah, "Do I have to leave now?"

Uriah gives a brief smile before he hides it an shakes his head. "Not quite yet, Harry."

Harry nods and turns back to the two outsiders.

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Potter, it's good to see you're in good health," Minerva comments.

"Pleased to meet you too, ma'am," Harry replies. "Perhaps you can tell me if I'll be allowed to come back once I go with you?"

"I'll have to speak with the Headmaster, but if you want, Hagrid can take you to Diagon Alley, and you can get your school supplies?" Minerva answered. She definitely had some things to share with the headmaster.

Harry starts to speak but Jevin cuts in before he can answer himself, "Harry will go get his school things, and we will all meet here when he returns."

Harry nods, along with Hagrid and Minerva, but before he turns to leave with the two strangers, he turns to Uriah. "Shall Pluto bless you, Uriah."

"Shall Pluto bless you, Harry," Uriah answered in return.

As Harry walked away with the two outsiders, Uriah and Jevin watched closely, Minerva took a moment to discreetly transfigure his tunic into more appropriate clothing for an outing in wizarding public, and the two centaurs couldn't help but smile sadly. They could see that the boy was uneasy, that he didn't really want to leave, but they also knew that he had to, and that he would be okay.

It was later in the day, and the sun had almost set, when Harry returned with Hagrid and Minerva. He wasn't carrying anything except for an owl cage which had a beautiful dark owl residing in it. Uriah and Jevin both suspected that Hagrid was carrying the rest of his things.

"So," Jevin spoke when they all reached each other. "Will he be allowed to return?"

Minerva kept her lips tight as she nodded. "You've kept him safe this long, you'll be able to keep him safe during the short months he's with you. If something is to happen though, we will have to reevaluate things."

"Agreeable," Jevin answered. "We will see that he gets to Hogwarts on the first, you must go now."

Hagrid quickly gave Harry the rest of his things, reminding him how to enlarge it, before setting off with Minerva.

Just before they were set to portkey, Harry called after them. "Deputy Headmistress, will I be able to have my bow with me?"

"I'll let you know," Minerva replied, and with one last nod, activated the portkey, and disappeared.

"Tell us of Diagon Alley, Harry," Uriah said, guiding his charge towards their hut to put his things away.

Jevin quietly followed and was happy to hear Harry was excited about going, he was even more so when he voiced his interest about the herd that lived in the Forbidden Forest.

That night Harry and Uriah went through all the books he bought, remarking that he would most definitely have a head start on history, potions, and astronomy. And with that in mind, Uriah told Harry that he would have the rest of the summer free from lessons, but with that free time he would have to spend it reading over the text from the subjects he knew next to nothing about, Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and herbology.

Uriah did relent though and told him he would be willing to ask Astra if she could help him get the basics of herbology down, or at least go over the text with him.

Harry agreed, thinking over the classes, before deciding that he was most excited about charms. Before he went to sleep that night he looked over to Uriah, a large smile on his face, "I don't have to take divination anymore!"

Uriah quietly laughed, assured that when Harry did go, he would be fine.

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